The Ceo's Deadly Love Book 2 Chapter 62

Volume 2: Plan 2: Securing Her Confession Chapter 62

Silence enveloped both of them sat silently, both busy in their own thoughts when Shi suddenly broke the silence as she questioned Yang.

"Um... Yang now that we talked about you know what so does that mean.... that we are.... you know da...''

Yang smirked to himself as he saw his wonderful wife stuttered as she tried to complete her sentence, wishing to tease her more he asked her with a question mark on his face.

"We are doing what Shi are we dancing...?''

"No Yang''

She whined in her cute little voice as her whole face flushed pink,

"You know what I am trying to say don't you?"

Yang quickly shook his head tried to appear as innocent as he could,

''I seriously have no idea what you are trying to say Shi.''

Shi looked at him and noticing the sincerity on his face tried again,

''I meant to ask whether this means that... we are... you know.... da...''

This time Yang could not hold back his laughter as he laughed loudly with his face going red from the lack of oxygen.

When Shi realised that she was just taken advantage of she yelled loudly as she tried to blame him with her face pink from embarrassment.

''Hateful Yang, you are so hateful and so mean and so evil.''

Yang who was still busy laughing was awarded a pillow straight on his face. Recovering from her sudden attack he held the pillow in his lap as he covered his nose with another hand and told her,

"Look what you did Shi, you just broke your handsome boyfriend's nose. Uhh... what are you going to do if I mess up my face?"

When Shi heard him, she knew that he was simply acting as the strength with which she threw the pillow was not much so she snorted at him as she tried to rebuke him.

''Well if you mess up your face them I am definitely going to leave you, after all, how can I, Zhang Shi be with an ugly man? So my advice to mister Bao is that you should quickly look for a plastic surgeon to get your face fixed.''

As soon as she finished she too was remunerated with a flying pillow tossed straight to her face. Recovering from the attack she glared at him as she asked,

''What was that for?"

Yang looked at her with amus.e.m.e.nt dancing in his eyes as he said,

"Well, that was just insurance. If in the future my face is not able to get my face fixed then the two of will stay ugly together okay, What do you say?"

When Shi heard him she felt that he was quite thick-skinned and without evening thinking for a more clever response she started to throw the rest of the pillows near her straight at him and this act of hers led to their pillow war, as both of them ran around the room throwing pillows at each other while trying to dodge the pillows aimed at them.

Laughter erupted within the room and the two of them were so busy enjoying themselves they failed to notice that the door opened a tiny bit and two pair of eyes could be seen peeping inside the room.

Housekeeper Ying and butler Yan were sleeping peacefully in their respective rooms just a few moments ago, were suddenly woken up from the noise from their master's rooms.

Thinking that something went astray, both of them raced to their room only to be surprised by seeing their usually cool and composed masters making a mess of the room as they both fought.

Butler Yan showed a small smile as he told housekeeper Ying,

"This is the first time I am seeing master enjoy himself so much, I am very grateful for the young mistress for bringing colours into master's bleak life.''

Housekeeper Ying also heard him as she said with a smile,

''I too am happy for the mistress. This is the first time that I have seen her let go and enjoy so much with someone who is not particularly from the Li family.''

Suddenly an idea came to her as she took out her phone and started recording the two of them.

Butler Yan who was very confused at her actions asked her,

"What are you doing housekeeper Ying?"

''Nothing, I just remembered that the Old master's birthday is around the corner so I am preparing for his gift. It is a tradition in the Li family that the person with the best gift will get a prize from the old master himself and this year I too am eyeing the one month holiday with all expenses paid!''

She told him with a big smile on her wrinkly old face.

Butler could not help himself as he asked her,

"Will the Old master be happy with a recording of the youngest miss?"

He asked sceptically,

"Yes! Of course, he would be very much happy, the Old master loves the mistress the most from all his grandchildren.''

Butler Yan could only nod his head as he thought that how could a person love someone else more than the people who were related to him with blood, but he kept his thoughts to himself only as he gestured for the two of them to leave.

Inside the room, the intense battle was coming to an end as Shi had finally run out of pillows to throw while Yang cornered her with two pillows still in his hand. As he neared her Shi involuntary closed her eyes expecting to get hit, after waiting for a few moments she was still unscathed, so she slowly opened her eyes and came face to face with Yang still holding the two pillows.

She asked him in a small voice,

"What are you waiting for?"

Yang looked at her amusingly as he asked her in return,

"Why? Was my girlfriend waiting for something?"

Shi was about to answer him back when she paused as her breath hitched, looking at him with her large doe eyes, she asked him,



Yang answered her,

"You are now mine Shi, mine for life and if you are waiting for a proposal I can give that too, not that it makes much of a difference.''

He told her as Shi got mesmerized by listening to his voice.

"What nonsense! You still haven't proposed to me so how can I be your girlfriend?''

She asked him with fake anger, don't get her wrong, it was not that she was old styled but that she was going to receive a confession from the person who owned her heart and as such, she wanted to hear how much she meant to him.

This was going to be a confession from the man she loved and not a mere stranger who saw her in the college or the mall and got enchanted by her looks only and hurriedly proposed to her before she got together with someone else.

Yang went silent for a second as he sorted through his thoughts before he began,

''I need you.

Because you make me laugh more than anyone else and I am the best me when I'm with you. And because when you're gone, nothing feels right until you return.

You are the end of my road. After a lifetime of missed exits and wrong turns, you feel like I'm finally home.

You were an unexpected surprise, the defining moment. The collision of stars that slammed into me hard and sent my neat little world plummeting into the ocean.

And if you are not happy with this confession then I promise it to you that I will keep confessing to you over and over until you are finally satisfied.

So what do you say love?''

He asked her even knowing the answer to his confession beforehand and well just by seeing the look of happiness and bashfulness on her lovely face.

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