The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Book 4 Chapter 2624

Volume 4 Chapter 2624 The Return Of The Lord 3

All these laser beams, unlike the normal physical bullets, traveled at the speed of light. As soon as it was launched at a nearby target, it was already considered a hit.It was the fastest kind of weapon in the world, so the commanding officer reckoned the Lord must be dead.

There was a nasty grin on Meng Hui's face once he put down his weapons. However, his satisfaction did not last too long as a gun was already pointed at him from the back. "What are you smiling at?" Gu Xijiu asked nonchalantly.

Meng Hui was at a loss for words.Anxiously, he tried to turn away, but his body was trembling uncontrollably.In the blink of an eye, he could feel something cold against his wrists. A sharp pain made him realize that he could no longer feel his hands. In fact, theywere now on the floor.

The guns that he had used to fire at Gu Xijiu were now in her possession, whileblood continued to ooze out from both of his wounds. The pain was not describable. Intuitively, the commanding officer wanted to stop the wounds from bleeding, but he soon realized that he no longer had his hands to help him with anything.

"Help me!" He called out to the admiral in a desperate attempt. Meanwhile, the second officer was already shocked to the core. He wanted to help but could not step forward for fear that his life would come to an abrupt end.

Gu Xijiu pointed both of her guns at Meng Hui and his second officer. "Both of you! Make your way to the cabin door."

"What are you trying to do?" The admiral demanded in anger. He was clearly annoyed with Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu responded contemptuously, "You will soon find out. Boys, come with me."

The admiral knew that something was not right. The Lord did not seem like someone who would show mercy to her enemies. He was sure that she would kill them.

In fact, he was right. Gu Xijiu pushed the two men out of the vessel and made them beg their men to save them. His men were not stupid. Upon seeing how beaten their leaders were, they did not even try to step forward.

Sternly, Gu Xijiu watched as the crowd contemplated their next move. Meng Hui was infuriated by the men's lack of loyalty. In good times, these men were the ones who often showered him with undivided attention. Now that he was in great danger, none of them stepped forward to help.

He could not help but curse at the cowards. Unfortunately, he never had the chance to finish his sentence as a laser beam had punched a hole through his head. His second officer did not escape death either. He was killed before he could even retreat.

"There is an intruder who has just killed our commanding officer! We must avenge him!" The men refused to save the officer's life but were brave enough to fire laser beams at the intruder after the death of their leader.

Gu Xijiu kicked the second officer's body to shield her from the impending laser beams before teleporting to safety. In the next second, she found herself mid-air, above the people shooting at her, and started shooting at them with both her guns.

It was a brutal slaughter. Her shooting was accurate and precise. Every shot took at least one life.She was too fast and ruthless that none of the soldiers could escape. They tried to shoot at her, but none of them managed to hit her.

There were about three hundred soldiers in the square, but none of them survived the massacre. Their bodies could be seen lying around in pools of blood.

"My Lord!"

"Oh, it is the Lord!"

"The Lord has returned!"

"My Lord!"

Some could be heard sobbing in excitement as they called out for the Lord.

"My Lord, you are finally here! Our Starry Crescent Land is safe!"

Hope had finally returned as the people watched the massacre from far behind. Never had they expected that Gu Xijiu would show up at the very last moment. Their hearts were filled with immense joy and delight. Tears of joy and relief started rolling down their eyes involuntarily.

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