The Empress's Gigolo Chapter 420

"Dead Toad? That sect from Longshou City, right?" Ren Baqian had heard of the Death Toad Sect when he was in Longshou City. Immediately, he remembered upon hearing the name.

He didn't know why the both of them were following him.

"That's right. These two people are the chief and the deputy chief of the Death Toad Sect. Sir, what you said just now were lies, right?" someone asked in a trembling voice.

If it were during normal times, the people from the Nine Blades Sect would definitely want to find out why these two people were tailing them. Now, however, they were more concerned about what Ren Baqian had just said.

What Ren Baqian said just now was far too important to them.

If Dayao really wanted to mobilize their soldiers and fight in the Tianjing Basin, this cage would most likely be flooded with blood.

Apart from the few experts who could surmount the surrounding mountains and cliffs to escape, the others weren't able to do so.

At present, they could only hope that Ren Baqian was lying to them just now. After hearing what he said, they completely ignored the fact that Ren Baqain wanted their lives.

"Deceiving all of you? Is it necessary for me to do so?" Ren Baqian sneered. At the moment, the Tianjing Basin was regarded by Dayao as something similar to psoriasis. If there was ever a day when the empress no longer cared about the original agreement, he reckoned that the entire imperial court would raise their hands in agreement to massacre all of these surviving remnant citizens of the Hao Nation.

Dayao had never learned how to conciliate and appease other nations before. Also, Dayao was a country that never paid attention to law and righteousness.

To Dayao, killing was a way to simplify matters.

After hearing what Ren Baqian said, the few people from Nine Blades Sect were at a loss for words. Their faces turned ghastly pale.

"In that case, the reason you came" Just now, Ren Baqian had already mentioned that he came over for this matter.

Moreover, with a Spirit Wheel expert beside him, he had increased the persuasiveness of his words.

"I came here specifically for this matter, and it can be considered as giving all of you another chance to live," Ren Baqian said expressionlessly. If he didn't make this trip here, the lives of these remnant citizens of the Hao Nation would subsequently depend on the empress's mood.

However, in his eyes, these remnant citizens of the Hao Nation were still rather useful.

After all, the aboriginals were too boorish and brainless.

It wasn't sufficient for a nation to only know how to fight wars.

If they wanted to recruit some other people, these remnant citizens of the Hao Nation would be a better option.

All in all, even if they defeated the Yun Nation in future, the rebellion of the Yun Nation's people would definitely be even more intense.

In contrast, these remnant citizens of the Hao Nation had been under Dayao's control for so many years that the rules and regime of the aboriginals had penetrated deep into their bones. This could be seen by the fact that after all these years, the remnant citizens of the Hao Nation only dared to play some small tricks, but didn't start an uprising.

As a result, they were a better option compared to the people of the Yun Nation.

Originally, the life and death of these people didn't matter to him, but after seeing the reactions of these people when they heard what he said, he actually changed his mind. Under these circumstances, he would reveal his identity and keep the obedient ones as his lackeys. This way, his trip this time around would be less troublesome.

At the very least, he wouldn't be watched and sounded out by others, unlike what had happened in Longshou City.

If they performed well, he would keep them by his side. In any case, he definitely had to utilize some of the natives.

"As it turns out, Sir is here for this matter. We were impudent previously and hope that Sir will not take offense."

Ren Baqian gently nodded his head as these words were pleasant to hear.

"On account of the fact that you all are on the right track" Ren Baqian only spoke halfway, but everyone understood what was he trying to convey.

"Indeed, we acted too rashly. Actually, we are just like a family."

Ren Baqian was clueless.

Who wants to be in a family with all of you? Are all of you shameless? Only the empress and I can be considered a family.

"Sir, even if we wanted to start a rebellion, we don't have sufficient weapons. Tianjing Basin has mostly bone knives. Back in the day when we first arrived here, the blades and spears were all melted to forge kitchen knives. Nowadays, most people use bone knives. Even though our bone knives can be polished until they are sharp, the aboriginals are extremely strong and are equipped with steel sabers. If both parties clash with each other for a few rounds, the bone knives will break. Thus, even if we had the desire to start a rebellion, we don't have the capability pull one off. Are you willing to assist us this time around?"

Ren Baqian was confused.

Did this bunch of people misunderstand everything?

Asking me for weapons to start a rebellion?

"I wonder which family from the Yun Nation you are from? Perhaps, you were sent by the Yun Nation's imperial court?"

Ren Baqian remained silent.

"A month earlier, someone from Great Xia came. He's currently in the basin. At that time, he said that it was inevitable for the Yun Nation to lend a helping hand. At last, Sir has arrived, yet we actually caused a misunderstanding like this. If Sir is willing to assist us, the probability of our success will increase. There are only three Spirit Wheel experts in the Protectorate of the South. With the Spirit Wheel expert from Great Xia plus this companion of yours, it would be sufficient to pin down or even defeat our enemy. At present, we are only lacking in weapons."

Ren Baqian was utterly speechless.

He finally returned to his senses. These fellows actually thought that he had been sent by the Yun Nation to help them start a rebellion?

Ren Baqian took some time to recall what he had said. Indeed, he did say he was from the Yun Nation. After all, he and Lin Qiaole didn't look like the aboriginals. Plus, before his appearance, the aboriginals had never accepted a foreigner before. As a result, these Hao Nation descendants didn't doubt the two of them.

On top of that, Lin Qiaole was a Spirit Wheel expert and he actually said that he was here to assist them. It was no wonder that such a misunderstanding arose.

However, this misunderstanding created a good opportunity for them.

According to what that person said, someone from Great Xia was already here? Moreover, this someone was a Spirit Wheel expert? It seemed like Great Xia was still not ready to give up.

From what that person said, they probably had a big plot brewing.

Needless to say, as long as Ren Baqian played along with the other party's words this time, they might even make their way into the enemy's army. At the very least, he knew that they were preparing something big. When the time came, he would just have to notify Xi Wanya and wipe them out in one fell swoop.

He would destroy this bunch of conspirators before dealing with the rest of the remnant citizens of the Hao Nation.

Ren Baqian racked his brains and immediately thought of an idea.

"None of you are qualified to know my identity. All you have to know is that I'm here to help you," Ren Baqian said indifferently while adopting a posture that was full of arrogance.

In fact, after seeing his posture, this group of people was even more convinced because the person who came from Great Xia also had the same attitude.

Regardless of whether it was someone from Great Xia or the Yun Nation, helping the remnant citizens of the Hao Nation was equivalent to looking after a stray dog. It was normal for them to be arrogant.

"Where is that Great Xia person now?" Ren Baqian asked.

"Previously, he went to the Golden Ring Residence. As for his current location, we are unsure of that." Although the Nine Blades Sect was quite influential in the vicinity of Longshou City, they were just a small sect when considering the entire Tianjing Basin. Naturally, they wouldn't know much.

"Consider yourselves lucky. If it wasn't for the fact that all of you are somewhat useful, you guys could continue to daydream about leaving here."

Everyone was soaked from their cold sweat. It was indeed fortunate for them to survive. As such, they definitely had to go back and light a joss stick for the founder of their sect.

"Leave two people as guides to show the way. The rest of you can get lost now," Ren Baqian muttered.

"Sir, I'll stay behind." The person who spoke was that quick-witted man from before. Previously, before anyone else could respond, he was the first to speak. At present, he was also the first person to talk.

This man also had his own thoughts. Previously, he wanted to save his own life, but now, he wanted to grab ahold of Ren Baqian. As long as he hugged the thighs of the person who was in front of him at the moment, even if the rebellion against the aboriginals failed, he could probably leave safely with Ren Baqian.

Furthermore, while the war was ongoing, he would not be treated as cannon fodder and sent to the front of a battle formation to get killed.

"Sir, I'll stay behind to guide the way as well. If there is any trouble, I can also help Sir to solve it." The other person who spoke out was the Earth Wheel expert who had not yet taken any action.

He also had similar thoughts. Even though his status as an Earth Wheel expert was rather high, it all depended on which sect an Earth Wheel expert came from.

"The two of you can stay behind. Everyone else, get lost and bring the two people on the ground with you." Ren Baqian waved his hand. Currently, he was too lazy to find out why these other two people had followed them.

He had something even more important to do.

Everyone glanced at each other, cupped their fist with their other hand, and left with their heads lowered.

Only an elderly Earth Wheel expert and a Man Wheel expert from the Nine Blades Sect stayed behind sincerely.

Ren Baqian stretched his body and said to the two people in front of him, "I'm unsure of the situation over here. This time, I only came over after receiving an order. Tell me everything that you know."

He never expected that he would encounter such a situation just as he entered Tianjing Basin. He was really lucky.

This group of Hao Nation descendants actually treated him and Lin Qiaole as people from the Yun Nation and invited them back. It was also a "lucky day" for them.

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