The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor Your Wife Has Fled Again Book 2 Chapter 317

Volume 2 Chapter 317 Arrogant Proud And Rude Iv

However, Tang Yin still insisted that she was better than Qin Chen. Also, she had put her own ability on the same level as the state preceptor.

Liu Yuchen looked hesitant at first, but now his eyes were firm. "Tell the princess that, I, Liu Yuchen, will never give up."

Feng Ruqing could accept and be with not only Qin Chen, but also a woman too. Perhaps he really had another chance to be with her.

Liu Yuchen turned around after he spoke.

He should make himself a better man because he could only attract her attention by doing so.

Tang Yin was shocked. How could that little lad still not give up after she had threatened him with many things?

'How can there be such a shameless person? It is obvious that Xiao Qing does not like him, how can he still linger around!'

"Why hasn't Qian Ning return yet? No, I will teach him some lessons even if Qian Ning is not around. I want him to give no more attention and have fantasy toward the girl who doesn't belong to him!" Tang Yin gritted her teeth resentfully.

Suddenly, she saw a young man standing in front of the manor on her way back to the princess's manor.

He was holding the hand of a fair and delicate loli.

The loli had a small scar on her face. Just like a baby doll, she had that petite figure that was cute and sweet.

"It's you!" Tang Yin's eyes popped wide open.

Wasn't... wasn't he the young man who had followed the uncle and chased after her that day?

Could it be that he was here to kill her?

"Brother," Nalan Dai'er tugged Nalan Jing's sleeves. Her cute and big eyes blinked as she said, "She's that little beauty who has crashed and broken our General Manor's door that day."

General General Manor?

Tang Yin's face froze.

She and Qian Ning had accidentally crashed into the door when they were busy chasing the thief the other day. They were in a rush, so they did not notice the plaque on the door but only the door number.

The person who had chased after her that day was Xiao Qing's uncle?

Nalan Jing looked at Tang Yin coldly. "You live in the princess's manor?"

Tang Yin grinned. "We don't live in the same house if we are not family. My cousin, I didn't know that I had broken our family's door, I'll pay for it. How much is it? I will return it back to you."

Nalan Jing had nothing in reply.

'Who is her cousin?

'Why is she speaking as if the people from General Manor are stingy? Did we come for her money?

'And who the hell is a family member to this crazy woman?'

Nalan Jing's face seemed pinched as he asked, "What's your relationship with Qing'er?"

"I belong to Xiao Qing. Xiao Qing said it herself when we were in the Forest of Spirit Beasts."

Tang Yin lifted her chin proudly.

Nalan Jing remained in silence for quite a while before he continued, "Don't you soil my cousin's reputation."

Tang Yin became anxious. "Cousin, you have no right to take away my freedom in the princess's manor! You have no right to separate Xiao Qing and me! At least, Xiao Qing recognized me herself, not like that shameless Liu Yuchen, who is still annoying Xiao Qing. Moreover, he mentioned that he will never give up."

It was annoying, but still, Nalan Jing had to keep smiling.

He looked calm but he could feel the anger as if there were flames burning all around him.

"Did he really say that?"

'That damned Liu Yuchen! He was the one who had disappointed Cousin at first, how could he be so bold to pester her again?

'If Cousin had really wanted to marry someone, it was better to marry any other woman than to marry Liu Yuchen again!'

Tang Yin looked around, and suddenly, the corners of her lips lifted as she showed her cute tiger teeth. It was spooky.

"Cousin, I want to teach Liu Yuchen a lesson. Do you want to tag along?"


Nalan Jing agreed without any hesitation.

He would never let Liu Yuchen seduce his cousin again!

Tang Yin squealed excitedly. She rushed in front of Nalan Jing and grabbed him by his arm.

Nalan Jing was stunned so he turned his head away awkwardly. However, he still did not pull away from Tang Yin.

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