The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 189

Right after the two of them entered the elevator, Bai Yuyan who claimed to be visiting Ye Yuwei showed up in the hospital and saw them.

"Qian Yikun?" Bai Yuyan mumbled. Trying to get into the elevator, she walked quickly toward it only to see the elevator close before her.

Bai Yuyan pursed her lips and her face showed that she was unhappy. After all, she did not break up with Qian Yikun because she stopped loving him. She broke up with him because his family was adjudged bankrupt and she hated living in poverty. Her family was rich, but the head of the family was indifferent toward her, who knows if she would bequeath anything to her.

So, the best way was that she married a rich man. But why was Qian Yikun with that woman? It really bothered her.

After Ye Yuwei and Qian Yikun reached the ward, Ye Yuwei sat at the side of her bed while Qian Yikun sat opposite her.

"It is always best to love yourself the most, no matter what happens," said Qian Yikun, smiling. "I know it's not very polite to encourage a divorce, but there is something that my mother wishes to tell you."

Ye Yuwei looked at Qian Yikun curiously.

"If you ever decided to leave Gu Enterprise, Qian Feng Hotel's door will always be open to you." Qian Yikun passed his mother's message.

Ye Yuwei was moved by what he said. Leaving Gu Enterprise was essential, it was only the matter of time.

"I really appreciate that. But I will probably leave this city," said Ye Yuwei softly.

Qian Yikun mind went blank for a moment, but he did not show it on his face and continued to talk to Ye Yuwei about something else.

Bai Yuyan who was standing at right outside of the ward clenched her fists. She got the news that Qian Feng Hotel was up and running again, but however rich Qian Yikun was he would never be as rich as Gu Juexi, so she would not give a big fish like Gu Juexi up.

Listening to their laughter, Bai Yuyan put her emotions aside, knocked gently on the door, and entered the ward.

Ye Yuwei's smile faded when she looked up and saw Bai Yuyan. Qian Yikun too hid his facial expression as soon as he saw Bai Yuyan.

Bai Yuyan did not fail to notice the changes on Qian Yikun's face, and it upset her even more.

"I am sorry Yuwei, I was so busy with the studio that I didn't manage to visit you earlier," said Bai Yuyan with a perfect smile on her face, and pretended to look surprised when she saw Qian Yikun. "You are here too, Yikun?"

Ye Yuwei leaned on the headboard and looked at the woman with a brilliant smile. "Of course work is more important," said Ye Yuwei.

"Yuwei, why are you so cold to me?" said Bai Yuyan as she sat beside Ye Yuwei on her bed and held her hand. "We grew up together after all, it breaks my heart seeing you like this."

Ye Yuwei looked at Bai Yuyan's hand and gently pushed it away.

Bai Yuyan looked at Ye Yuwei pushing her hand away and put a sad face. "Yuwei, do you blame for not going back for you? I did ask my mother if you could come with us after she picked me up, but she didn't want to and I was too young to go back to you back then. I have nothing to say if you blame me for that..." said Bai Yuyan who began to tear.

Just when Ye Yuwei wondered what made Bai Yuyan think she would blame her, she saw Gu Juexi who was standing at the door.

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