The Bumpy Road Of Marriage: Divorce Now Daddy Chapter 566

Chapter 566 I Will Wait For The Day You Give In V

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Gu Juexi had a triumphant smile on his face, but the smile froze when he stood up and saw PA Wen who was looking at him in shock.

PA Wen was sure that the CEO was stunned too for a moment, but he was obviously better at managing his facial expressions and hid his surprise in the next second.

“Why are you still here?” Gu Juexi voice held a hint of embarrassment at being caught.

PA Wen was trying his best to hold in his laughter considering that Gu Juexi might just murder him to keep him silent forever.

But it was so hard to keep it in! Maybe he should just let his laughter out. Too bad he didn’t dare to.

“Mr. Gu, I just wanted to…”

“Get lost now!” Gu Juexi snapped at PA Wen before he could finish and went straight into the house.

PA Wen looked at Gu Juexi entering the house and continued to hold in his laughter as he entered his car. He wanted to laugh so badly that his eyes were tearing.

So why did you puncture Mrs. Gu’s car tyre? To stop her from leaving? Or to get the chance to send her back?

No matter what it was, PA Wen knew that he would be laughing at what he saw for a very long time.

On his way back, he got Xiao Yaojing’s call and answered the call via Bluetooth while focusing on the road ahead.

“Are you free now? Join me for a drink,” Xiao Yaojing demanded bluntly.

PA Wen hesitated for a moment and felt his jolly mood fade.

He knew why Xiao Yaojing wanted to drink. After all, you don’t just let go of someone you were obsessed with so easily. But the way Xiao Yaojing drank was too extreme and he was worried about her.

“I know a decent Thai restaurant, interested?” PA Wen asked, trying to make himself sound normal.

“But I need alcohol,” Xiao Yaojing protested quickly.

“Let me tell you a joke. You will agree with me if you laugh, how about that?” PA Wen suggested as he let out a sigh silently, imagining how Gu Juexi would treat him if he knew. He could already picture a hundred ways of how Gu Juexi could make his life difficult within seconds, but it was the only funny thing PA Wen could think of that could make Xiao Yaojing laugh.

“I am not in the mood now,” said Xiao Yaojing who was standing in front of a bank trying to hail a taxi. “Let’s go to that pub we went to last time.”

“Don’t turn it down so fast. I see you, let me pick you up,” PA Wen quickly offered when he saw Xiao Yaojing standing at the junction.

Xiao Yaojing looked up and saw PA Wen. “I don’t think anything can make me laugh right now.”

“I saw Mr. Gu puncturing Mrs. Gu’s car’s tyre,” said PA Wen, trying his best to hold in his urge to laugh.

“Are you serious?” Xiao Yaojing looked in PA Wen’s direction in disbelief. “Gu Juexi actually did that?”

“I am serious, I am taking the risk of being murdered by Mr. Gu to tell you this. Come on, Thai?” PA Wen asked as he stopped his car in front of Xiao Yaojing.

Xiao Yaojing was laughing so much that she took a while to open the car door. “Really? He did that? Looks like he has learned a lot!” Xiao Yaojing exclaimed as she continued to laugh.

“I think he did that for two purposes – to leave Mrs. Gu stranded in the house or to get the chance to send Mrs. Gu home,” said PA Wen as he gestured for Xiao Yaojing to fasten her seatbelt.

Xiao Yaojing tutted, disapproving Gu Juexi’s behaviour that no normal person would follow.

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