The Demonic King Chases His Wife The Rebellious Good For Nothing Miss Chapter 1662

Chapter 1662 Win huge prizes (5)

Number 15 is Emperor-ranked Blood Clotting Pill Beichen Ying bit his lower lips tightly, a strong craving to draw for prizes springing up unbidden, Next time is me! I also want to draw prizes!

Several times before, he always got thank you for your patronage. It already made his heart throb with pain, wishing he could chop off his hand. But now, seeing Luo Haoming so easily draw the Emperor-ranked Blood Clotting Pill, Beichen Ying could no longer sit still.

Emperor-ranked Blood Clotting Pill, haha, not bad, not bad! Luo Haoming was somewhat disoriented from being smashed by happiness. Originally, he was only hoping for a Grandmaster rank Medicinal Pill, but now, all of a sudden, it jumped to Emperor rank. This pleasant surprise came too fast, taking him quite a while before he could react.

Emperor-ranked Blood Clotting Pill was equivalent to a life. How could Luo Haoming not be happy? This kind of result far exceeded his expectations.

Watching Luo Haoming very carefully put away the Emperor-ranked Blood Clotting pill, Li Aochens eyes narrowed dangerously. However, his eyes were hanging down, burying all the mood in his eyes.

Su Luo caught that cold light flashing through Li Aochens eyes. She couldnt help but secretly break out in a cold sweat on Luo Haomings behalf. But she didnt have any friendship with Luo Haoming, so she didnt warn him. Besides, Luo Haoming wasnt a white rabbit, he was also a two-faced person. It was more accurate to say that he wouldnt let himself eat a loss.

After Luo Haoming left the prize-drawing machine, Beichen Ying rushed up happily, My turn, my turn! No one is allowed to snatch it from me!

Zi Yan patted his head in annoyance: You think Luo Haoming can draw a treasure, and you can also draw one too? Stop losing face, best you come down. Change to let me go, my luck is better than yours.

Hearing this, Beichen Ying immediately was not happy: Who said ? Being worse than you is nothing. Do you think Im not even good as Luo Haoming?

Your luck really isnt as good as his! Zi Yan said, as if making a solemn vow.

Then I insist on doing it to prove to you! Tell me, on that shelf, what stuff do you like! Whatever you like, this older brother will draw it for you! Beichen Ying rolled up his sleeves as if he was about go all out heroically.

Number 9, purple wings. If you can draw this number, Ill even marry you! Zi Yans eyes bent in a smile as she provokingly blinked at him.

Okay! This number nine, little grandpa is determined to get it! This will prove how amazing this grandpa is for you little girl to see. Beichen Ying seriously pressed down the start button.

Su Luo looked at the two arguing like fowls flying and dogs jumping, and she couldnt help think it was laughable. Were they paying attention to the details of the agreement? Were they paying attention? If Beichen Ying really drew number 9, then this matter would be really interesting.

You draw ah, you draw ah. I want to see if you can really draw number 9 or not! If you really can draw it, I, I will marry you. Ill also bring water and pour you tea to be your servant and slave for a lifetime! Zi Yan felt, how could he draw number 9 just because he said he would draw number 9? Based on Beichen Yings bad luck, he should be honored to even draw number 99, let alone to say 9? Dreaming was faster than that.

Okay! Today, this little grandpa insists on getting number 9! Beichen Yings anger rushed to his head, unusually excited. One only hard a bang sound, and the rolling numbers started to slow down uniformly.

One row after another rolled by.

In the end, it stopped spinning in front of a number.

Su Luo looked at that number, then looked at Beichen Ying, afterwards, her gaze landed on Zi Yans face.

Momentarily, everyone present was quiet, not a single sound could be heard.

So quiet as if the sound of a leaf landing on the ground could be heard clearly.
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