The Ceo's Deadly Love Book 1 Chapter 25

Volume 1 Chapter 25 Lady Boss

Yang waited outside the office as he reached ten minutes earlier than the decided time simply because he was way too excited knowing the fact that just a few more minutes and Shi would finally be his official wife and to add to his happiness he got Shi's brother to support him in his mission to woo Shi.

As Yang waited there for his bride to be, he suddenly realized that Shi wanted their marriage to be a secret so maybe walking into the office in broad daylight with a beautiful girl in his arms might be bad idea so he quickly called for the office to be cleared for him to use and also called his personal lawyers to draw up non-disclosure agreements for the staff to sign.

When all of this was finished there were still five minutes left before Shi's arrival so Yang tried to patiently wait in front of the doors with his team of most trusted bodyguards leaving them to guess why was there CEO behaving like a small kid in a candy store.

All of there questions were answered when they saw a sports car approaching them as they watched they usually composed boss grin like a kid as he quickly adjusted his already perfect hair in the image of the glass doors before running towards the car in order to help the person get down.

They watched with attention as to see the person who could make their boss behave like that and when they saw who it was, they all sucked in their breath as they looked at her.

She was like an angel that even made the devil want to get to heaven.

She was one of the rare ones, so effortlessly herself, that the world loved her for it.

Dressed in a simple darl brown short dress which reached above her kness with a baby pink half jacket on it, her long and slender legs were on full display for everyone to see. She had her platinum hair tied in a pony with soft curls towards the ends and her hazel eyes as clear as always as if they have the ability to see through anyone. She got out of the car slowly, a feet in front of the other. Her pace strong and confident nothing like the childish CEO at her side who was just a step away from pulling her with him into the building.

That is when the guards registered where were they standing. At first when they were called by the CEO to the marriage registration office they all thought that The CEO might be here for one of his close friends, but now on seeing the excited CEO and the ethereal beauty they were sure.

There Boss was getting married and too by his choice as it seems but it looked like the lady was not in agreement but that was not a problem as they all had the outmost trust in their boss that he would make her fall in love with him.

They watched as their Boss and their soon to be lady Boss approached them as Yang told them to wait for them outside. They watched in amus.e.m.e.nt as their boss pulled the lady inside with him in order for her to hurry.


Inside the office the photographer was in awe as he was asked to take the photo of the two. He watched in shock as he saw the smile on Bao Yang's face who was said to be colder than a piece of ice, he did not knew that the VIP who had got the office to open only for him and also got the staff including him to sigh non disclosure contracts was him and what more was that he was marrying such a gorgeous woman.

He looked at the photo after clicking it and was amaze to see how beautiful it turned out. He now knew that if the new couple ever got into the film industry they might just take over all the leading actors and actresses.

In half an hour after entering the office Yang now walked out as a married man and that too with an exquisite wife. He had the biggest smile on his face as ever seen by his bodyguards who were with him for now nearly a decade.

Yang took Shi's smaller and dainty hands into his larger hands as he walked towards his bodyguards in order to introduce their new Lady Boss.

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