The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 20


Chapter 20: Becoming A Devil

Yu Tianyi heavily promised, "Let me handle this matter, I will explain it to you."

Mu Chen swung the long sword in his hands and coldly said back, "No!"

Being spoken against by Mu Chen like this, Yu Tianyi's face showed awkwardness.

Yue Mingze tilted his head to look at Mu Chen, then took a look at Yu Tianyi and inwardly guessed the other's identity. He then looked at Ji Qingyuan who did not have much power fighting back and once again thought. Why does it look like he have the thought to hit back, Ji Qingyuan power was about equal to Martial Uncle, so how could he just take the beating?

Gu Yunjue raised his head to look at Yue Mingze and knew in his mind, that this oaf was a bit more sensitive compared to others. As a Sect Master, this is that tiny bit of merit he had.

Ji Qingyuan looked at the person who came before him in shock, he said in both surprise and dread, "Senior"

Yu Tianyi raised his hand, having him shut up since he didn't want to expose his identity.

At this moment, many people was already standing above Yanyang Palace. Because there was a devil cultivator that intruded last time and the sect couldn't find any of the traces, the current Lofty Cloudy Sect has reinforced all of their defenses and taken precautions. Because Yanyang Palace's protection spell shuddered, most of the people thought that a devil cultivator once again attacked Mu Chen and hastily ran over to help. In the end, what they saw was the seemingly very calm Elder Mu who always did not like to speak, holding a legendary killing weapon and hacking a sword cultivator to the point he couldn't fight back at all. Not only did he cruelly chop off the other's arm, he wore an attitude of wanting to completely mince the other. Everyone was shocked by Mu Chen's viciousness.

Bai Xunrong was very shocked, "I have never seen Martial Uncle throw such a temper, after he came out of seclusion this time, his temper changed a lot."

Liu Hanzhi silently looked at Mu Chen, his brows slightly knitted.

Sensing his peculiarness, Mo Jinyang smiled and asked, "Junior Brother knew Martial Uncle Mu since young, have you ever seen him throw such a large temper?"

Liu Hanzhi shook his head, his voice cold like the sword in his hand, "Only when he has something he wants to protect would he turned out like this."

Mo Jinyang curiously asked, "Martial Uncle Mu didn't have something he wanted to protect before?"

"Being able to protect his own life took everything he had, everything else, he did not have." Liu Hanzhi stared at Mu Chen below them, after he finished coldly speaking, he dropped drop to in front of Mu Chen. Mo Jinyang rubbed his chin and thought about the meaning behind those words, but was hit by a fist from Bai Xunrong. She hit him particularly hard, causing a thump to sound from the fist hitting his chest, "Junior Sister"

Bai Xunrong ferociously glared at him, "Things you shouldn't ask you shouldn't ask, Martial Uncle hates it when people try to ask about his past in the secular world."

Mo Jinyang held his chest and weakly leaned against Bai Xunrong's shoulder, miserably speaking, "I was just curious, I won't ask again."

Bai Xunrong puffed her soft chest and arrogantly hmphed, "You will one day die from your curiosity!"

Below them, Liu Hanzhi had already unsheathed his sword and a dragon cry resounded through the skies. Just like the grim child he was a hundred years ago, he would closely follow by Mu Chen.

Mu Chen frowned and gave a look at Liu Hanzi, the meaning was for him to leave, he did not need to bother with this.

Liu Hanzhi seem to not have seen Mu Chen's look as his gaze was already on Yu Tianyi. Two sword cultivators, their killing intent hurting all the surrounding people and causing their spirit souls to tremble.

Yu Tianyi saw Mu Chen's attitude toward Liu Hanzhi and his eyes turned frosty, he also did not have the intention of backing down.

Gu Yunjue stood at the side and his eyes narrowed from smiling, but the hand he used to hold the duck cage was starting to grip it tighter. Even the joints were starting to show white: So nice, little Master actually attracted two man to fight each other for him!

Yue Mingze swung his sleeve and walked over with large strides, his delicate baby face held a dignified expression while he impolitely said, "This one will get an explanation from Sect Master Yu today. This friend, daring to pull your sword out on my Lofty Cloudy Sect, do you want to provoke the entire sect?"

He said those words very domineeringly, he grasped the aura of a Sect Master just right. Yu Tianyi nevertheless looked toward Mu Chen, seeing how he actually had some enmity in his eyes, his eyes dimmed and he put up his sword. When he looked at Mu Chen again, his eyes held helplessness, Mu Chen did not believe him.

Yue Mingze endured his anger, this big guy actually ignored him, the Sect Master! Unforgivable!

Ji Qingyuan had an arm chopped off by Mu Chen. if that arm was still around, it would be very easy to reattach it, but unfortunately, it was burned into ashes when it was cut off. If he wanted to regrow it, he had to go find a medical specialist and beg for a priceless Bone Replenishing Pill, so that his bones would regrow. Seeing how Yu Tianyi now harbor some ill-feelings for him, he did not know what kind of fate waited for him when he returns to the sect. It was all because of the person before him, forcing him into this path with no return! Ji Qingyuan finally place Mu Chen on the top of his hate list.

Seeing how the other was glaring hatefully at him, Mu Chen coldly snorted and the killing intent on his body surged up a bit more. No matter what they say today, he cannot return alive, only the dead are the safest.

Yu Tianyi naturally did not want to concede, he still had a lot of questions to ask Ji Qingyuan, moreover, the other was still his Junior Brother, his position wasn't low. Even if he wanted to deal with him he still needs to explain to the sect.

Right when the atmosphere was about to completely freeze, Gu Yunjue who was just watching before suddenly spoke, "Master, why is the spiritual power on his body black?"

His disciple's soft and childish voice was filled with confusion, the content of the question caused everyone's attention to fall back onto Ji Qingyuan. The current Ji Qingyuan's eyes leaked an ominous glint, the rims of his eyes were red while the spiritual power of his body fluctuated unstably.

The present people all had high cultivations, they naturally knew what was happening. Ji Qingyuan actually entered devil cultivation!

Someone that has a famous reputation in the immortal realm, with the moniker modest nobleman, entered devil cultivation!

Just how much filth has he hidden in his heart to drop into devil cultivation?

Yu Tianyi's face immediately turned ugly. He seem to have thought of something and an unconcealed killing intent rose in his eyes. Without hesitation, he drew out his sword and cold light flashed, then was a scream that echoed and abruptly stopped. The spiritual power that was no longer pure came out like it was being released by a vessel and disappeared from them in the blink of an eye.

Ji Qingyuan's face looked at his own hands with a twisted face. His fair skin quickly turned old, like the bark of an old tree. Yu Tianyi had directly abolished his spirit meridians and he turned into a useless person. Two hundred years of hardwork was destroyed just like this?!

All of his careful work all these years were destroyed in a moment, even his life wasn't guaranteed! Ji Qingyuan did not understand, just where did he go wrong? Why did everything turn to this?

He felt that his fate shouldn't be like this! It's shouldn't!

The great disparity in his heart caused him to be unable to hold his anger, he wanted to hysterically rage, but his voice was sealed by a prohibit sound spell. His appearance was twisted and crazy, the old face was somewhat terrifying.

Mu Chen pulled Gu Yunjue into his embrace and covered his eyes, he feared it would frighten his disciple.

Yu Tianyi gave Gu Yunjue a glance, his eyes gradually turning deeper.

Mu Chen unhappily glared in return and put some more power in holding Gu Yunjue. His disciple was a sword cultivator genius, Yu Tianyi probably took fancy to his disciple's natural talent and wanted to snatch him from him?

Yu Tianyi took back his probing gaze and asked Gu Yunjue, "May I ask how this little friend notice his spiritual power was abnormal?"

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