The Ceo's Deadly Love Book 2 Chapter 64

Volume 2: Plan 2: Securing Her Confession Chapter 64

Yang was awakened from his stupor when he heard a knock on the door and saw assistant Chang enter,

Nodding towards him as to show that he acknowledged his presence Yang went back to signing the papers in front of him while waiting for Chang to speak,

Assistant Chang stood in front of the large table in a big dilemma, he did not wish to interfere in his boss's private life but he also felt that if he did not speak up now then that wild woman may drive his boss to his doom so hardening his heart he called out to his boss,

"Excuse me, boss may I have a moment of your time? I wish to talk to you about something private.''

Yang just nodded his head without even listening to what was being said as he was still busy planning his second confession to his kitten.

Assistant chang thought that his boss was listening to him so he continued,

"Boss first let me finish before you interrupt me okay?"

As Yang once again absentmindedly nodded Chang began,

"Boss I sincerely feel that you should leave your current woman namely miss Shi and instead look for other well-matched women to be your partner. I know that this may be inappropriate of me to say this but boss no one knows the current state of the Bao family other than you and so at a time like this it is important that make strong connections with another influential family through marriage and also.....''

Just as Chang was about to finish his sentence, he felt a huge killing intent directed towards him and he started to sweat with fear as his legs also started shaking.

Nervously he wiped his sweat as he bowed his head to look at his shoes while Yang stared him to death.

Yang who was busy in his thought was suddenly pulled out of them when he heard something along the lines of leaving his wife only to hear his trustworthy assistant slander her in front of him. Yang felt that something had snapped in his mind as he ruthlessly questioned him,

"What the hell are you saying Chang! Shi is my lawfully wedded wife and not just any wild woman! How dare do you even call her that! Do you not know that she is the heir to Zhang family? How can she, Zhang Shi be a wild woman? Answer me?''

Chang who was just shouted at felt that if he did not speak up this time then he would be forever forced to hold his silence, and watch as everything that his boss so painstakingly built be destroyed by those who wanted to oppose him and see a different person in the seat of power.

"Boss I know that she is the heir to the Zhang family name but it is also true that she went missing so many years ago and who knows where and how she lived? How can such a person be qualified to marry you boss?''

Yang felt that he was at the end of his patience so he yelled at Chang before he does something which he later comes to regret,

"Get out of my office this instance and do not show me your face for the rest of the day!''

Cooling down he continued,

"Chang you know that I trust you very much because you have been by my side all these years and that is the only reason why I will forgive you today and not fire you as a punishment. But the next time your mouth says anything wrong about my wife there will be no next chance understood?"

Chang gave him a small yes as he hurriedly left the room in order to escape, but because of his earlier statement Yang's good mood worsened terribly and he fired nearly five people in the next one hour.

Chang just kept on sitting on his chair silently as he tried to come up with more plans to make his boss reconsider his marriage as he heard the rest of the employees talk about the reason why their boss went on a rampage to fire people.

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