The Dark Demon Lord Chapter 90

The people in the spectating area were in complete silence yet again as they looked at the ground covered with blood and bodies. They saw globs of coagulated blood and other horrific things. Some couldn't help but shiver at the sight.

Arnin waited a few minutes and found that no one else was entering the arena, so he took a deep breath and sat onto the ground. He looked at Canae with a calm glance and waved his hand. "Come here, and massage my shoulders."

He wasn't worried at all that she would attack him. Since she vowed to be his slave for six months, it was impossible for her to go against him. Even if she tried, her orb would be destroyed before she could even touch Arnin. Just the thought of killing Arnin could cause her instant death.

Canae didn't try and avoid Arnin this time. As his slave, she had to listen to his every command, so she got up, walking towards Arnin and kneeling behind him. He knees were instantly covered with blood as Arnin was sitting in a blood pool.

Knowing that no one would attack him in the short run, Arnin decided to calm himself and begin to cultivate. He was currently very weak, but he was extremely happy. There was a large quantity of blood around him, and a lot of it was high quality with great quantities of blood essence, allowing him to get back to Orb Birth - Heaven.

Although he could only reach around the middle stage of Orb Birth - Heaven, that was still very good.

The scene was quiet and eerie. Arnin's red hair became a brighter red and someone even though that Arnin's hair was actually made of blood, not strands of hair. Everyone else was sitting far away, but Canae was right behind Arnin so she saw the greatest change.

'His aura is slowly increasing?! Why does it feel like he is in Orb Birth - Sky right now? Wait, he's in Hell now?!' She felt Arnin's aura clearly, but she was still in a state of shock and confusion. She had always thought that Arnin was at Orb Birth - Hell, but she found that he was actually at the Sky level, and had just entered Hell, but the climb in essence didn't stop there.

Half an hour passed in stifling peace. Canae was probably the only one that wasn't truly scared or worried. Since she was already in Arnin's hands, she wasn't too worried about anything. At most she would die, and if she was going to be tortured, she could commit suicde using the vow.


A red aura began to seep out of Arnin. It was similar to the smoky black aura that he would release in the past. Canae felt suffocated by the aura, and almost barfed because she could smell the strong stench of blood. It was so concentrated that she felt that she was swimming in an ocean of fresh blood.

'What is going on?! His aura has clearly reached Orb Birth - Heaven, but why does it seem so much more powerful?!' Arnin didn't notice the commotion that was rising because of his blood aura. Of course, he didn't make any breakthrough, rather there was just so much blood essence around that he wasn't able to absorb it fast enough, which was why there was a smoky red aura around him.


Inside the cave with the masked elders and the Headmistress, Fae had a face of shock. Although she knew that there was a problem with Arnin's body which made his aura and cultivation unstable, she didn't know the exact problem. She didn't even know that his essence would continuously leak out of his body, making him weaker by the second.

"T-this is blood essence? I remember giving him a blood essence cultivation manual as a gift back then, but I never thought he would actually cultivate it. Plus, this is the first time I sensed blood essence around him. I would usually sense fire or death, but blood?" Fae was so shocked that she spoke loud enough for the people in the room to hear her.

All of them looked over to the screen that showed Arnin and some of them took a deep breath. The Headmistress also looked over and her eyes hardened a little. 'Such strong blood essence. Is this truly the cultivation manual that Fae gave him?' Of course, the Headmistress knew about the cultivation manuals that Fae gave to Arnin since she herself had given the nod.

Even though that was true, she had never expected that Arnin would cultivate that cultivation manual, let alone to such a degree. Although everyone in the room was somewhat shocked, almost all of them turned their heads towards a single masked elder.

Even Fae and the Headmistress looked over to this masked elder. His body seemed a little robust behind the cloak, and one could even see ghostlike silver hair from behind the mask. The mask on his face was completely red and had a sinister frown. His body was releasing a bloody stench that wasn't any weaker than the one Arnin was releasing, but of course, no one could smell Arnin's offensive odour.

The Headmistress couldn't help but have a small smile on her face as her eyes brightened a little. "Elder Kocyte, doesn't this boy match your cultivation style? What do you think?" Of course, everyone else also had the same thought.

Elder Kocyte was not the most powerful of the elders, but he was the most bloodthirsty. Since his main element was blood for his cultivation, he needed lots of fresh blood in order to progress. This made him one of the most feared masked elders because he would kill without batting an eye, and no one would stop him. Plus, he would look for excuses to kill some of the most famous people with good backgrounds for the higher purity of their blood essence, so even if he did kill one, the people the victim left behind would not be able to complain too much.

Elder Kocyte had over a dozen disciples, all of them cultivating blood essence, however the power of blood that Arnin released was much stronger than any of his disciples.

The elder nodded his head and his hoarse voice resounded in the room. It was familiar, but also has some murderous intent in it. "This boy is great. Not only is his cultivation method related to blood, even his personality is to my liking. He is just as murderous as me, plus he is already like this at such a young age."

Some elders in the room couldn't help but snort at his words. Although Elder Kocyte was strong, he was disliked by many of the other masked elders because of his nature. Some even lost their own disciples to him, so they found him repulsive. Now that he was saying that he liked the thought of a five year old being just as bloodthirsty as him, many found him even more disgusting.

Them allowing a child into their battlefield before the age of ten was already quite rare. Although there were some others in the battlefield under the age of ten, that was due to them having special connections, but even then, there were not many at the age of five in the competition, the majority were age 10 or older.

"So, do you plan on taking him as a disciple?" The one who was actually the most excited was none other then Fae. Since a masked elder took notice of Arnin, that meant that her decision to bring Arnin over to her side was a good thing, and she would receive rewards for it.

"Of course! If he survives this, then I would make him my personal disciple and if he doesn't want that, then I don't mind using his strong blood essence for my own cult--" Before he could finish, he turned his head and looked at Fae.


A strong aura that caused the cave to shake was released from Fae. Although she was weaker than the ten masked elders, it was only by a little. Her eyes became frosty and her tone also became much more deep, and extremely threatening. "You can take him as a disciple, but if you lay a hand on him, then don't blame me! I will kill all of your disciples and break all four of your limbs and allow him to drink your filthy blood!"

Everyone was shocked and looked at Fae with weird glances. Although they knew that Fae was extremely powerful, only a tad bit weaker than them, they would still have to pay a certain price in order to defeat her, but that was only defeat. If they wanted to kill her, then that would be another problem. Plus, if she was set on making trouble for them, then they could forget about living another peaceful day.

Elder Kocyte snorted before releasing his own aura. "Little girl, you better watch your tongue. I can slay you where you stand. You, break my limbs? You, kill my disciples? Over my dead body. The day you attack me, or any of my disciples would be the last time you ever even get the chance to attack in your life!"

Even though Elder Kocyte's voice seemed calm, it was filled with great bloodlust. Everyone knew that Elder Kocyte was a very vengeful and arrogant person. His disciples would rampage everywhere, doing whatever they wanted to because of Elder Kocyte's attitude. He allowed them to be arrogant and cocky, and if anyone even harmed them in the slightest, Elder Kocyte would attack as if his life depended on it.

No one wanted to mess with a crazed blood demon like Kocyte. Even the strongest Masked Elder was apprehensive about Elder Kocyte.

"Pfft! You think you can scare me? You want to take my life? Don't make me stitch that *ss like mouth of yours to a Pig Beast's p*nis! In this world, nothing scares me, and those who want my life will have to think a million times before even breathing in front of me!" Fae didn't back down and spoke in a more aggressive manner.

Some of the masked elders took in a breath of cold air, but the strongest in the room, including the Headmistress, didn't really have much of a reaction. By power alone, Fae was weaker than the rest, but her skill was high. She was incredibly strong, plus she cultivated extremely quickly.

Headmistress knew that the two would continue to bicker back and forth so she took a step forward and released her own aura, dispelling the other two auras. "Both of you should calm down. You guys are acting as if Arnin will survive this arena. Didn't you see that he is trying to bring that girl, Canae, out with him? Do you truly think that Teacher Statue will allow that? He might kill them both if he gets annoyed."

Hearing his words, both Fae and Kocyte retracted their auras. Fae had a sullen face and the one could see that Kocyte's body was slightly trembling. "If that rock kills Arnin, my disciple, then I will turn him into a decoration for the academy!" Both of them spoke at the same time with their faces twisting with anger.

Although Kocyte said that he would kill Arnin if he didn't accept him as a master, that didn't mean he didn't want Arnin as his disciple. If anything, he wanted Arnin to be his disciple so much that his face was filled with expectation, and thoughts of his future with Arnin would pop in his mind.

Fae and Elder Kocyte disappeared from the cave. There was a screen that showed a few Teachers, and she couldn't help but shake her head as she looked at the one that showed Teacher Statue. 'Hopefully he doesn't do anything to that kid, or those two might really go berserk.'


Arnin slowly opened his eyes, which were now a more sinister purple, and one could even see a crimson dot in his pupil if they looked long enough. It was extremely sinister. He took a deep breath and a small smile appeared on his face.

'I reached the middle stages of Orb Birth - Heaven, which is even higher than the realm I had before getting injured. If only I could heal my orb threads.' He sighed, 'Using my Demon Lord powers is too dangerous. If I didn't happen to create the Seed of Rebirth, then I would have died.' Arnin shook his head and got up. He turned his head and looked at Canae, who was looking at him with widened eyes.

"Get up. Let's leave this place." Arnin said this with a casual tone, and Canae quickly awoke from her stupor. Her face showed some worry and she looked around at the dead bodies, and then back at Arnin. Of course the latter knew what she was thinking.

He pulled Canae up and waved for her to follow him. They walked towards the exit, but just when they were about to reach it, a strong force appeared out of nowhere and pushed them back. Canae was weak, so she flew back a couple of meters, but Arnin held his ground, only taking a step or two back.

"What do you think you are doing? Only one person can leave this place!" The voice was the same as the one that explained the rules in the beginning.

Arnin looked up and his eyes looked towards a certain large lamp on the ceiling. He knew that the voice was coming from there, and he could even see a small black shadow standing on top of it. Of course, only Arnin could see him, no one else.

"What do you mean? I am taking everything that I own outside. I ignored the fact that I didn't receive any rewards from this place, but you won't even let me leave?" Arnin snorted as his eyes became colder. Even though he knew that he would offend the other, Arnin wanted to test out the other's attitude towards his words. Who knew, the person might have hated weak willed people, and prefered those with a strong will. It could also be the other way around, but Arnin felt like the person would like strong willed people.

Of course, this was only a conjecture from the fact that the man use a stone statue to appear from rather than something weaker like brittle leaves. Arnin guessed that the statue was related to the man's personality, hard like a rock, with an unbreakable will like a stone's. This was, however, just a guess that Arnin wanted to test out.

He knew that this was just a dumb guess, and that he might be playing with his life, but Arnin had a gut feeling that even if he completely angered the man in front of him, nothing would happen to him. This was mostly because of Fae, and he knew that she wouldn't let him die, but he still didn't quite understand why this was the case.

Teacher Statue went quiet and he looked at Arnin with a deeper glance. He knew that Arnin could see him, which surprised him and made him more apprehensive. He wasn't scared of Arnin, rather he was worried about the power behind Arnin.

He had a feeling that no one with such capabilities would be without any backers. He then looked at Canae, and although the latter couldn't see him, she felt as though she was being watched.

"Even if she is your woman, one of you need to die in order to escape. Those are the rules; even I can't change that." The mans said with a 'helpless' tone.

"You can't change it? Is that true? Well, she is not my woman, she is my possession. She is my slave, my weapon, an item for my disposal. Is that not enough reason?" Teacher Statue didn't know about what happened in the arena, rather he never really paid attention to such things. It was a bore to him, so he would usually sleep and only wake up when the arena barrier reacted to someone leaving when another was still in the arena, or once a winner had been declared.

So when he heard the way Arnin described Canae and called her his slave, he saw the former's face become red. "That may be the case, bu--" Just as he was about to finish, his face turned pale and a small amount of blood leaked from his mouth.

Of course, Arnin saw all of this and he couldn't help but evilly smirk. 'Seems like I wasn't wrong. Fae, or someone related to her will make sure that I won't die in the hands of such people.'

Arnin was only confident because the person who was going to attack him was a teacher or elder of Thorn Academy. He knew that Fae may not save him if he was killed by other people in the battlefield, but he was certain that she would protect him from the officials of the academy.

"Alright then, you can leave the place. Since she is your slave, then she counts as something you possess. Before you go though, take the Death Coins and the reward." This time, the man's voice was a little shaky and even a little… wronged?

A bright light then appeared in front of Arnin. The latter turned his head and saw a large amount of death coins appear, along with a selection of three weapons. One was a black long sword. It had a very sharp blade, and there were even yellow lines circling it like a seal.

The second weapon was a dagger. It was completely brown, but due to the flaming tip, anyone could tell that it was very good for fire elemental users. The handle seemed to be made from a white pearl and it released a similar fiery aura.

The last was a weapon that made Canae's eyes brighten slightly. It was a double bladed staff. The staff was made from a black wood that released a eerie death aura, while the blades were made from a grey metal that released an aura that seemed similar to withering.

"You can only choose one weapon, but these Death coins are all yours. Of course, you have to find a way to store them yourself." With that, the voice disappeared.

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