The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Book 4 Chapter 2655

Volume 4 Chapter 2655 The Wolves Are Coming

Gu Xijiupondered about the details of the conversation between the cloned Lan Waihu and her master from the Blue Fox Planet. A sudden realization hit her that she had not detected any sound waves when she sneaked into their base earlier.

Being a Great Deity blessed her with more or less an indestructible body. The sound waves did not bother her at all the last time that she was there. So, why was the fake Lan Waihu concerned about the sound waves? Was it because her body was weaker than normal? Was she a clone? Or was she using Little Fox's original body? Also, who was the person's master? What did he mean when he said there would be a show tomorrow?

Whatever it was, Gu Xijiu looked forward to the day.

In the base of the Blue Fox family, Admiral Guan Yaning was in a state of fury. All the vegetables and food that they had painstakingly collected were gone overnight, leaving nothing behind for his people. Moreover, so many of his sh.i.p.s had been destroyed, which basically magnified his losses over the last few days. Clearly, the man was frustrated.

He could not understand how all this could happen. There was so much food in the storage. Even with the help of his sh.i.p.s, the delivery took more than ten rounds just to send all the food from one point to another. How did everything disappear so mysteriously? Frustrated, he decided to ask Lan Yue about it.

"The Lord has a storage space that can expand infinitely," Lan Yue nonchalantly said.

Guan Yaning was speechless. He started picturing the tender woman in his head. She had such a thin and slender figure that he could easily scoop her away with one arm. To his utter surprise, the small woman was able to move away tons of his food supply at once.

"What a mighty woman," he thought. For the first time in his life, he was in awe of a woman. At the same time, he was also intimated by her. In his mind, she was, perhaps, the only person in the Starry Crescent Land that possessed any formidable level of spiritual power.

The use of spiritual power was against any logical sense or scientific advancement.As a member of the Blue Fox Planet, Guan Yaning was very proud of so many technological breakthroughs that his planet had witnessed. He had been to many planets ever since he started voyaging the galaxy, but he had never respected any of the inhabitants. In his eyes, they were merely uncivilized species.

He could basically wipe out entire civilizations with ease. None of them was able to defend themselves from his power. It was beyond his expectation that he would one day meet such a deadly threat.

Although the members from the Blue Fox Planet had experienced such breakthroughs in technological advancements, they still needed food just like any other living civilization.Their over-looting had severely drained the sources of food in the Starry Crescent Land. Therefore, the masses now lived in dire poverty.

The acc.u.mulated food in their storage did not come easy, and yet there was no guarantee that they would have enough for breakfast the next day. Guan Yaning quickly sent some men to scour for food, while he and his military officers discussed for a long term solution.

While having his discussions, he saw the general, along with the woman named Lan Waihu. Guan Yaning felt rather confused as he did not understand why the general placed so much attention on the woman. Was she a survivor of the royal bloodline? Even if she were, the general would not have any authority to be around her. Had the general fallen for Lan Waihu?

The general had always been an unfriendly and unapproachable man. What changed him this time? Guan Yaning could tell that the general was behaving slightly differently over the past month. His behavior had become more and more unpredictable, and his whereabouts were always concealed. The soldiers did not feel close to the general anymore.

"The moon looks beautiful. Did you enjoy watching it with a beautiful woman by your side?" Guan Yaning went for it.

"What concerns do you have?" Duan Muyan asked icily.

"I have none. I was only asking if you had a great time. General, the Lord has made us suffer a great deal. Not only has she destroyed our sh.i.p.s, but she has also stolen our food. Since you are in the mood to go out and watch the moon, I believe that you must have thought of a way to recover our stolen food. May I hear any suggestions from you, sir?"

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