The Ceo's Deadly Love Book 1 Chapter 42

Volume 1 Chapter 42 Guarded Girl

Yang looked towards the door and was surprised to see housekeeper Ying standing there as she looked at him with a sad smile in her eyes. Walking towards Yang with a tray in her hands which held the tea cup and pot, housekeeper Ying asked Yang softly.

"How are you feeling young master?"

Yang at first looked questionably towards her but after a moment he understood what she meant by her question.

"So you heard me and Shi fight"

He stated and then looked towards her. She chuckled at him before telling him.

"The two of you were not that quiet so yes I did listen to the two of you quarrel. I believe that everyone who was in the villa heard."

Yang looked at her before asking her the question which was bugging him.

"So what are you here for? I know for a fact that you were send here by Yifeng to look after Shi and report to him.

Are you going to tell him about today too?"

Yang asked knowing that he was at wrong today but still did not knew the reason why she got angry all of a sudden.

Housekeeper Ying replied by shaking her head as she told him,

"No young master, today the person in the wrong was the miss and I have come here for that only."

"Why have you come here for her?"

Asked Yang because as far as he knew today he was in the wrong. Shi was right, he actually should not try to control her life.

"Young Master I know that you are blaming yourself for what happened today but believe me when I say that it was not your fault. The miss should have properly explained you the reason why she was reluctant to have a driver."

As Yang heard that the reason behind their first fight was just a mere driver he felt shocked but before he could ask her housekeeper Ying continued

"The truth is that the young lady has a phobia of drivers. She does not allow any one to drive her except her brothers and the old master.

Young Master may not know but the accident that the young miss was in, the driver was brought by her father and step mother. He had knowingly drove the car into the incoming truck which sadly resulted in her mother's death and also scared her.

When she was brought to the residence where the old master stayed she never wanted to leave from there and it was also very difficult to take her to the hospitals. It even took the rest of the young masters a very long time to get miss's trust. As a result only they are allowed to drive her.

Even I who had been by her side for more that a decade and have watched her grow am not allowed to drive her."

As Yang heard her he suddenly realised the reason why Shi seemed so nervous that day when the two of them were coming back from the marriage registration office and then voiced his thoughts out loud.

"Then the reason why she seemed so anxious in the car was..."

"Yes young master, it was precisely of this reason only. The day you both came back the young miss had to take her medicines prescribed by her doctor to have a sleep without any nightmares."

Housekeeper Ying said before looking at him for a moment and then continuing,

"The truth is that the stronger the miss appears on the outside, the more broken she is on the inside. Her smile is just a facade that she made up so that the people near her do not worry about her.

In reality she is broken in the inside and it is not just her body that is broken but her soul as well.

She believes that she does not deserve love after what happened with her parents and that is why she has long closed her heart to such emotion.But young master she does not need your pity and that is the reason why she never tells anyone about her past. She is a person who has shattered her essence but will continue to smile like it is nothing."

Hearing her say it Yang looked at her before telling her somenly.

"I never looked at her like she was shattered and will never see her that way, to me she is a breathtaking mosaic of all the battles she has won to be here."

When housekeeper Ying heard Yang say that she looked at with a smile before telling him,

"Master I should tell you that the young miss is quite guarded and do you know what is the most beautiful part of loving a guarded girl is?"

As Yang shook his head indicating that he did not knew, housekeeper Ying continued,

"The most beautiful part is that when she lets you in, it's not because she needs you. It's because she wants you. And that - that is the purest love of all.

Young master I really hope that you and the young miss can stay happily together for a lifetime."

Saying this she exited the room leaving Yang behind who now had a small grin on his face as he imagined about his future with her.

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