The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Bewildered Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal

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After ten days or so of labor, the hawthorn seed from Boss Tan which had been cultivated in spirit soil and watered with spirit water day and night had finally sprouted and was growing quickly.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal put his hands on his hip and looked at the young green hawthorn fruit with a sense of pride.

Ten minutes or so ago, the fruit had only been as big as a soybean, but it was now growing rapidly at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Soon, the fruit of the hawthorn tree would be fully ripe. But despite his pride, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal still felt somewhat frustrated, because the little mud-playing girl whom Boss Tan had mentioned had yet to show up!

“Senior Immortal, will the girl whom Boss Tan mentioned really show up?” Song Qingshu, dressed in a well-ironed suit behind the man in white, asked.

“Who knows” The young man looked a little unhappy as he pursed his lips.

In fact, most of them hadn’t placed much hope in this method from the beginning. Wang Ling had always felt that it wasn’t very reliable, but there were always “fools” in this world. Boss Tan was one of them, for keeping this seed for many years, and Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was another, for believing that if he planted this hawthorn seed, the girl would really come

Some people said that the higher a cultivator’s realm was, the more shrewd they would become; in the end, all of them would become devils in the eyes of the world, since they lacked the so-called “romance” of life. However, in Wang Ling’s opinion, this “romance” was in fact an important part of a cultivator’s heart.

So, cultivation wasn’t necessarily about bitterness or hatred, but nor was every cultivator as “romantic” as Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal.

There were times when Wang Ling would feel in his heart that to be able to have met such a friend on his cultivation path was a very good thing.

Evening had fallen, and the street lights next to Wenxian Garden had just come on.

A figure suddenly walked out of a spatial crack under a street light. This was a blind spot, and when it emerged, none of the passersby on the roadside sensed its sudden appearance.

“With the Purple Gold Gourd’s spatial fog and this thing nowadays called the GPS positioning system, my venerable self can freely go anywhere on this earth.” In Jiang Liuyue’s body, the old devil looked down at his phone and smiled slightly.

Initially, moving around with the Purple Gold Gourd’s spatial fog meant that he had to specially exit first and then use his great power to lock down the position, which was a waste of time and spirit energy. This operation now was really far, far more convenient than before!

The old devil: “Is this the place?”

“Yes, Lord Devil Emperor, there’s definitely no mistake; the person who took the Seven Stars Sword lives here.” Jiang Liuyue’s voice came out from the stone ghost mask on the old devil’s face.

The old devil: “It is a villa district? Do you know which villa it is?”

Jiang Liuyue: “The scout I hired reported that there’s a hawthorn tree in front of it, we should be able to pick it out easily.”

“Then let’s go and take a look first. This time, my venerable self must obtain the Seven Stars Sword!” the old devil said darkly and nodded.

While two people had just made a move on this side, in Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal’s backyard in his Wenxian Garden villa, a person in a black cloak was looking at the hawthorn tree from a distance, separated by a fence.

This was an expert with an unknown realm, and whose aura was hidden under the black cloak. He looked very mysterious.

“This is the place,” the figure under the cloak whispered to himself, and with a single light step, he flew over the fence with a rustle and landed at the base of the hawthorn tree.

Standing in front of the tree, the man took a deep breath and carefully smelled it

There was definitely no mistake! This hawthorn tree had grown from the seed from back then!

That seed had been specially treated so that the hawthorn fruit it produced would have a distinctive scent that only people who had been specially trained could smell.

Emotions stirred in the heart of the man standing under the hawthorn tree; only one in a hundred million people could smell this special scent.

As one of the eight children who had been selected back then, he was the only one who had survived the intense hellish training, and he had been taught to pinpoint, out of millions of hawthorn fruits, the one which carried this special scent.

The five senses, mental techniques, martial arts, and military skills these had all been compulsory courses during his hellish training; he had had to refine all aspects of his cultivation until they were perfect.

And all of this was for the sake of helping the Master of the Mansion bring back the person who had planted this special hawthorn tree!

Now that he had finally found the hawthorn tree, the cloaked man’s heart almost felt like it would give out with emotion how much hardship and how much pain had he suffered for the sake of finding the person who had planted this hawthorn tree!


He had found them!

As long as he brought the person who had planted this fruit back to the Master, he would be free in the future.

All these years, his life had truly been such a tiring one

Now, standing under the hawthorn tree, the cloaked man badly wanted to loudly shout out six words if he had been able to I,this father, want to retire!

After howling for a while in his heart, the cloaked man calmed his thoughts and came back to himself. His priority now was to find the person who had planted this hawthorn tree.

Just as he raised his head, a strange aura suddenly appeared behind him.

The old devil had actually arrived directly in the backyard through the spatial crack.

It had been so quick and almost instantaneous that in that moment, the cloaked man hadn’t been able to clearly see how the other party had appeared.

The instant their eyes met, the old devil and the cloaked man came to a conclusion in their hearts almost at the same time!

This was definitely the person who had planted this hawthorn tree!

This was definitely the junior who had taken the Seven Stars Sword!

Moreover, the moment he saw Jiang Liuyue’s appearance, the cloaked man was confident that he had found the right person.

He had long known that the Master of the Mansion was fond of beauty, though he hadn’t thought that the latter would actually be interested in this type he felt that the two lumps of mass destruction on the chest of the woman in front of him were so large that they were a little exaggerated!

With his hands behind his back, the cloaked man stared at the old devil in front of him and said, “My master wants to see you, please come with me!”

“And who are you?”

This time, it was the old devil’s turn to be astonished.

Were juniors all this arrogant nowadays?

In Jiang Liuyue’s body, the old devil began to carefully size up the cloaked man in front of him.

What surprised him was that the man’s aura was unexpectedly hidden very well; given Jiang Liuyue’s current rate of recovery, even he couldn’t detect it!

“I see that junior must have known that I would be coming to seize the sword, so he had taken early precautions. Were you sent by that junior?” the old devil said in a musing tone as he stared at the cloaked man.


The cloaked man was startled. There weren’t many people who would dare call the Master junior this woman was likely going to be hard to deal with! And what the hell was that about a sword?

He frowned as he pondered in his heart.

After a moment’s consideration, he abruptly made a move first, and raised his hand as he rushed at the old devil!

Who cared what that sword was whoever struck first would gain the upper hand. He would knock this person out and bring her back first, and only then would he think about the rest!

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal and Song Qingshu were having a small meeting inside the villa when they were startled by sounds outside. Both of them felt out the situation with their spiritual senses, and in the end were left bewildered.

When had two people showed up the backyard and why had they started fighting?

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