The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor Your Wife Has Fled Again Book 2 Chapter 319

Volume 2 Chapter 319 Spirit Beasts Besieged Long Ao Kingdom I

"Cousin, I'll leave first. I have something to do."

She was feeling so angry as if there was a fire burning inside her stomach, but she could not get to Nan Xian and fight with him. All she could do was to vent her anger on the high officials.

Nalan Jing stared dumbfoundedly at Tang Yin as she left in a hurry. He could not understand why she was angry


In Long Ao Kingdom.

There were singing and dance shows all around. Emperor Shen Wu was surrounded by beauties. He looked on with a l.u.s.tful smile.

He raised and pulled one of the beauties into his arms, and violently kissed her cheek.

The girl lowered her head shyly. She blushed as she looked at Shen Wu in a shy and timid way.

As Shen Wu looked at her expression, he tore her clothes into pieces and pressed himself against her body fiercely.

Such a scene was typical to the people in Long Ao Kingdom. It was not something surprising to see.


A rushing figure came inside the hall. "Your Majesty, Your Majesty, something bad is happening!"

Just as Shen Wu pressed his body against the girl, a voice suddenly spoke. Just like a basin of cold water, the voice put off the flame in his heart.

He turned around and looked at the guard reluctantly. He was fierce. "What's the matter?"

"Your Your Majesty, all the envoy that we sent to Liu Yun Kingdom were killed. Prince Shen Yue is imprisoned as well."


Shen Wu swung his arm.

The girl rolled from his body and fell off from his strength. She fell on the ground and knocked her head on the table nearby which caused blood to ooze out.

She did not make any sound but tried to get up from the ground. She stayed away in fearthe shyness in her eyes had been replaced with horror.

Shen Wu had not looked at her since then. He quickly came down from the bed and asked furiously, "What did you say just now? Liu Yun Kingdom has imprisoned Yue'er? How dare they do this?"

Going to Liu Yun Kingdom was a journey of revenge for what had happened before. So, he had sent three Spirit Warriors for the journey.

It should be a victory with three Spirit Warriors.

How could Liu Yun Kingdom that did not have Nalan Yan anymore dare to do such a crappy thing!

"Send me someone and help me announce this to the world: If Liu Yun Kingdom doesn't let go of Prince Shen Yue and send Feng Ruqing here as a hostage, I will destroy Liu Yun Kingdom!"

Feng Ruqinga useless, fat, and ugly woman, but she was the daughter of Feng Tianyu and Nalan Yan.

Back in those years, Nalan Yan had gone on a killing spree in Long Ao Kingdom just because she wanted to protect some vermin. She had even forced his eldest son to death, which was a memory that had made him suffer an unbearable humiliation.

A daughter pays for what her mother did! Or else, he would not let Liu Yun Kingdom be in peace!

"Your Majesty, Your Majesty, something bad is happening!"

Another voice rushed inside as he had just finished his words.

The guard rushed in, went on his four limbs, and crawled into the palace. He staggered to his feet as his voice trembled. "The spirit beasts are coming! The spirit beasts are coming!"

"Spirit beasts are coming?" Shen Wu frowned and humped, coldly. "They come at just the right time. We of Liu Yun Kingdom need some new spirit beasts at the moment. If they dare to come, they will have no luck returning!"

Spirit beasts besieged the kingdom. Such an incident was not the first time in Liu Yun Kingdom. It was all a small battle, nothing special.

"But but the spirit beast that is leading the troop is a Tier-5 spirit beast, Your Majesty!"The guard almost cried.

That was a Tier-5 spirit beast! The whole Liu Yun Kingdom did not have the power to fight that spirit beast. How could the emperor wish to capture and tame the Tier-5 spirit beast?

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