The Demonic King Chases His Wife The Rebellious Good For Nothing Miss Chapter 1710

Chapter 1710- Broad and open road (2)

To open a road on the snow mountain? Are you guys joking? Li Aochen hadnt seen this mystical road, so he completely didnt take Su Luos words seriously.

We are very seriously talking with you. Su Luo looked at him seriously.

Okay, then I will also seriously answer you! What fishy kind of road you guys made, I, Li Aochen, simply dont have any interest in it at all! You guys walk your sunshiny road, Ill go by my own difficult path. Everybody mind their own business! Li Aochen said this arrogantly and full of cold righteousness.

This is what you said oh, a man of character must keep his promise! The corner of Su Luos mouth hooked up into a ghost of a smile, Ill just wait and see how you will hit your own face.

You absolutely wont see that scene. Li Aochen simply didnt believe Su Luos group could open a new road. Even if they opened a road, then what kind of road would it be? Could it automatically hold off the magical beasts in the snow mountain? What a joke!

Okay, everybody wait and see. Beichen Ying laughed very joyously.

Hope you wont regret it. Zi Yan, in a Schadenfreude manner, walked by his side.

The group of people returned to the original road, then unhurriedly moved forward.

Humph! Deceiving people! Li Aochen gave a cold snort. Soon after, he sensed the spirit fluctuations in the north-east direction was rather smooth. As a result, he approached the north-east direction. But what put him in a bad mood, was that the north-east was in the same direction as Su Luos group.

As he got closer and closer, Li Aochen finally saw that road everyone was talking about.

That was a light orange-colored road, wide enough for two person to walk side by side. So long that it almost had no end.

Alfter walking close to this road, he had the urge to step on it. Because a mysterious feeling told him, as long as he stepped on this road, he would be safe.

But seeing those four figures talking and laughing not far away, in the end, Li Aochen still stopped his footsteps!

If he didnt guess wrong, this road ought to be the one Su Luo said Nangong Liuyun had personally created. Just now, he had made a solemn vow not to step on it. Now stepping on it, wasnt it him hitting his own face? He wasnt that stupid.

As a result, when Li Aochen was about a hundred meters from this large road, he walked parallel to Su Luos group, each walking their own path.

Luo Luo, you say, will Li Aochen run over to step on our road? If this continues, we wont see him hitting his own face oh. Zi Yan felt somewhat regretful.

Walking outside, he ought to be attacked by the magical beasts on the snow mountain right? Su Luo didnt answer, but Beichen Ying snatched to reply.

Dont know if it was because Zi Yans telepathy was too strong, or whether it was Beichen Yings pair of crows beak. In short, the split second Beichen Ying had just finished speaking this, suddenly

A forceful and formidable howl came from not far away!

A magical beast at the summit of ninth rank. Nangong Liuyun pulled Su Luo to a stop, his eyes had a demonically enchanting smile, Li Aochen is at the beginning of the tenth rank, now he has something to keep him busy.

A magical beast at the summit of ninth rank? Su Luo smilingly looked at Li Aochen outside with a grave expression, A magical beasts force is basically one level above a humans. Thats to say, the magical beast coming just so happens to be able to fight to a draw with Li Aochen. En, indeed it is interesting. Looks like our journey will be temporarily delayed.

As a result, a group of heartless people stood in place, waiting for the great battle that was about to occur.
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