The Days Of Being In A Fake Marriage With The Ceo Chapter 294

Chapter 294 Making Her Life Difficult 1

But although these were apology gifts that Gu Chenyi had given to her, they were given for the sake of Bao Junyan, so they weren’t really hers.

Since these things belonged to him, he could do as he wished.

“Hubby, just do as you think best!”

“Great.” Bao Junyan seemed to have said that with much pleasure, oddly.

After Mu Huan was done fussing over her face and had climbed into bed

Bao Junyan suddenly added, “I’ll get Secretary Jin to send over some jewelry designs tomorrow.”

“What?” Mu Huan said in surprise.

“Didn’t you say you like gemstones and diamonds and glittery things? You can pick a few more items tomorrow.” For his wife, of course, it had to be privately customized and unique.

Mu Huan: “!!!”

What sort of act was this? Didn’t she just say she didn’t like these things and he said they should donate them? And now he was asking her to select designs and get measured up for customized jewelry!

“Hubby, didn’t I just say that I don’t like such things?” When she’d said that she liked these things, his intelligence should have told him that she was saying that to spite Lin Qingya!

“If you don’t like them, you can just put them away. They will come into use at some point when we attend banquets or important functions,” Bao Junyan said.

Mu Huan: “”

Then why would he want to donate the ones they had?! Donating them and buying new ones, was he a little stupid?

Suddenly, she realized something.

“Hubby, are you jealous?” He didn’t like seeing the things that Gu Chenyi had given her and wanted to donate them.

“What do you mean, jealous?” Bao Junyan looked up, as though he had no idea what jealousy was.

“You’re not? That’s good, then. I just feel that it’s a waste to donate them. I’ll go and take a look now and see if there’s anything I like. We can keep it for future use” Mu Huan said as she made a move to get out of bed.

But she was forcefully pulled back.

“From now on, whatever you want, whatever you like, they can only come from me!”

“And you say you’re not jealous? Look at you”

The next day, near the Mu family residence

“Mother Chen, thanks for the trouble,” Mu Huan said as she pressed an envelope of cash into the hands of Mother Chen, who was the Mu family’s domestic helper.

When Mu Kexin saw her, she had made a quick getaway rather than act arrogant. This unsettled her. Mu Kexin must have done something and was afraid to see her. But she hadn’t had much contact with the girl lately and she had no idea what she could be up to.

But no matter, it was better to be cautious!

Hence, she had bought a favor from the family’s helper, Mother Chen, asking her to keep an eye on her grandmother and Mu Kexin. She wanted to know if they were scheming something behind her back.

“Miss, you are too polite. If it weren’t for Miss, my son would have met his end!” Mother Chen wanted to politely return the money.

“Mother Chen, you’re the one who’s overly polite. Take the money, your family needs it.” Mu Huan pressed the envelope into the woman’s hands again.

“I won’t be polite with Miss, then! Miss, don’t you worry, I will find out what Matriarch Mu and Second Miss want to do to you!” Mother Chen promised.

Mother Chen had worked as a helper for the Mu family for more than ten years. Initially, she was most loyal to Matriarch Mu, but when a mishap happened to her son, Matriarch Mu had caused her heart to turn cold. It was Miss who had put aside past grievances to help her. So, she really owed it to Miss to do whatever Miss wanted her to.

But even when Miss was asking for a favor, she would still give her this much money!

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