The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 1314

Chapter 1314 The Common Habit

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Why did he leave the hospital?

Ye Di died, their child was gone. Wen Lan was accountable for all those unfortunate events, so he went after Wen Lan like a lunatic and never returned.

I was going after Wen Lan. I wanted to expose her, but then the car accident happened. It was five years later when I finally regained consciousness. By then, your mother had taken all the blame for Didi, Chunbo was with his uncle, and he was growing up fine. I thought that maybe I should rest my case since everyone was in good hands. I could keep her company and watch over Chunbo silently.

Nalan Jing managed a rather bitter smile. After the woman he loved died, he spent the next five years lying unconscious on the bed. All the dust had settled and all the crowds had gone by the time he woke up.

Ye Yuwei looked at Gu Juexi, who seemed to be considering Nalan Jings words. After a while, he uttered, So by getting the mask, you want to prove that what you say is true, correct?

Yes! The mask is the only thing that can prove Wen Lan was behind all this, but Wen Lan is dead

What if I told you Wen Lan is still alive? Gu Juexi interjected, which surprised Nalan Jing so much that he jumped to his feet, his body shaking in agitation.

Uncle, Ye Yuwei got up and said hesitantly.

Where is she? Nalan Jing demanded. He would not commit murder for Ye Dis sake, but that didnt include the biggest culprit of all: Wen Lan.

Gu Juexi stood up, his expression indifferent. He looked at the agitated Nalan Jing and said, Now, rather than Wen Lan, I suspect the Ai Mijia is the one directing it all.

Wen Lan is your aunt, of course, youll

Gu Juexi interjected bluntly, Aunt is such an overstatement. My mom has been in a living hell for most of her life, so I share the same hatred as you.

He continued, If what you said about Ai Mijia informing you about Ye Dis death in the hospital is true, that means the mask is with Ai Mijia. At a time like this, Gu Tianxins sudden presence was meant to divert my attention to you. By faking her death, Ai Mijia can get away from all the accusations and trials.

Faking her death? Ye Yuwei looked up at Gu Juexi in astonishment.

Gu Juexi looked at her and stroked her hair gently. Ones usual habits are common, especially when it worked perfectly during the first try. One would unconsciously keep using it on their next tries. She used Lin Ximei to threaten me with the video, and now she faked her death; its the same method, its her MO.

But I thought that was Wen Lans method? Ye Yuwei asked curiously. She always thought both methods pointed to Wen Lan as the culprit.

Do you remember that Wen Lan and Ai Mijia were friends? Gu Juexi reminded her.

Ye Yuwei nodded. From the beginning when Ai Mijia had warned them not to let Gu Tianmu take away Xicheng, Gu Juexi told her that his step-grandmother was once a good friend of Wen Lan, and that she and Wen Lan were jackals from the same lair.

Among them, who led a comfortable life these past years? Who gave us all kinds of clues and leads in investigating Wen Lan and then mysteriously disappeared? Gu Juexi slowly explained, guiding Ye Yuwei through the memories.

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