The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Book 4 Chapter 2661

Volume 4 Chapter 2661 Authentic Or Fake

It was certainly an odd feeling for Lan Waihu as she was hoping to be caught. If that did not happen, at the very least, she hoped that Gu Xijiu would just wander here for a while and then take them back and not create any trouble.

As for Yan Chen, the more he walked around, the paler his face became. He had visited the Blue Fox clan countless times, but it was the first time he saw it in its new glory. Buildings that he had never seen before seemed to have suddenly risen from the ground. Although the architectural styles were similar to the original residents of the Blue Fox clan, the scale and the materials were completely different.

It seemed like the buildings were made from some kind of metal. As he passed by a building, he subconsciously touched it to assess the type of material that they used. He felt the unique coldness of the metal and its smoothness, which was like jade.

The material was foreign to him, so he decided to apply the same amount of strength he would use to crush a diamond. However, he did not even leave a mark on it.Apparently, this metal was much harder and stronger than diamond.

Yan Chen estimated that it would be impossible for anyone with a spiritual power below ten to inflict any damage on the metal. Unfortunately, there were less than ten people with a level ten spiritual power and above in the Starry Crescent Land.

Even though the buildings would clearly be challenging to attack, this was not the main reason why Yan Chan's facial expression changed. He was more stunned when hesaw the native Blue Fox people! The man had traveled to the Blue Fox clan many times and knew some of the people there, especially those at the top of the hierarchy.

Most of them no longer dressed the same. They no longer wore long robes with big sleeves. Instead, they wore short robes and trousers. In fact, they were similar to shirts and pants, but Yan Chen did not know what it was at the time, so he thought of them as short robes.The color of the men's clothes was iron-gray, while the women's clothes were light gray.

Even though they dressed differently, they still seemed to be freely doing their own things.From time to time, some of the foreigners would pass through the streets. The native Blue Fox people often waved their hand at them, and some even referred to them as their brother or sister.

Although Yan Chen had dealt with the invaders several times, they were always hiding in their armored monster sh.i.p.s. So, this was the first time Yan Chen clearly saw the appearance of these outsiders.

Most of the outsiders had high noses and deep-set eyes. They did not look like Asians. In fact, their eyes were very similar to the native Blue Fox people. Most of the people had dark blue eyes that looked a bit like fox eyes. When they smiled, their watery eyes sparkled under the sunlight. Therefore, what Gu Xijiu said was true. The Blue Fox family was indeed the same breed as these outsiders.

Although Gu Xijiu had already told Yan Chen in advance, seeing it with his own eyes was still an eyeopener.Over the past year, these invaders had committed a lot of crimes in the Starry Crescent Land, and the locals absolutely despised them. They could not wait to kill them all and seek revenge for their fallen loved ones.

Unfortunately for Yan Chen, the bloody truth of it all was that his wife and these alien invaders were one family! Hefelt like an anti-Japanese warrior who had suddenly found out that his beloved wife was Japanese.

The aura he exuded was rather gloomy, following that revelation.He naturally understood that Little Fox was innocent and was a good wife to him. However, it did not mean that the other people in the Starry Crescent Land could understand. Once they knew the truth, could they forgive Little Fox?

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