The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Chapter 204

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The devil fog creature coalesced into a mighty, human-shaped devil spirit behind the old devil, and looked like it was wearing a helmet. The devil spirit folded its arms and both its eyes glowed red.

Under the cloak, the man finally couldn’t help frowning. This evil aura was really too heavy

Although the Gate Between Worlds had already been shut for six years, there were plenty of evil spirits still scattered all over the world and hiding among humans; however, the man had to admit that this was the first time that he had seen one with such a heavy evil aura.

From the previous fight, he had initially thought that this would be a simple assignment. However, this woman in front of him had displayed reaction capabilities and powerful skills which didn’t match her realm.

Was she really just at the Nascent Soul stage?

The young man looked at the powerful Void Refinement devil spirit behind the woman and sunk into deep thought.

He now had every reason to believe that the woman had seduced this powerful devil spirit into obeying her

“Eat him!” The old devil was utterly enraged and began to manipulate the enormous devil spirit behind him.

In a split second, the devil spirit roared and spread its arms. Black fog rolled in and an unimaginable chill spread out from the devil spirit at its center as the ground instantly hardened into a layer of thin ice.

Under the cloak, the youngster’s eyes were grim. This solidifying chill from the underworld was truly abnormal; the slightest touch from it would cause cultivators with low realms to instantly lose control of basic functions.

Taking a few steps back until he was under the shade of the hawthorn tree, he used the Abyss Avoidance in his hand to mark out a circle of light ten feet around the hawthorn tree, then retreated within it.

This circle radiated golden light, and the infernal chill that spread out from the devil spirit was held back by the circle.

The Master of the Mansion had indicated that the hawthorn tree was to be protected. Bring the person back and protect the tree; these were the tasks which the Master had assigned him.

The youngster stood in the circle of light and pointed his sword at the old devil. “If this hawthorn tree is destroyed, it’ll be my defeat!”

After that, the youngster stretched his left hand out from under his cloak, and with a golden light, it suddenly grew to a monstrous size.

This man had actually refined his left arm into a magic weapon?

The two men inside the house finally knew the youngster’s origin

They had seen this scene before!

Refining a body part into a magic weapon this person had to be from Immortal Mansion!

But why was a person from Immortal Mansion here?

Previously, Song Qingshu had wounded Ah Zuo and killed Ah You. Had this man been sent to avenge them?

He broke out in a cold sweat and looked somewhat nervous. “Senior Immortal, any news from Senior Ling?”

“Not yet; at this time, Brother Ling should have only just finished school he probably hasn’t read his messages yet.” Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal’s heart was bleeding; he could only watch helplessly as the flowers and grass in his back garden withered under that chill. The most important thing was Great Senior Wang’s broccoli! This time it was completely ruined!


Another quarter of an hour passed. The two people in the garden were giving it their all, both of them unwilling to break away or back down.

Even the devil spirit which the old devil had summoned was feeling tired. This young man wasn’t a f**king normal person at all!

The left unicorn arm 1 was scarily solid; whenever the devil spirit summoned ghost soldiers to tear the youngster apart with their teeth, the youngster would sweep his unicorn arm out in front of him and not leave even a trace of blood behind!

But on the flip side, the young man from Immortal Mansion also couldn’t attack as usual. In the end, this was a Void Refinement devil spirit; not only couldn’t he get close, even the sword qi he sent flying out was instantly neutralized by devil qi.

Right now, it was as if they’d been thumb-wrestling for half an hour. Both sides pressed forward again and again, but to no avail.

Yet in this situation, no one dared to relax.

The old devil was well aware that even if he summoned the Purple Gold Gourd now, it would be impossible for him to make use of the gourd’s fog to escape.

In the time he needed to call forth the purple gold smoke, the youngster’s sword qi would instantly close in on him.

Given Jiang Liuyue’s current physical condition, it wouldn’t be able to bear up at all under one sweep of the sword qi!

The old devil felt very aggrieved when he had been at his peak, were there any juniors who had ever humiliated him like this?

He really felt tired in his heart. If this deadlock continued, it would only be disadvantageous to him. “Little brother, why don’t we have a ten-minute truce?”

“No way, the outcome must be decided today! Under the Master’s orders, I will take the person who appears under the hawthorn tree away with me, and I must make that happen today no matter what! As long as I take you back, I’ll be able to retire!” The youngster shook his head stubbornly.

The old devil wanted to cry but had no tears to shed. “I already told you, I’m not the person you’re looking for”

“Whether you are or not, I’ll take you back first, then we’ll see! If you’re not, at the most I just need to come back again to look for them. As long as the person appears under the hawthorn tree, I must take them back with me!” the youngster said.

“There is something f**king wrong with you” The old devil couldn’t help cursing.

“This is the Master’s order, I can only obey it!”

The young man fixed his eyes on the old devil. “The might of the sword qi from my left hand is fifty times more powerful than from my right hand. It’s enough to shatter your Void Refinement devil spirit. You already have no chance of winning.”

After saying that, the youngster took a deep breath, and then shifted Abyss Avoidance from his right hand to his left hand.

The instant he gripped Abyss Avoidance in his left hand, it was as if the sword had been linked to a boundless spring of spirit energy, and golden light was instantly awakened as it radiated all around them.

The immensely powerful spiritual pressure greatly startled the old devil. The youngster’s prowess was actually above the Void Refinement stage!

He had completely miscalculated!

Given his current state, there was no way for him to summon a devil spirit more powerful than this one at the Void Refinement stage.

From the beginning, this had been a battle of unequal strength!

Inside the house, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal looked at the spirit sword in the hand of the person from Immortal Mansion and frowned slightly as he felt that the sword was a little familiar somehow.

The quality of this spirit sword wasn’t low; the spirit light was as yet restrained and the sword qi hadn’t weakened in the slightest this was at the very damn least a holy weapon!

But now was not the time to think about it. Holding the sword in his left hand, the cloaked youngster had already sent out the mightiest of sword qi, which was accompanied by powerful wind pressure that swept across the scene!

This oppressive golden sword qi transformed into a ten meter-long crescent that streaked toward the devil spirit with almost unstoppable force!

In that moment, both Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal and Song Qingshu were similarly alarmed. The range of this sword qi was too large, and almost everything in front of the youngster turned to ash in the wake of the sword qi!

Because the gold crescent was too long, one part of it was already approaching the villa and the wall was being slowly split open.

“Crap!” Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was alarmed. With this momentum, the sword qi would slice him and Song Qingshu in half at the waist!

“Senior Immortal, go!”

Song Qingshu pushed Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal away.

Even then, it was already too late

The sword qi was approaching so fast that they couldn’t see it clearly even with the Heavenly Eye.

But it was at that moment that yet another figure appeared in the back garden; no one knew when this person had shown up.


When the young man from Immortal Mansion raised his eyes, a teenage boy in big white bunny pajamas appeared in front of him.

In the face of this rolling golden crescent, the teenager just lazily stretched out his hand and raised one finger.

Just like that, the golden crescent came to a halt, and couldn’t proceed any further

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