The Demonic King Chases His Wife The Rebellious Good For Nothing Miss Chapter 1663

Chapter 1663 After getting what you wished for (1)

Number 9!

Dont know who loudly cried this out in surprise.

Soon after, everyones gaze were like searchlights as they concentrated on Zi Yans face.

Zi Yans entire person seemed to have been struck by lightning as she stood foolishly in place, motionless. She stood there dim-wittedly and didnt return to her senses for a long time.

Su Luo was also shocked stupid by this result. She only returned to her senses after hearing that loud cry. Afterwards, she looked foolishly at Zi Yan, paying attention to Zi Yans pale face that gradually turned red. In the end, it turned red as a cherry.

Su Luo suddenly laughed, and loudly said: Hey, it actually is number 9. Could it be you guys really are a match made in heaven, good karma from the world, the perfect pair? You guys see, even gods hint is so clear oh.

Su Luo, you quickly shut up! Zi Yan panted with rage while stomping her feet. She awkwardly turned her face away.

Right now, she couldnt help but blush, even her neck was thoroughly red.

Zi Yan wished she could smash her head with her fist. Just now, when speaking, why did she go mad, leaping up and down. She even said that as long as Beichen Ying drew number 9, she would marry him and become his servant or slave, these kind of stupid words! Now, he really drew it, what ought she do?!!!

Beichen Ying, who drew number 9, was also scared foolish by this. He dumbfoundedly looked at the number on the screen, then speechlessly looked at the people howling with laughter around him. Afterwards, he grabbed his hair in embarrassment: This, this, how could it be like this

Was his luck really that good? He actually encountered this matter with such low probability? The more Beichen Ying thought about it, the more he felt as if the Heavens were toying with him.

Su Luo unhappily slanted him a glance: How could it be like this? Isnt it good like this?

Whats so good about it? Beichen Ying unhappily rolled his eyes at Su Luo. His gaze landed on Zi Yans body, but now Zi Yan had her back to him, but her ears were thoroughly red. Her back was slightly stiff. Now, Beichen Ying also felt somewhat awkward, not knowing what to do with his hands and feet.

These Purple Wings are more suitable for females oh. Su Luo gathered up, in a low voice, kindly reminding him.

Beichen Ying rubbed the back of his head. He naturally knew it was for females and he couldnt use it himself. But Zi Yan being so embarrassed, would she accept it if he gave it to her?

Beichen thought a bit and summoned up the courage to give it to Zi Yan.

Zi Yan very much didnt want to accept it, but Su Luo was at the side supporting this, Having the Purple Wings, your speed will soar by a fold. Moreover, you can soar in mid-air. In the Secret Roaming Dragon Territory, its equivalent to getting a life. Why bother to make it difficult for your lifeline because of embarrassment?

Have to say, Su Luos words really persuaded Zi Yans heart. Zi Yan grabbed the Purple Wings in Beichen Yings hand. After giving a drop of blood to let it recognize her as master, she draped it on her back.

The Purple Wingss entire body was made from light purple feathers. Draped on Zi Yans body, it gave off a beautiful secluded feeling like a hidden orchid. Zi Yan was extremely satisfied with these Purple Wings. But she couldnt put down her face, as she arrogantly raised her chin. Her face was stiff as she coldly said: Dont think I took advantage of you. This time, consider it as me owing you a favor. Wait until I draw something good, Ill give it to you.

Beichen Yings neck was very stiff: Dont need you to give me anything.

I must give it! Zi Yan snorted twice, soon after, she pushed Beichen Ying away, Move aside, this time Ill draw!

But Zi Yan forgot in her rush to win against Beichen Ying, that the opposite side still had Li Aochen.

Miss Zi Yan, didnt we agree on one side once? Li Aochen took a step forward. A mocking sneer hung at the corner of his mouth.
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