The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: I Will Come Find You Ten Years Later At The Four Great Sect Competition

For his disciple to be questioned, Mu Chen coldly replied, "My disciple's talent is high, you don't need to think about it."

Gu Yunjue turned his head to hold Mu Chen's neck, his lips quirking up when he sensed Mu Chen's unease. He patted Mu Chen's back and whispered to him, "It's the fat duck that told me, I didn't see anything."

Yu Tianyi frowned, "This duck?"

Rebude who was poured a pot of black hurriedly covered its mouth with its wings, fearing that if the other sees something out of the ordinary, it would be taken away.

Yu Tianyi doubtfully made a sound and smiled. "Then raise it well, don''t throw it away because it's ugly. This.. this duck is pretty good." Seeing Mu Chen's expression that seem to fear him snatching a treasure of him, Yu Tianyi said in a placating way, a cheerful smile making its way to his face. "In the past, I always felt that our spiritual power attributes should be switched, but now I know that your temper is actually quite fiery."

Mu Chen's face darken, he was already impatient and waved his sleeve at Jing Ting who hurried over and understood his meaning. He immediately waved a hand at everyone coldly, "Everyone, please take care, we will not see you all."

Yu Tianyi did not mind Mu Chen's coldness, "I will come find you ten years later at the Four Great Sect Competition."

Mu Chen indifferently nodded, although he didn't refuse, he also did not have any intention of being polite. Although he was still a bit unhappy at allow Ji Qingyuan being carried away while he was still alive, but since the matter has already came to this point, it was also bad for him to force it anymore.

Yu Tianyi gave one last glance at Mu Chen before finally leaving, he had something even more important to do.

The moment Yu Tianyi left, everyone no longer lingered and left one after another. Gu Yunjue saw Liu Hanzhi also staring at him and beamed at him, asking, "Junior Brother Liu, do you have something to say to me?"

Liu Hanzhi: ""

Mu Chen helplessly rubbed Gu Yunjue's heard, a bit awkward. This child, why did he call out Junior Brother so smoothly?

Gu Yunjue blankly looked at Mu Chen, he did not call him right, it was Junior Brother. You guys are Martial Uncle and Nephew, Master must distinguish the closeness. In this world, there was no one who has a relation as close as him, the disciple.

Liu Hanzhi left with a cold face, his back figure was hurried, as if he did not want to stay here for another second.

Gu Yunjue smiled with a bright face, calling out to his back, "If Junior Brother Liu has time to come play with me, I will share half of my sugar cake with you!"

Liu Hanzi's back figure disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Everyone in Yanyang Palace looked at Gu Yunjue with admiration, this is really a hero! Elder Liu was famous in the entire Lofty Cloudy Sect for being murderous, yet he readily ridiculed him with a phrase of Junior Brother, such a hero!

Mu Chen's face finally eased after everyone left. Gu Yunjue pulled Mu Chen's hand and puzzledly asked, "Master, why did that man didn't even blink when he destroyed his own Junior Brother's spirit meridians?"

Mu Chen thought a bit, "Because it was a bad guy, bad guys should be killed."

Gu Yunjue a really curious tone to continue asking, "But they are still fellow disciples, they've been together for so long, do they not have any feelings for each other? That man just now, he never looked at his Junior Brother again."

Mu Chen paused for a moment and thought about Yu Tianyi's expression and actions and his heart chilled. Although Ji Qingyuan entering devil cultivation wasn't something the immortal realm would tolerate, the way Yu Tian deposed his own Junior Brother without even blinking was somewhat fierce. Then he thought of the last glance the other gave him he sighed. "In the end, it was all for power and fame. You need to remember, there is no one in the world that will be kind to you without cause. If there is a cause, there is a result. You need to be careful about everything, you can't be careless."

Gu Yunjue smiled satisfied. Yu Tianyi looks patience and enduring, but there wasn't any restraint in his eyes. If it was someone normal, they could clearly see that the other's attitude toward him was different, but his Master just did not believe in that. Rather, he would be worried about the other having evil thoughts and try to drift away from them. This kind of Master, really clenches the heart and tickles their lungs, it was extremely adorable.

Mu Chen saw the black duck in Gu Yunjue's hand and frowned in disdain, "What did you pick that up for?"

When he picked up this duck, it was still a black furry ball. It was so fluffy and cute he really loved it for a while, even allow it freedom to come and go as it pleased in Yanyang Palce. Everyday, he would touch and rubbed it for a while.. But he also didn't know where things went wrong. He had only went into seclusion for half a year, and when he came out, the cute furry appearance had changed. The fur was gone and feather replaced it.

Mu Chen felt as if he was lied to and in a fit of anger, threw it into the back moutian so it can keep the other spirit pets company.

This fat bird acted as if it had finally obtained freedom and gave itself a very unreasonable nameRebude! Don't look down on this guy just because its ugly, its cultivation was very fast and defeated all the spirit beasts that liked to fight, becoming the king of the moutain. Looking at its fat body, it was easy to tell just how comfortable its life was. Seeing it now, Mu Chen still felt that he was lied to and disliked it for no reason. Of course, it could also be because it was too ugly.

"You want to raise it?" Mu Chen found it really unexpected that Gu Yunjue liked this pet without any sense of beauty. But he heard that raising a pet can cultivate a kind and patient heart in children so he wasn't too against the idea. "Don't you feel its ugly? Your master can find you a better looking one."

Gu Yunjue smiled and shook his head, "It's fine, your disciple thinks it is suitable."

Mu Chen contained to disdain it, "Too ugly."

Gu Yunjue gave a very convincing reason, "It can be eaten if I'm hungry."

Mu Chen suddenly felt that what his disciple said was very reasonable. If it was too pretty then they wouldn't bear to eat it, "Let's change the name, Rebude is too bad."

"What about Dog Egg?"

"Not very elegant, how about Black Egg, it fits its appearance."

"The name Master chose is very poetic, Black Egg must feel very happy. Thank you for the name Master, Master is the best!"

Being coaxed by Gu Yunjue like this, Mu Chen's bad mood turned and immediately thought how those scummy people weren't things. How his disciple was so cute and obediant and that his reason for reviving was to raise his disciple up and have him walk the righteous path. Those scummy things, he'll just kill them the next time he sees them.

Thinking of that for a bit, Mu Chen's face was somewhat nicer when looking at Black egg. As long as his disciple likes it, they could raise it for now, it can even be used as food.

Black Egg: "" I, your father, really, wants, to, die!

In the end, Rebude was successfullu renamed into Black Egg. Mu Chen didn't know what Gu Yunjue did, but in one night, Black Egg had shrunk by several times and turned from a duck into the appearance of a fluffy bird that had just hatched from an egg. This made Mu Chen's tangled mood much better. That fat duck look, looking at it too long would affect your aesthics, becoming a round fluffy ball was much more pleasing to the eye.

Because Black Egg shrunk, Gu Yunjue found a smaller cage and it was much easier to carry around. Mu Chen saw that Gu Yunjue had nothing to do so he had him go walk the bird. Of course, it wasn't so simple as in carrying the cage and walking. Rather, he had to wrap the cage in spiritual power and used his hand to drag Black Egg in the air floating. His spiritual power cannot scatter, so it was used to train one's fine control of spiritual power. Because he was scared of him getting lost, Mu Chen had Jing Ming follow him. Although Jing Ming wasn't good at much, he had never got lost by using his nose to get around.

While Jing Ming held a red strip of fabric in one hand, he persuaded Gu Yunjue to tie it around Black Egg's neck to go for a walk.

Gu Yunjue purposely did not say anything and kept smiling, causing Jing Ming to be so anxious that he was hopping up and down. Yanyang Palace was far more lively than usual.

Mu Chen followed them and watched for a while. Seeing that there wasn't any problem, he was assured as he went into the concocting room. He planned to refine some pills to sell at the auction house. His Master Dan Yangzi had once said, there were too few female cultivators in the immortal world now. He needs to leave behind familial property for his disciple to take a wife, or he wouldn't be able to get a wife. So his Elderly Master had left behind many things for him. Although Mu Chen did not have the plan to take a wife, his life was much more comfortable with these things. Now that he was a Master, he also needs to leave some familial property for his disciple. He could exchange his pills for some treasures that won't depreciate in value for his disciple to take a wife.

Thinking to this point, Mu Chen really wanted to chop down Ji Qingyuan. He had collected so much in his past life and it was all taken by that hypocrite! He grabbed a medical herb and threw it into the concocting stove, he threw it down with much vigor.

The dao children by the side all looked at each other. Their Palace Master's mood changing in a flash was something they were already used to. But the times of their Palace Master's mood flipping over was really high lately, especially after their Little Palace Master came. Their Palace Master's temper grew and they don't even know what was causing his mood changes. They, as subordinates were also worried.

Jing Ting walked to the entrance and saw Mu Chen throw some medical herbs in a fit of anger and stopped. He stood there and said with a serious face, "Palace Master, a lot of people suddenly showed up at the palace entrance, they said they want to see you."

Author's Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.

Black Meow: "Little Master, today, Meow took her cat to be neutered."

Mu Chen: "Why?"

Black Meow: "Because he doesn't have a wife, he will also pee everywhere when he goes into heat. Uncle Su's mysophobia almost went crazy. However, let me secretly tell you, it's said that when a male cat no longer have balls anymore, it will turn fat."

Mu Chen: "Fat?"

Black Meow: "Yes."

Mu Chen silently turned his head to look at Gu Yunjue. No balls = fat?

Gu Yunjue: ""

TL Note: The "no balls" isn't mei, it's a funnier/slangish version they use here with "Mu". So it's more like Nu Balls.

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