The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Book 4 Chapter 2653

Volume 4 Chapter 2653 I Never Believed In Destiny

"He did not hesitate to hit you with such a fatal strike that almost took your life. Without the Soul Sustaining Herb that belongs exclusively to the Blue Fox Planet, you would be long dead by now, killed by the hands of the man you love," Duan Muyan marked his words with bitterness and hostility.

The woman's lashes trembled. "I still have friends," she said. The statement was clearly meant to hit back at Duan Muyan.

"Friends?" Duan Muyan teased, "They have yet to find out about your identity. Once they do, do you think that they will still think of you as a friend? Your death will become the only thing that they wish for in their lives. Little Fox, you should not be so nave."

"It is all because of your murderous acts of killing and burning the innocent. You are the one who is responsible. It is all because of you!"

"Waihu, the law of the jungle applies everywhere. The weak will always give ways to the strong. These people were killed because they are vulnerable, and vulnerability is a sin. They are just like the farm animals that are bred to be killed. Their weakness has doomed them for eternity under human's ruthless control. To us, all the people here are relatively uncivilized, like the farm animals."

"Nonsense! It is all but an excuse for your invasion."

"Waihu, the Blue Fox Planet has been stricken by too many disasters, which has made it no longer habitable for our people. The Blue Fox Emperor sent us out to find a better place to stay. We serve only the royalty there. In other words, we serve you too. You should not be too harsh on us."

"I am no royalty!"

"You are."

"In that case, am I entitled to give you orders?"


"Great. Now take your troops and go back to where you came from."

"Waihu, you may give me orders once you return to the Blue Fox Planet and accept your title as a princess."

"Why must I wait until my return?"

"Because the heavenly order shall not be breached."

"I never believed in destiny."

"I do, and I am afraid that you have to as well."

"I know that you can single-handedly take me back to the Blue Fox planet, so what is the point of our conversation? I cannot fight you, even if I am reluctant to go."

"I do not like to take people away by force. I would like you to come with me willingly."

"You are already forcing me."

"In that case, I hope you surrender to it."

"Is that why you sent the imposter to him? To break my heart?"

"She is not entirely an imposter. Her body has been made from the cells of your body. Her body is no different than yours, in fact. The main difference isher soul."

There was a moment of silence before the conversation continued.

"Whose soul is that? Where did she come from?"

"About that, I am afraid that I cannot tell you more. The heavenly secret must not be spilled. Waihu, ignorance is bliss in this case. You once said that what he loved was your soul, not your body. What you saw proves otherwise. He cannot even tell the difference. Your body is all that matters to him, regardless of whose soul is in it."

The woman said nothing more, but sorrow filled her eyes.

Duan Muyan reached out to her and said, "You should stop thinking about him. Let's go."

Should she give up? The woman closed her eyes and remained deep in her thoughts. He was the man that she had truly loved for centuries. How could she let him go just like that?

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