The Demonic King Chases His Wife The Rebellious Good For Nothing Miss Chapter 1664

Chapter 1664 After getting what you wished for (2)

I forgot. Zi Yan knew there was no point in talking to Li Aochen, so she waved her hand, You go, then go. Knowing you can only draw a few times, hurry up and finish all your opportunities to draw! So as to avoid the trouble of having your turn and my turn! She wanted to hurry up and draw something good to pay back her debt to Beichen Ying. Being in debt like this caused her heart to feel extremely awkward. She couldnt even lift her head up in front of him.

As soon as Zi Yan said this, Li Aochens face turned sour, and he sneered at Zi Yan: My luck is better than yours!

Really? Then draw a treasure to let us be envious ah. Zi Yan was very depressed in her heart right now, with a Li Aochen delivering himself to her door, then dont blame her for bullying him.

Li Aochen had an expression of being too lazy to waste words with her, the corner of his mouth hooked into a cold sneer, and started to draw soon after.

Dont know if it was because of Zi Yans curse, or because his own luck was bad, he drew thank you for your patronage again.

Zi Yan immediately smiled: Just this kind of bad luck, still hope to draw something?

Li Aochen was already annoyed, after hearing her words, he glared at her ferociously.

The corner of Zi Yans eyes hooked up, and she spread out her hands to say: What? You cant draw good stuff, still afraid of people talking about it too?

Shut up! Amidst his fury, Li Aochen once again took out some white stones. Just now, Zi Yan said to let him finished drawing all at once. Originally, Li Aochen did not plan to do so, but he was so infuriated by Zi Yan, he lifted the bag and with clicking sounds, poured all the white stones inside the machine.

Tsk. Hearing the crisp clinking sounds, Zi Yan immediately smiled: I was wondering how many white stones you had, turns out it can only draw five times. Three whole days ah, and you only got these many white stones. Still a tenth level expert, whatever!

Li Aochens cold eyes glared at Zi Yan, later, he casually scanned Beichen Ying: Control your woman.

Beichen Ying was attacked for no reason, but when it came to Li Aochen and Zi Yan, of course, Li Aochen was the outsider. Therefore, Beichen Ying snorted coldly and put on a young masters pose: Whats wrong with my woman, to let you criticize? Who do you think you are?

Li Aochen was simply infuriated to death at these two. This time, he finally realized, that he was alienated from other people, and the opponents were a big group, whether it be a quarrel or a fight, he would always be at a disadvantage. Once he realized this, Li Aochen shut up, because if he continued fighting and the eloquent Su Luo was to enter, he was simply asking for insult. He even saw that Su Luo was eager to try and enter the fight.

Li Aochen shut up and single-heartedly started to draw.

It had to be said, today, Li Aochens luck was bad to the extreme, so bad that others could not bear to see it, even Zi Yan started feeling sympathetic to him.

First time Thank you for your patronage.

Second time Thank you for your patronage.

Third time Thank you for your patronage.

Fourth time Thank you for your patronage.

Fifth time still drawing.

Li Aochen only had five times to draw, but the first four times were all thank you for your patronage, his belly was filled up with anger from drawing.

At this time, his face was ghastly pale with crimson eyes. He was glaring ferociously at the prize screen, wishing he could hit a hole through the screen.

It was uncertain what the people around him were thinking, but they all feigned calm. They did not make a sound, even Zi Yan quieted down, showing deep sympathy for Li Aochens situation.
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