The Book Of The Universe Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Imperial Guards

The Capital City was one of the largest cities in the Vermilion Empire and was home to millions of people. Every day, thousands would leave their homes and travel countless miles seeking the countless opportunities this prosperous land presented.

However, that was only one of the reasons people wished to travel to this city. There were many who simply desired the peace and security this place provided.

The Capital City was considered a haven for those who only wanted to live a peaceful life in this world, where the strong preyed on the weak and murder was as common as stones.

This city was the home to the Imperial Family, the people who ruled over the entire Empire. Who would dare caused trouble on their own doorstep?!

The moment anyone stepped through those gates and entered the city, there were a set of rules they had to follow, no exceptions. These rules were created during the founding of the empire in order to protect and ensure the safety of their people.

Anyone who dared defy these rules would be severely punished, and in the worst case, they were sentenced to death! Those who enforce these rules were the Imperial Guards that constantly patrol everywhere throughout the city, they were the symbols of peace and safety in the eyes of the common folk.

On one of the many streets that were bustling with people, a strange scene was happening. The usually bundled crowd split into two as if they were avoiding a plague, sweat dripping down their foreheads without them even realizing.

Long Yu, followed by the two Ancestors, was currently strolling around the city, with the pair dressed in ordinary robes. After all, if they walked around wearing their usual fancy clothing, wouldn't the entire city have their eyes on them?

They had hoped to attract the least amount of attention possible so they could reach their own home faster, they couldn't ask any of their main burning questions out in the open.

However, it seemed trying to stay inconspicuous was impossible. Even though they suppressed their auras, the natural presence emitted by a Monarch was something anyone could subconsciously feel, and they could do nothing to hide it.

They didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this situation. To think the cultivation they earned through countless hardship and were rightfully prideful about could inconvenience them in such a way.

What shocked them even more, was this young man in front of them didn't emit any presence. It was like they were looking at a blank piece of paper, the only thing they could detect was his youthful aura that they still couldn't believe was true.

'How in the world did he do it? If I didn't know better, I would think he was mortal,' The couple silently thought. They desperately wanted to quicken their pace, however, they knew it was not wise to offend a fellow Monarch, such a young one at that. They had lived for thousands of years, how could they not be wise?

They knew for certain that nobody on this continent possessed the strength and resources to produce such a young Monarch. The fact that he even existed was something that blew their minds.

Even though they didn't know much about the continents in this world, they didn't believe they could produce one either, so the only logical explanation was that this young man was someone from a higher realm!

The Immortal Realm! If it was that place, the existence of such a young Monarch wouldn't be impossible!

With that assumption in their minds, how they could be stupid enough to displace this young man? They only hoped to gain a favourable impression. Even if he wasn't from that realm, they wouldn't be disappointed. After all, if he was a Monarch already at such a young age, then how high would he climb in the future?

There were no disadvantages to befriending a future powerhouse who would eventually surpass themselves, it could only be beneficial! Even though they were near the apex of this world, they knew there were countless beings that surpassed them, just knowing that fact only strengthened their desire to enter the Immortal Realm.

While the Ancestors vowed to befriend Long Yu, the man in question was currently walking absently researching how to fly!

He didn't think of it much before, as flying without the help of external devices was something that wasn't possible back in his old world. He only remembered such a feat was possible in this world after the pair of seniors mentioned it.

He grew excited at the thought of flying in the air. However, his excitement was quickly extinguished when he heard.

[ The act of 'flying' is created by constantly rotating Spirit Qi in the body, allowing you to overcome the force of gravity. The average cultivating can only begin 'flying' once they have a cultivation base of Spirit King, as they have a larger pool of Spirit Qi at their disposal. ]

[ With your current amount of Universe Qi, flying for a long period of time is not possible, however, you can walk 'jump' through the air, by kicking with your Universe Qi infused legs. ]

'Again with the insufficient Universe Qi, I would have to suck this entire world dry if I wanted to produce enough of it!' Long Yu inwardly cursed. Even though he was disappointed he couldn't fly freely, he was glad that he could at least he could at least pseudo 'fly'.

Coming out of his thoughts, he finally noticed what was happening around him. Looking towards the two beside him for answers, the couple only displayed helpless expressions in response.

"Well, I guess it doesn't matter, Seniors, do you know of any interesting tourist spots around here?" Long Yu asked curiously. This was first civilization he had come across since he arrived in this world, how could he not want to explore?

Upon hearing his question, Qin Fei and Zhi Ling were dumbfounded. Tourist spots? They had no idea, it had been hundreds of years since they went exploring their own city. The shops or entertainment they once knew most likely didn't exist anymore!

"I'm afraid, we're as clueless as you Young Long. How about we explore together?" Senior Fei replied helplessly. It had indeed been too long since they were involved with the outside world.

He now felt it wasn't a bad idea to learn about how his city had changed over the course of time. Since this young Monarch was keen on exploring, he might as well join him.

Besides, in doing so, he could improve their relationship. It's not like he had anything to do other than meditating, and he had a feeling he wouldn't be going into scheduled cultivation any time soon.

Zhi Ling also nodded in agreement, perhaps it was time to return to outside world which they had left long ago. Even she felt it was quite boring cultivating all day, especially so since they've been at a bottleneck for over 100 years.

And just like that, the Ancestors of Vermilion Empire, had decided to explore their own city alongside Long Yu. However, before they could even talk another step, a loud shout came from a distance.

"What's going on here?!" The voice was filled with pride and authority, as two figures clad in silver armour emerged from the crowd armoured figures appeared from the crowd. Both of them were wielding large spears and engraved on their armour was the word 'Qin'.

"Look! It's the Imperial Guards!"

"Who called the Imperial Guards?!"

The crowd became excited and noisy when they saw who had appeared. They were the Imperial Guards after all! The protectors of the city and its people!

The two Imperial Guards rushed over quickly when they had been informed that a suspicious masked individual accompanied by an old man and lady had been causing a commotion.

A commotion? There were no rules against that, though they still had to confirm there was nothing going on. However, they frowned slightly at the words 'masked', if they had nothing to hide, why would anyone need to wear a mask?

When they saw the trio that matched exactly with the descriptions, the two immediately focused on the 'suspicious' masked individual.

'A mortal? Why is a mortal wearing a mask?' They both simultaneously thought. They couldn't sense a single drop of Spirit Qi inside this suspicious person, which meant that he was a mortal.

"You there, take off your mask," One of the Imperial Guards shouted with a commanding voice.

Long Yu frowned slightly in displeasure when he heard the guards tone, nobody liked suddenly getting commanded by a stranger, he was no exception.

"Did you not hear me? I said take off your mask!" The guard roared with anger, how dare this mortal defy his command? Who was he? He was an Imperial Guard, someone who held strength and authority over the citizens of this city!


Seeing how he was getting no response, his anger skyrocketed as he rotated his cultivation base. He was going to teach this mortal what it meant to defy an Imperial Guard!

However, before he could attack the mortal with his pressure, he suddenly felt like he had been slapped by an invisible hand as he was slammed downwards onto the ground by an overbearing pressure. The strike was quickly followed up by an enraged voice that struck even his soul with terror!

"Y-You... how dare you speak to Young Long like that?!!"

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