The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Book 4 Chapter 2663

Volume 4 Chapter 2663 Authentic Or Fake 3

The two women certainly looked very similar. However, Yan Chen was confident that they looked more similar the last time he met her.

Lan Waihu was always cheerful and lively. Although she was not plump, she had a round chubby face. It was adorable and always enticed people to hug her. However, the woman in front of him was rather skinny and no longer had the cute chubby face that he knew Lan Waihu to have. Her black and bright round eyes had also curved slightly upward. Furthermore, her pupils were now black and purple, so when she looked at people, it was like a whirlpool that could suck them into her eyes. Her temperament was also very gloomy, which made it seem like she was not of this world.

Yan Chen looked at the Little Fox beside him, then looked at the woman again. In fact, the two of them were very different once he had a more thorough look. The woman did not look like Little Fox anymore. However, when he saw her, his heart still seemed to be attracted by something. He felt a pain in his chest.

When the soldiers of the Blue Fox planet passed her, they would salute her and greet her. "Royal Highness Princess." She always ignored them, which made her seem cold and indifferent.

"Brother Yan Chen, is she the princess of these bad guys? I didn't expect her to look like me..." Lan Waihu commented.

"Maybe... maybe she is." Yan Chen whispered in response while his eyes were still focused on the woman.

Lan Waihu was unhappy with his responses to her and tugged his sleeve, "Brother Yan Chen, are you fascinated by her?"

Yan Chen was stunned by her question and quickly turned to look at her. He noticed her familiar jealous expression at once. It was very accurate to how Lan Waihu used to express her jealousy in the past.

Yan Chen shook his head slightly at the sight of it. No matter how good people were at disguising themselves, it was impossible to have the same habitual movements that were so consistent.

He was sure that the Little Fox beside him was the authentic one. Perhaps, that woman, the princess of these outsiders, entangled with him at the time because she wanted to pretend to be Little Fox in order to sneak into Tianju Hall. Fortunately, he could distinguish them at the time.

He did not want to make Little Fox jealous anymore, so he stopped looking at the princess and comforted Lan Waihu by rubbing her head. "It is impossible. Stupid, I only have you in my heart. How can I be fascinated by other women? I was watching her because she looks like you."

Lan Waihu snorted and revealed the dimples on her cheek. "Okay, this is acceptable to me." She snuggled in Yan Chen's arm and looked at the woman with eyes full of smug.

"Princess, how are you able to stand in the wind?" A man walked out of a room with a cloak in his hand. He walked over to the woman and put the coat on her shoulder. The woman did not move and let him tie the cloak for her. When Lan Waihu saw this man, she immediately went stiff. She hid behind Yan Chen and did not even dare to breathe too hard.

Yan Chen also stared at the man. The man wore a simple short robe and a pair of trousers. His eyes were bright, and he carried a rather calm temperament. From his appearance, he seemed to be someone in the military that also carried a noble status. He was also a very handsome man.

Who was this man? He could not be an ordinary sergeant seeing that he was allowed to be so close to the princess. However, he had not worn his military uniform, so Yan Chen could not tell his actual status. Hecould only infer that the man had a high rank.

"Let's go! I will take you around. You are too weak to go alone, but it is good for you to enjoy the sun."

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