The Dark Demon Lord Chapter 88

Arnin began to walk towards the exit of the specating area. Of course, him heading towards was noticed by most people. He was the first person to move.

"Seems like that child is about to make his move, but he is so little, can he even do anything?" People began to discuss amongst one another when they saw Arnin move.

The blue and blonde haired men looked at arnin leaving with a sinister smile. They hesitated a little before following him.

"Bro Relshe, why are we following him?If we enter the arena, we would have to fight each other, let alone him. Isn't that completely opposite of what our plan was?" The blue haired man spoke with confusion. He thought that maybe the blond haired man made a mistake this time.

The blonde haired man, Relshe, didn't look at the blue haired man and instead spoke as his gaze remained steady on Arnin. "Srida, although we can't enter the area, that doesn't mean others can't. We just have to make sure that no one too strong goes into the arena." Relshe also smiled slightly as a plan began to formulate in his mind.

Although he wanted Arnin to follow them for a greater chance in the battlefield, that didn't mean that if Arnin was weak he would let him join him. He only knew from what others would say that Arnin is stronger then his realm, but he still wanted to test this. He wouldn't prevent others from going in, but he would prevent the truly strong from entering the arena. Not only would he be able to see Arnin's true strenght, he could also try and get on Arnin's good side.

'I just have make myself look miserable in front of him to show that I tried to stop people from entering.' He couldn't help but laugh wickedly. Srida nodded his head and followed Relshe without anymore questions. Although he couldn't understand everything, he trusted his partner, so he just went with it.

Both of them followed behind Arnin, of course the latter knew that they were behind him, but he could care less. He already somewhat understood their intentions and couldn't help but inwardly scoff.

'Sometimes being in a smaller body has its perk. Everyone thinks that I am foolish and easily tricked. Since they want to play games, then maybe I should play along with them.' Arnin didn't understand everything, but he was able to see that they wanted to suck up to him someway. What was the best way to suck up to him right now? Block others from entering the arena and make themselves look beaten in order to win his gratitude.

This would be a good plan against truly foolish and emotional people, but Arnin was none of that. Other then his parents and sister, he had little to no attachment to anyone.

Akig and Canae were just future commanders that would be under his control. It would be unfortunate if he lost them, but that didn't mean he was desperate in wanting them.

Arnin walked in front of the Silver door. Before entering, he looked back at the two men and smirked before saying in a quiet, yet audible tone. "Defend well."

With those words said, Arnin walked in with a sinister smile plastered on his face. Relshe of course heard his words and his smile hardened a little. 'Seems he isn't as foolish as he seems, but that is still beneficial to us.'

He still had no fear towards Arnin, other then the few times he felt that Arnin was a little more mysterious than he first thought. Relshe believed that if the worst does come and Arnin wanted to attack them, he could just finish his off with Srida. After all, both of them were Essence Manifest - Sky cultivators, not only that but they were at the peak of the realm.


Back in the cave with all the masked people and the headmistress, Fae watched the screen with Arnin with great intensity. She was basically the only one who truly paid attention to him, even the headmistress only glanced sometimes.

'Is he going to kill that girl now? He truly is a heartless child, but if he was going to kill her so early, why would he keep her alive this whole time?' Fae felt that Arnin's actions were too peculiar. He didn't truly need the girl to guide him or anything since his strenght was enough to scare others into telling him information.

Little did Fae know that Arnin only took Canae because of her intelligence and because she was conveniently easily to threaten.


When Arnin entered the arena, he saw a person flying towards his direction. 'What are the odds of her coming right in front of me?' Arnin smirked slightly at the convenience. Now he would not have to walk a great distance to save her.

Canae slowly got up with her body covered in bruises. She was already bruttly injured because of Piri's previous attack, but she was even worse now. She knew that only a miracle could save her.

"Are you really going to die so quick? What about your remaining sister? What will she do without you? You should know that if you're gone, then your sisters fate would be very bad." A sudden voice came from behind. Most would take it as their saviour, but Canae couldn't help but find her body tremble intensly.

Slowly, her head turned back and found the last person she wanted to see. Arnin saw the horror and disappointment in her eyes. He knew that she hated him to the bone, but he already decided that she would be his future commander when he went to the other worlds.

He already had a sinister plan made for him to obtain the loyalty of Canae. Loyalty was a bad term, rather he planned a way to make her his loyal slave that would heed his every command.

"W-what are you doing here?" She looked at Arnin and her heart began to beat wildly. She heard the rules from the statue person and knew that anyone who entered the arena would have to fight to the death until the last person.

'If this Demon is here, doesn't that mean' The thought scared her. Even though she knew she would die from Piri if not Arnin, she prefered to be killed by the former. Canae had seen the methods Arnin used to kill his victims, and she did not want to die the same way.

Suddenly, a thought struck her. "W-where is my sister!?" She couldn't help but yell a little. The only reason she hadn't committed suicide or even accepted her death was because she still had a sister. Plus, this sister was in the very hands of the person who she hated and feared most.

Arnin smiled a little before pointing his finger towards the spectating area. "Don't worry, you're sister is perfectly safe, of course that is only if you hurry up here. Who knows what the people up there will do to such a cute girl that is deep asleep. Even I get weird thoughts just thinking about such a situation."

His smile was sinister, but his eyes were deadly calm. Canae knew that Arnin was not joking around. Who knows what would happen to her sister when surrounded by a bunch of murderous and lustful cultivators.

She gritted her teeth a little, with her eyes looking at Arnin with seething hatred. "If you planned on killing me, then you could have done it on that day. You didn't even need me for information since anyone could be used, so why are you torturing me so much?!"

Canae couldn't take it any longer and got up from the ground. She suddenly got a burst of strenght and rushed towards Arnin with her weapon. The latter shook his head. "Familial love such a bulsh*t thing."

Arnin did a side step and grabbed Canae's wrist. He snatched the weapon from her hand and threw her towards the arena wall. Then, using a little bit of strenght, Arnin hurled the double bladed staff towards one of Canae's hands, pinning her to the wall.

"Stay there and watch the show. Of course, if you want to help your sister before anything bad happens, then you better find a way to get to the spectating area as fast as possible." Arnin said with a sly smirk before walking towards the exhausted Piri. The latter was standing there the whole time, not interfering with Arnin's business, but that wasn't because he was being polite, rather he couldn't.

He was doing only a little better than Canae. Although he had no major wounds, the high quantity of minor wounds made him lose enough blood that he felt somewhat unstable, plus his stamina was running extremely low.

Piri could only look at Arnin with alert eyes. When the latter first entered the arena, he felt that Arnin was going to be an easy target to get rid of because of his young age, but when he saw easily he took care of Canae, he felt a major threat from Arnin.

"You aren't too bad in skill, but sadly you hurt someone I need and the rules state I must kill you." Arnin spoke with little remorse. He didn't really care that Canae was injured, he only needed her alive, plus he should be thanking Piri. It was only because of this person that Arnin could see the potential in Canae as a commander.

Exhausted, Piri could only breathe heavily, not willing to waste energy by replying to Arnin's taunts.

Slowly, Arnin approached the exhausted boy in front of him. He had no weapon, but he didn't feel that the large axe could do anything to him. He was confident in his skills to easily take down Piri.

"Watch with your eyes wide open, Canae. This is how you kill someone swiftly." When the words left his mouth, Arnin vanished.


"ARHG!" The boy screamed loudly as his body fell to the ground. Everyone on the spectating stands looked at Arnin with some shock, Canae on the other hand closed her eyes. She already knew the fate of Piri.

Arnin ignored everyone's shock and leaned forward, grabbing the large axe from Piri's hand. He lifted it up high, and without any change in expression, smashed it onto the boys head. The head was destroyed and created a gory scene. Some of the remnant pieces of the brain got onto Arnin's face, plus lots of blood.

People on the spectating area couldn't help but feel disgusted and frightened by the sight. Some of the weaker males and females began to vomit. Canae had her eyes closed, but when she heard the sound of something splatter, she knew that it would be bad to open her eyes or else she would see something she would not want to.

Arnin stood still for a while and noticed that nothing happened. He snorted before walking towards Canae. 'Seems like I wont get any sort of reward until I am the last one standing. Let's wait until more people enter.'

He stood close to the pinned Canae, of course he didn't help her, but still stayed near her. He wanted to wait until someone entered the arena. He knew that there was a extremely high chance that the pair of men would send someone to test his strenght, until then he could only wait.

"If someone wants to fight, then come down. All of you weak little bast*rds are scared of someone like me? I haven't even reached Essence Manifest, so someone let me cut you up as well." If someone with a high realm said the words that Arnin did, then most would not come, but many were infuriated by Arnin's taunts.

"This little boy who just came out of his mother's womb has a nasty mouth. Just because he killed someone, he thinks he is all high and mighty. Let me go and see how strong he is." Lots of people were immediately baited by Arnin. Even though the scene of Arnin because covered in gore was clear in their memories, that didn't scare them away. Who hadn't experience life and death? How many would truly be scared?

"Don't be in a rush guys. Don't you know who that is? That is the Demonic Joker. He kills without batting an eye and said to be ruthless towards everyone." Some of the more knowledgeable people spoke up to warn their friends or neighbors.

"So what? He is in Orb Birth - Hell, how strong can he be? Plus, he is only a child, do you really think that he can be so strong and skilled? I think the previous scene just frightened you're weak *ss!" The more arrogant people spoke with pity and disappointment in their tones.

Of course, most people who did get up were in Essence Manifest. The people still in Orb Birth remained silent. They had little confidence in beating Arnin, mostly because of his title as the Demonic Joker.

Arnin listened to all the ramblings that happened in the spectating area. He knew that some would not come, but people who were in Essence Manifest would try and attack him. Extremely few people knew that he killed a couple of lovers who were in Essence Manifest - Earth, since everyone who saw was either dead or under his control.

Arnin looked up at the people arguing and spoke up again. "Just a couple of Essence Manifest weaklings? You guys aren't even enough to face me in fetus form, and you think you guys can trample me? Please." He didn't stop his taunts. Although wasting essence was bad for him, he could obtain more from killing others, plus he was interested in the awards and wanted to see if there was anything useful for him.

Many people glared at Arnin and then walked out of the seating area. They saw the two men standing in front of the door and became even angrier. "Move aside, or else you will die as well."

Relshe and Srida looked at one another before shrugging their shoulders. "We can only let you go in one at a time. If you wont listen, then" Both men released their auras, scaring the arrogant men in front. "So, who will be first?"

A man who seemed to be around the age of twenty walked forward. He had a large scar on his bald head, while also wearing a red bandana on his left wrist. He carried a sword that was around the same height as his body and the aura he released was at the peak of Essence manifest - Earth.

Relshe nodded towards Srida and both men moved aside. They allowed him to pass by into the Silver arena.

Arnin saw the man approach and his smile couldn't help but widen. 'Seems like I can get lots of blood essence and make my strenght a little higher.'

When the twenty or so aged man saw Arnin, he smirked before pointing his large blade towards Arnin who stood beside Canae. "Arrogant little brat, let me send you back into your mother's womb."

Arnin smiled and pulled the double bladed staff from the wall, allowing Canae to fall on the ground. He looked at the bald man with a confused face. "You're sending me into my mom's womb? Seems like you pioneered a path the last time you went into your own mother's womb." Arnin shook his head and sighed. "Experience is really key. ONly people like you would know how to enter and exit a person's womb."

The bald man was immediately enraged. He rushed towards Arnin with his large blade in hand. "Watch how I use this weapon, maybe you can learn a few things." Arnin looked at Canae before twirling the double bladed stand in his hands and also rushing towards the bald man.

The man aimed his sword not towards Arnin's head but towards his arm. He felt that Arnin could be easily disarmed and he could play around a little because of his high strenght. But his arrogance blinded him from Arnin's wicked attack.

The double bladed staff spun and knocked the sword away with one end, while the next end aimed for the man's legs.


With his eyes wide opened with shick, the man who was above Arnin fell to the ground with a loud thump. "AHH! MY LEGS!"

Everyone saw that the bald man's legs were sliced off. He fell to the ground and blood flowed out intensely. Arnin then aimed one the bladed towards the bald mans arms and sliced them off as well. "ARHH!!!!"

With everyone watching the scene, Arnin grabbed onto the man's neck and dragged him to the gory scene where Piri died. He stopped when they were in the middle of the gore.

With a calm gaze, Arnin looked at the trembling and half dead bald man. "Lick the floor clean. If you do, I may let you live and even repair you're wounds."

Outside the Silver door, the Essence Manifest cultivators were yelling to go in. hearing that the arena was silent, Relshe and Srida allowed one more to go in, with confusion on there faces. However, just as the door opened, they got a glimpse of what was happening inside.

Everyone had their mouths dropped and their eyes opened with fear and dorror. Even Relshe and Srida were shocked and terrified.

'This kid is literally making someone wipe the floor.... With their tongue!'

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