The Dark Demon Lord Chapter 89

Everyone watched the scene with shock. A man with four missing limbs was desperately wiping the floor with his tongue under the threat of Arnin. Even people who were weaker than the bald man found his actions to be disgusting and disgraceful, but only the spectators knew what happened.

The people who stood outside the Silver door were not able to see what Arnin did in order to create the current scene; they only saw the heavy damage on the bald man, but even then they found his actions to be distasteful.

"If I lost, I would rather accept death than lick the floor with my tongue. This person is disgusting." The cultivators who were behind the Silver door scorned the bald man's actions, however Relshe had a different reaction.

'The fight barely lasted for two minutes. He was crippled and put into such a state so quickly. This Demonic Joker is much stronger than I thought.' Others ignored how swiftly Arnin finished the battle, however Relshe was beginning to fear Arnin a little more than before.

Even he couldn't be this fast when attacking. Not only that, but Relshe knew that even if he joined hands with Srida, they would still be unable to finish the battle as quickly as Arnin did. It was impossible for them to do something so quick.

Arnin knew that his actions would attract the attention of others and make him stand out more, but he wasn't scared. He knew that the truly strong people would still find him insignificant, and only people who were weaker than them would attack him.

The bald man lost so much blood that he fell unconscious as he was licking the floor. Of course, the amount of blood that he lost would lead to his death unless someone saved him, but who would do that? Death was the only end for someone who entered the arena unless they were able to come out on top and slay the rest of the people.

Relshe moved away from the Silver door and waved his hand towards the group that was slowly gathering. "Three people are allowed to enter next." He smiled and decided that he would take a risk and test how strong Arnin truly was.

This would probably put him in Arnin's bad books, but when was he ever in his good books? If anything, he knew that controlling Arnin would be much more difficult than he first thought. Not only was he extremely perceptive, his strength was also quite high. Plus, Relshe had yet to see the limit of Arnin's strength.

Everyone was stunned by Arnin's power and no one noticed that his aura was weaker than before. It was barely in Orb Birth - Hell, and it even felt like it would drop to the Sky realm at any second.

Arnin didn't show any fluctuations on his face, but he knew that he would not be in a good situation if someone around Essence Manifest - Hell came and attacked him. Even a large group of Essence Manifest - Earth cultivators could put him in a bad situation.

He watched the door with cold eyes and noticed a person walk through, then another one followed, and after that, one more. Arnin's eyes became even more cold when he saw this. These three no weaker than the bald man, there was more than one.

'Seems like things are getting a little more dangerous. I need to quickly finish these two off and find a way to leave the arena with Canae.' Arnin would be alright if only one had come through, but even if two people tried to fight him, he would be able to barely make it, but with three, he would need to use more strength than usual. 'Maybe I can finally deploy the secrets of the blood essence power.'

When this thought struck him, Arnin began to smile a little. He was confident he could handle the three but he knew that if more followed after the current trio, then the situation had the possibility of ending badly for him. In that case, he would probably not survive unless they were weaker than the three in front of him, but chances were that whoever followed would be stronger than their predecessors.

The three men that walked through the Silver door looked at Arnin with frosty eyes, but Arnin noticed a little bit of apprehension deep within their eyes. This caused him to smirk and he knew his previous treatment of the bald man had an effect on them.

'I need to make a greater example out of these three in order to make others hesitate before attacking me.' Arnin lightly smirked and then looked towards Canae, who had an anxious look on her face. He immediately knew why.

"Canae, if you want to leave this place, then I can help you with that. I can make it so that both you and me will survive, and then you can also save your sister." Arnin smirked a little before slowly making his way towards Canae. Of course, his eyes continued to focus on the three that were slowly approaching.

"W-what do you mean? Only one person can leave this place, so your tricks won't work on me. How can both of us leave?" There was some irritation on Canae's face, but deep within her eyes, Arnin noticed a hint of hope.

He smiled a little before he lifted the double bladed staff and put it on his shoulder. He thought back to a certain book he picked up when he was reading in the library of Lepidoptera Academy. He knew that his contract making skills were already known to some people, but there was also a risk to publicising all of his talents.

The only people who knew about his contracts were the village elder, Xillar, Avian, his slaves, and his family. Maybe even Fae knew something about them, but he felt that none of these people would spread news about him knowing how to create contrats.

In order to prevent more people from finding out about his skills, Arnin began to read on different ways to bind people. He discovered in a book that a person would become a slave if they allowed someone to place a mark on their orb. Of course, this was only if both parties agreed, or if the one creating the mark was extremely powerful. However, this was still something that he should not be able to do just yet, so he read further and found something similar that could be used for temporary bondage.

"Swear upon your orb that you will be my slave for six months. If you do, then I will bring you out of here, but think fast. I will only give you until the time I kill these three ants. If you haven't decided by then, I will have you watch as your sister is humiliated by everyone here. Not only that, but I will kill you and have someone humiliate her on top of your dead body. Quick, quick, time is ticking." With that, Arnin walked towards the three with a small smile.

He used six months because that was neither too long, nor too short, plus it was enough time for him to permanently bring Canae to his side, whether it was voluntary or through force.

"Kid, you got guts calling us ants. Just because you can kill that guy doesn't mean that you can kill all of us." The first person who walked into the arena had grey hair and his weapon was a short dagger. He was the one who spoke out first, while the other two nodded their heads with hate showing in their eyes.

"I can call you ants, or even trash if I want. I don't think I need your permission to talk about what you truly are. Anyways, whether you kill me or not, two of you will certainly die since at one point, you will have to fight one another." Arnin said these words casually, but it was somewhat effective because the three looked at one another with apprehension.

The arena only allowed one winner, so they would indeed eventually fight one another, but what if they attacked each other mid fight? The three were more cautious and fell for Arnin's trick right away.

Arnin knew that their battle strength would decrease by a lot because of them watching their backs against their own allies, which made them easier to kill. He then quickly rushed towards the trio with the double bladed staff spinning in his hands. The blades would spin and hit the ground, causing sparks to appear. These sparks were small, but it caused the three to be more careful.

Although the sparks would do nothing, just because Arnin made the effort to create them, the three felt that it might be related to an attack. This moment of distraction gave Arnin the window to jump towards the grey haired man. The latter quickly lifted his dagger and met Arnin's staff head on, and with a low growl, he exerted forced and pushed Arnin away.

This forced Arnin into the air and towards another person, however Arnin knew this would happen, so he quickly turned his body mid air, surprising the rest of the people. With everyone still in shock, he spun his staff and attacked the second person. This time, the individual did not react as swiftly, resulting in a small cut appearing on his left bicep.

The small cut made Arnin smile wickedly. He bit his own tongue and spat a small amount of blood towards the cut, and then jumped back with a somersault. The second person was confused by Arnin's actions, but he didn't pay any attention to it. He only smirked and looked at Arnin arrogantly.

"You can't even handle a head on collision with us. If you puke blood with just that, how will you survive the ne--" Before the man could finish, he felt a burning pain on his left bicep. He looked over and found that it was slowly turning purple and the source was… his cut! "What is this! What the hell is going on!"

The purple color spread quickly and he gradually lost control over his left arm. The pain continued to seep throughout his arm and he felt it moving towards the rest of his body. Arnin saw this and couldn't help but smile. He didn't say anything and rushed towards the purpled armed guy once more.

With his left arm disabled, the second man used his right arm and blocked the staff with his own sword, albeit barely. Sweat appeared on his face as he used all the energy he had to push Arnin back, but something unexpected happened right as he opened his mouth and yelled.


Another globule of blood came out of Arnin's mouth. This time, the aim was none other than the other man's… mouth. "Enjoy the torturous death." Arnin didn't jump back this time and instead leaped onto the man's shoulders and spoke quietly.


Arnin's fingers snapped and the man's chest began to turn purple just like his arm, and his neck engulfed soon after. Slowly, the purple reached his head and his eyes dimmed after a few minutes of spasms.

Silence. No one could say anything and they watched the scene with confusion and shock. He died. The man died so quickly, but how?

Arnin saw everyone was shocked and slightly cut man's neck. A slimy blob of blood oozed out, making others want to puke.

While everyone was still shocked, the two men who came with the dead one became more cautious. They looked at one another and nodded their head. The grey haired man stabbed his dagger towards Arnin, while the third man with black hair stabbed Arnin with his long sword.

Arnin scoffed, and quickly ducked from the long sword, however the dagger was still making its way towards him. With his double bladed staff spinning, Arnin knocked the dagger out of the way, and simultaneously cut off the head of the dead man. A large blob of blood fell out, which Arnin picked up and threw towards the grey haired man.

"Explode!" The blob burst right in front of the grey haired man's face, covering him in blood. Arnin took advantage of the blood on the man's face, and began to whisper some words.

Suddenly, the blood began to squirm like a bunch of worms. "AHH!" Some parts of the blood began to solidify into small blade like objects. Of course, they were still connected to the splattered blood, but the small blood blades curved and stabbed his face.

This was not enough to kill the man since the blood was not super strong, and the man had thick skin, but after the constant stabbing, a small hole was made that released the grey haired man's blood.

He saw a ruthless look appear on Arnin's face and he couldn't help but feel an intense amount of horror and almost screamed.

Arnin had the blood enter the mans face and it too slowly turned purple, just like the second man's. A few seconds later, he also fell to the ground.

This time, everyone collectively took in a cold breath of air. People on the spectating stands were relieved that they did not enter the arena, while people behind the Silver door heard the commotion and ran to the spectating stands as well. When they saw the scene before them, they began to sweat like pigs.

'He already killed two? If he could kill them both so efficiently, then what can I do to him?' The people who hadn't yet entered the arena decided to no longer pick a fight with Arnin. They knew that they would be killed just as easily if they fought, plus the deaths did not look pleasant in any way.

"All that remains is you." Arnin's face was covered in sweat and his aura had actually dropped down to Orb Birth - Sky, although it was at the peak. The few moves that looked extremely easy were actually very difficult to conduct. He had to use lots of mental strength to control the blood and make it attack the blood flow and force it to stop. Plus, he had to do it quickly so the men could not react.

The black haired man looked at Arnin with fear. Sweat wouldn't stop pouring from his forehead, but he knew that there wasn't anything he could do. There was no way he could leave the arena, however a thought struck him.

'If I waste enough time, others might enter, and then maybe we could work together to destroy this demon child.' Once this thought entered his mind, it didn't leave. Although he knew that the chances of someone appearing to save him were slim, he knew that nothing else could save him.

He quickly dashed towards the right and headed towards the direction of the bald man's dead body. He wanted to keep some distance from Arnin and waste as much time as possible.

Arnin ignored the man's actions and looked at the anxious Canae. "So, what's it going to be? You only have a little bit of time left, so you better decided your next move quick. Will you allow yourself to serve me for six months, which would be beneficial to both you and your sister, or will you die watching your sister become a plaything for everyone here?"

Canae was struggling to make up her mind. She didn't want to become Arnin's slave but she also knew that it was probably the only thing that could save her. "Even if I become your slave, how will you get me out of here alive? The rules clearly stated that only one person will come out alive." Canae knew that she had little to no choice.

Arnin looked at her with a calm gaze. "You can leave that to me. Now tell me, what will it be?"

Canae bit her cracked lips that lacked the pink from before. After some hesitation, she sighed and stood up, looking at Arnin. "I will serve you as your slave for six months, and if I go back on my word, then may my orb be completely destroyed."

Her vow was very simple, and even a little rusty, but it satisfied the condition that Arnin wanted and he smiled. Suddenly, a white light appeared from Canae's chest and entered Arnin's body. The latter was not surprised since he knew that this was a sign that the vow was now officially in place.

Canae, however, was quite surprised and knew that her fate was set and she was going to be Arnin's slave for the next six months, but for some reason, she felt a slight release. At least she knew how long, and that Arnin would not kill her anytime soon.

Arnin nodded his head, and then turned around and looked at the black haired man who stood in the middle of the gore that Arnin had made. His eyes glinted as he dropped the staff in his hands and slowly walked towards the black haired man.

He suddenly raised his hand and pointed his palm towards the black haired man. Then, he quickly closed it and created a fist. As soon as the fist was made, Arnin spat out a large amount of blood as his face paled.


The black haired man looked down and saw a scene that caused his heart to reach his throat. Blades upon blades were formed from the blood that was around him, circling him.

"AH!" With a low beast like yell from Arnin, the blades rushed towards the black haired man. His whole body was pierced everywhere, and blood seeped from his mouth as the blood blades returned to liquid form and fell to the ground. The black haired man also fell, his face still showcasing shock and fear.

Arnin smiled weakly as he felt his aura drop to the beginning of Orb Birth - Sky. 'So this is the power of blood?'

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