The Ceo's Deadly Love Book 1 Chapter 41

Volume 1 Chapter 41 First Fight

Yang was angrily pacing in his study room and felt like punching someone in the face or perhaps punching himself in the face for what he had just done downstairs.

Was he stupid for angrily lashing out at Shi?

Yes, he was and even Yang had long accepted it.

He had known that Shi had some childhood traumas and did not like to share her like with someone else. Yifeng had already warned him about that then why did he yell at her?

This was the question that Yang was repeatedly asking himself. He was working so hard to come up with foolproof plan on how to impress Shi and he had angered herself on the first day only.

"Great, it would not be a surprise if she starts to avoid me from now onwards. Just why did I had to yell at her like this and that too on such a small topic?"

Thought Yang out loud as his brain once again to play what had happened downstairs in the dinning room just now.


Flashback Starts

When Shi finished telling Yang about her brothers and about how she had to go out and deal with some off his stuff.

Yang told her,

"Of course you can go Shi but do take care of yourself and please be back before dinner so that the two of us can eat together. Alright "

Shi nodded her head before going upstairs to her room in order to change her clothes.

As Yang saw her leaving he got the idea to send her off so that he can get to know where she is going without the need to ask her.

Yang smiled inwardly and felt like giving himself a pat on the back for coming up with such a great idea. As he once again sat down and started to go through some of the emails on his phone as he waited for Shi to get ready.

After waiting for a few minutes Yabgvwas heard the sound of heels clicking on the stairs rhythmically. The sound produced was strong and gave off the vibe of a powerful person.

Yang smiled as he knew to whom those heels belonged to and once again felt proud to have her as his wife. As moved his head upwards to look towards the stairs, he felt as if his soul had left his body.

There she was coming down the stairs with the confidence and posture of a queen.

There she was coming down the stairs, wearing a brown full sleeved knitted top with grey skirt and knee length grey boots.

Her usually tied up hair were now open with soft curls at the bottom. She was also sporting a dark red lipstick which seemed to glow against her fair skin overall giving her the look of an empresses.

As she neared him Yang shook himself out of his trans as he again looked at her and saw Shi asking him a question. But he was way too engrossed in looking at her that his mind failed to register the question.

As Shi again asked him the question Yang peered his ears open as he heard her.

"What are you still doing here Yang? Don't you have to leave for your office? "

Shi asked Yang.

Yang took a moment before answering her so that his voice does not come out shaky, laced with the emotions that his body was going through right now.

"I am leaving right now and thought about giving you a lift if your destination in on my way to the office."

Shi looked at him skeptically and was about to answer when suddenly his phone ringed. Yang cursed himself inwardly at his stupidly for not putting the phone on silent. As he took out the phone, he saw his assistant's name and swore to cut more of his salary and to make him work more overtime from now onwards.

As soon as the phone was picked up, came the voice of his anxious assistant.

" Boss are you done? We need to get to the office immediately to attend the meeting for which we are already late."

The voice was loud and the room was quiet so naturally Shi also heard him and as soon as Yang put down the phone she told him not to send her.

"It is alright Yang there is no need for you to drop me. Actually my location is opposite to your office, so I will drive myself there."

Yang was feeling down when he heard her answer but the thought of her driving alone did not sit well with him.

"Actually Shi there is no need for you to drive, you can just take the driver with you."

As Shi heard him she shook her head as if to say no and again repeated herself.

"No it is alright Yang I can drive myself."

But Yang continued to make her take a driver. After a few moments of their verbal disagreement Shi suddenly got angry as she yelled at him.

"Enough Yang do not try to command my life. I said that I will drive myself and that us what I am going to do."

With this she stormed outside leaving a surprised Yang behind as he stared at her even after she left the room. Yang who already feeling angry at himself and at the situation got even more agitated when his assistant again called him.

As so he ended up yelling at Chang and got up to his office in the villa and locked himself in as he began to thought over the events which happens at breakfast.

Flashback ends.


At present Yang is again wandering aimlessly in his office, deep in his thought, when a sudden knock on the doors pulls him away from the different scenarios his mind was making as to figure out whar went wrong.

Looking at the door Yang thought that it might be the old butler who came in worrying about him. So he gave the person his permission to enter as he went back and sat on the chair behind his desk littered with papers as he pretends to be working.

When he lifted his head after the person has entered. He was shocked to see that it was not the butler but someone else who he was not expecting.

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