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  • The Ceos Hidden Gem

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The Ceos Hidden Gem summary:

Henrietta is a destined girl,since her childhood she was very unlucky.Later she meets ,Jeremy whom they walk together a very difficult tunnel full of turbulences .With the power of love,they manage to walk until the end.

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The Ceos Hidden Gem Chapters

Time uploaded
43 Bunglea month ago
42 Love Rivala month ago
41 Chocolatea month ago
40 Bossya month ago
39 Hotel Rooma month ago
38 The Tripa month ago
37 Divorcea month ago
35 In Lawsa month ago
34 Mobile Phonea month ago
33 Showera month ago
32 Sewagea month ago
31 Dreamsa month ago
30 Coffeea month ago
29 Sluma month ago
28 Parents Visia month ago
26 Visitorsa month ago
25 Fooda month ago
24 Cafeteriaa month ago
23 Sleepa month ago
22 Frustrateda month ago
21 Marrieda month ago
20 Bullyinga month ago
19 Girl Frienda month ago
18 Partya month ago
17 Contraca month ago
16 Minea month ago
15 Cellya month ago
14 Dangera month ago
13 Suppera month ago
12 The Gema month ago
11 Doubtsa month ago
10 Birth Marka month ago
9 Deada month ago
8 Mysterya month ago
6 Messinga month ago
5 Feara month ago
4 Scholarshipa month ago
3 The Partya month ago
2 2:well Hiddena month ago
1 1:sorry Statea month ago
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