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  • The Destruction And Creation System

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The Destruction And Creation System summary:

nick was an ordinary guy , no seriously he was almost boring how normal he was.So one day nick was walking to the store to get him a soda when some drunk driver happened to look away from the wheel and crashed into poor nick,but we all know how this song and dance goes and he gets reincarnated into a fantasy world with cultivation and gods and monsters but the problem is nick only ever wante...

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The Destruction And Creation System Chapters

Time uploaded
73 Sword4 days ago
72 Weapon4 days ago
70 The Ambush2 weeks ago
69 Payback3 weeks ago
67 Set Off3 weeks ago
66 Discussion3 weeks ago
59 Test Enda month ago
58 Paybacka month ago
57 The Marka month ago
56 Unusual Evena month ago
55 Grindinga month ago
54 Releasea month ago
52 Che Lelaa month ago
50 Devour Lawa month ago
49 Teaming Upa month ago
48 Sun Wulonga month ago
47 Apea month ago
47 Placeholdera month ago
46 Final Tesa month ago
44 Challengea month ago
43 Examsa month ago
42 Preparinga month ago
41 Modus3a month ago
40 Modus2a month ago
39 Modus1a month ago
38 Marry Mea month ago
37 Banditsa month ago
32 Cultivator 2a month ago
31 Cultivator 1a month ago
30 The Meetinga month ago
29 The Meetinga month ago
27 Updatea month ago
24 Recoverya month ago
23 Aftermath 2a month ago
16 Stucka month ago
15 Gray Key 2a month ago
14 Gray Keya month ago
13 Auction 2a month ago
12 Auction 2a month ago
11 Auctiona month ago
10 Odd Energya month ago
9 Sabrinaa month ago
7 Getting Readya month ago
6 Shopa month ago
5 Conspiracy 2a month ago
4 Conspiracya month ago
3 Problem 2a month ago
2 Problema month ago
1 Why Me?a month ago
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