The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Book 4 Chapter 2628

Volume 4 Chapter 2628 This Was Going To Be A Deadly Fight

After all, Gu Xijiu had only learned how to maneuver the warship. She did not really understand its other functions. For instance, she knew how to shoot, but did not know how to utilize the defensive protection of the warplane.

There were more than a hundred buttons on the console, so it was impossible for her to learn everything in such a short period.Thus, her ship also caught fire! And, it was not a small fire like the one she inflicted on her opponent.

"Gu Xijiu, if you don't surrender, I will launch the Br atomic light at your ship!You will not even have the time to regret your decision! I will count to three" The sound emerged from a speaker inside Gu Xijiu's ship that blared the voice of Guan Yaning.

Gu Xijiu's response was to raise her hand and destroy the device. As it was too late for her to learn the controls now, she drove her own ship right into the lead warplane like a meteor! This was going to be a deadly fight!

Guan Yaning had never seen such a talented person that was not afraid of death! Although his warship was much bigger than the one that Gu Xiijiu piloted, if it was hit by the momentum of a meteor, it could also crash and fall. And even if it did not fall, the ship would surely be damaged.

If Guan Yaning's ship was to get damaged on this planet, it could not be repaired as they did not have the specific equipment needed.Therefore, Guan Yaning had always been very good at protecting his own sh.i.p.s. His character was likened to a junior president who just bought his first luxury car. Even a few tiny little scratches would surely cause him to feel distressed!

He was nervous and started to shoot at the incoming warplane.However, since he still wanted to catch her alive. He was aiming for the control panel of her ship because if he could somehow deactivate it, there would be another set of controls that would be activated on his ship that would allow him to control the plane.

If it were not the last resort, he would prefer not to destroy the incoming ship. After all, in this world, every ship was a powerful weapon. Firing at Gu Xijiu with the hope of not having to destroy her ship, he watched as the warplane swayed violently but suddenly came to an abrupt stop. He succeeded!

Guan Yaning raised his eyebrows slightly and immediately turned on the remote control system. He took control of the ship opposite his and then reactivated the 5D dialogue device. His figure reappeared on the ship at once, and he scanned the place to look for Gu Xijiu, only to find that she had disappeared.

Guan Yaning was speechless. In a frenzy, he wanted to turn on the various monitors on her ship remotely, but alarms sounded on his own ship! Quickly, the man turned back and noticed that awhite light illuminated behind him, showing Gu Xijiu's image.The woman actually snuck onto his ship!

Guan Yaning's facial expression changed, and he quickly raised his hand and pressed on a button that activated a layer of protection over the console of the ship and covered him and his subordinates on the ship.

Gu Xijiu had cast a spell to make herself invisible, but she did not expect this ship to have such high-end equipment that could reveal her presence. The cover that Guan Yaning had made did not crack at all even after she took two shots at it in quick succession. It must be tough to destroy.

This time, she used her own palms to break the protective layer.The power of the Great Deity was not the same as the weapon that she had used before. Although it might not be able to destroy the world, it actually shook the entire ship and almost plunged it into the sea!

The admiral was obviously dumbstruck. He did not expect human beings to be able to exert such a strong force with their bare hands!

Meanwhile, his people desperately tried to control the ship to stabilize it in the air. Fortunately, his layer of protection was strong enough to keep them safe. Otherwise, her two palms could definitely turn them into meatballs!

This power was more deadly than he ever expected.

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