The Ceo's Deadly Love Book 1 Chapter 28

Volume 1 Chapter 28 Housekeeper Ying

Yang was pacing outside the room for the past half an hour, debating with himself if he should enter or not. As he was busy with his dilemma, he failed to notice a pair of eyes following him while hiding themselves on the staircase. The pair of eyes belonged to one of the younger maids working for him and yes, she always pictured themselves as the Cinderella and were just waiting for Yang to notice her and to her shock her Prince Charming brought home a vixen who she thought was eying her place.

She continued to watch as her cool and composed love was pacing outside the room of another women like a high school sweetheart. Her face red from her suppressed anger as he finally went in and that is when she decided that she has to get rid of her either by hook or by crook.


Yang entered the room after careful consideration only to be presented with a beautiful sight in front of him. It might be that she was tired earlier that is why she sleeping on the bed while only wearing a bathrobe, with her platinum hair covering a portion of her face, she still had a sweet smile was sleeping and was looking way to peaceful for Yang to wake her up.

As he was still thinking whether he should wake her up to eat the dinner or should he take his time while appreciating her beauty while she slept peacefully.

His thoughts were obstructed when he heard a knock on the door and opened it to only find the maid who was eyeing him earlier informing him that he had a guest downstairs. Yang who was not expecting anyone to visit him was busy thinking about who was the one to visit him uninvited and the only person he could come up with was his friend Mohan.

While thinking that it was Mohan waiting for him downstairs he got out of the room while looking at Shi for the last time as he instructed the maid to close the door and follow him. With his back turned towards Shi he was not able to notice the glare that the maid send Shi.


When Yang got downstairs, he was surprised to see an older women as his guest waiting for him on the couch. As Yang went forward towards her while staring at her to remember if he perhaps knew her, the women got up from the sofa, bowed towards him and started to introduce herself.

''Good evening master, I am housekeeper Ying. I was send here by our young master to look after our young mistress, I have been with the young mistress ever since she arrived at the master's house.''

As housekeeper finished speaking Yang realized that she was send here by Yifeng and her job was to look after Shi and send updates about her back to Yifeng.

After realizing this Yang also made a point to treat her nicely as she was one of the person closest to his wife and that she could also help him greatly with Shi so he also greeted her back properly,

"Oh, so you must be the person that Yifeng told me about. You can stay here and look after Shi if you wish.''

''Master I am ordered by the young master to stay here only and to look after the two of you. As I am going to stay here you can also assign me some of the other works related to the house if you wish.''

Replied housekeeper Ying as she waited for Yang to give more stuff to do.

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