The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Chapter 203

Chapter 203: Kill this Master-Con!

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After the hawthorn tree had grown, that rumored girl had yet to appear. Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal and Song Qingshu had returned to the villa to discuss the follow-up insurance claims for the twenty or so ghosts of the delivery riders.

Once they came back to their senses, they were shocked to realize that two people had appeared for no fathomable reason outside the door.

“What should we do now, Senior Immortal?” Who knew when Song Qingshu had taken off his suit as he quickly changed into the long johns.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal: “Wait and see.”

His intuition told him that these two people were first-class experts, whether it was the woman with that ample upper body or the cloaked man whose face couldn’t be clearly seen. As they fought, they unexpectedly didn’t make the slightest sound. When they tussled together, they became two lumps of intertwined shadows

“Both are experts” Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal drew the curtain back slightly to create a slit so that he could surreptitiously observe what was happening outside the window.

“The way these two are able to hide their auras so well is remarkable if it hadn’t been for that minute movement just now during the fight, we would perhaps never have been aware of it.” Song Qingshu couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration. That cloaked man in particular was really terrifying!

To be able to fight without releasing their auras or without making even the slightest bit of sound these people would have already cultivated the silent battle skill and aura concealment skill close to the realm of celestial beings! A person would have had to cultivate these two skills from a young age in order to reach this ultimate level since ancient times, the people able to master these two skills at the same time had tended to be professional killers or intelligence agency assassins.

Looking through the gap between the curtains, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal fell into deep thought at that moment

It had to be said that Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was in the end Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal, owner of the cultivation forum and a long-time veteran of the cultivation community. Just by observing the way these two people fought, he had guessed their respective identities.

The first was the tall person in a cloak; during the fight, he had never removed his hands from his sleeves. This was the habit of someone who used a concealed weapon. The key point was, when comparing their fighting styles, the cloaked person’s skills were clearly more vicious, with each attack aimed at vital parts of the body. This was without doubt the instinct of an experienced killer or an intelligence agency assassin.

However, the woman also wasn’t weak. Although her attacks weren’t as fierce as the man’s, her form and her movements were very strange.

She was keenly aware of even the attacks which she couldn’t see in her blind spots and was able to avoid them.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal’s first instinct was that this woman had a wealth of combat experience that didn’t match what someone at this realm would ordinarily display.

Furthermore, he felt that this woman was very familiar for some reason, as if he had seen her somewhere before

At this time, he was feeling very vexed.

What should he do?

After a moment’s consideration, he took out his cellphone and recorded the scene before sending the video to Wang Ling.

The video image just showed two lights colliding with each other

If it had only been a photo, even a shadow might not have come out in the picture.

But since he had used the video record function, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal firmly believed that given the eyesight of the cultivation forum’s gang leader Wang Ling, the latter would definitely be able to see it.


At this time, after more than ten minutes of hand-to-hand combat, the two individuals finally stopped attacking at the same time to stare hard at each other.

“As expected of someone whom the Master regards highly; apart from myself, there are very few people nowadays who have been able to refine the silent combat skill and aura concealment skill to this level.” The cloaked man crossed his arms as he looked fixedly at the old devil.

The old devil was breathing heavily, both hands on his knees.

Jiang Liuyue’s realm had not yet fully recovered; additionally, he was not yet accustomed to handling this body. The fight had consumed too much of his spirit energy, and along with needing to figure out the center of gravity for the two lumps on his chest, the old devil felt that this intense combat had cost him dearly!

If it hadn’t been for his wealth of combat experience, he would have already been dead eight hundred times over from the cloaked man’s continuous attacks!

Staring at the cloaked man in front of him, the old devil was unexpectedly a little frightened why did he have to meet two freakishly strong juniors one after another not long after coming out?

The body fusion still had a limit; after they separated this time, it would be at least another eight hours before he could possess a body again.

If they continued to tangle like this, the situation could only get worse for the old devil. He stared at the cloaked man in front of him and began to negotiate. “Little brother is there any misunderstanding between us?”

The cloaked man cupped his chin. “Misunderstanding? Then why are you here?”

The old devil: “I followed this hawthorn tree to this place to look for someone!”

The cloaked man: “What a coincidence, I’m also under orders to look for someone under the hawthorn tree!”

The old devil: “”

“Rest assured, our master has said that if I can bring you back alive, then I should try to do so as much as possible!” Under the cloak, the young man bared his white teeth, then spirit light flashed in his right hand as he summoned a blood-red spirit sword. “Miss, if you come with me quietly, I promise that you won’t be harmed. Your strength is just at the Nascent Soul stage, you’ll only be struggling for death. But if you continue to resist, I wouldn’t mind tearing you apart here before I take you back.”

The old devil was stupefied. “” Not only was this junior abnormally strong, he was also a f**king psychopath!

The old devil: “Little brother, there must be some misunderstanding, I came here to seize a sword”

“Seize a sword?” The cloaked youngster’s expression suddenly darkened. “My master personally gave me this Abyss Avoidance when I was very young, you dare to take it?”


The old devil felt that it was already no longer possible to explain the situation clearly.

He was sure that the person whom this youngster was looking for was definitely not him but this had proven one fact: he shouldn’t try reasoning with a psycho!

Because of the limitations of this body, the old devil had initially wanted to avoid continuing this meaningless fight, but given the situation now, he had to first get rid of this master-con(1) retard.

“Very well, junior! You’ve made my venerable self very angry!”

The old devil gnashed his teeth, and with a hum, black qi started to flow out of Jiang Liuyue’s seven orifices.

A pitch-black cloud started to gather above the old devil’s head it was a devil fog which cultivators under the Soul Formation stage wouldn’t be able to see.

In actual fact, this devil fog was a living creature which the old devil had brought out from the Gate Between Worlds in the past. After it had surrendered, he had forcibly made it his pet, and had raised it on a diet of human blood and vengeful ghosts.

Before the old devil had been sealed into the stone ghost mask, this living devil fog creature’s power had already reached the Void Refinement stage.

Given the limitations of his body, this was the best and most effective attack that the old devil could think of for now.

When the devil fog appeared, a wild wind immediately howled through the back garden.

Observing the situation from inside the villa, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal’s face suddenly changed dramatically. “Crap!”

“What’s the matter, Senior Immortal?” Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal’s reaction gave Song Qingshu quite the scare.

The man’s face was pale and his eyes were lifeless as he looked in the direction of the back garden with the expression of someone who wanted to die. “Great Senior Wang’s broccoli, I haven’t saved it yet!”

Song Qingshu: “”

(1)Similar to words like sister-con or bro-con, so to mean that the man has a master complex, or is obsessed with his master.

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