The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Book 4 Chapter 2671

Volume 4 Chapter 2671 The Arrival Of Celestial Master Zuo 3

"I am his wife! That woman must die. I told him I was going to kill her, and he returned my fury with a fatal blow. I was dying on the ground, but he did not care. He turned away from me and swiftly left. He did not want me anymore, really. He did not intend to save me. I had just escaped from a living hell, yet he chose to attack me and send me back there."

Feeling guilty, Yan Chen hugged her tightly, with tears dripping on her forehead. "I am sorry. He is a bastard! He is a useless piece of junk!"

"He found another woman and no longer wanted me around," Lan Waihu murmured.

"No, it has always been you! There is no one else. It is all my fault." Yan Chen took a look at her flat tummy but dared not ask anything about their child. After going through what she had been through, there was no way the baby would survive.

It was no wonder that she was left thin and pale after such torment. Yan Chen felt the urgent need to nurse her back to health, so he carried her in his arms. "Little Fox, please forgive me. Give me a chance to make it up to you. Come with me."

"Make it up to me?" Lan Waihu seemed a little lost. She was seemingly still trapped in her nightmare. "How do you plan to do that?"

"I will do anything you want, Little Fox, even if you want me to take my own life."

Yan Chen suddenly stopped talking as the color faded from his face. A knife was already puncturing his chest towards the core of his body. Lan Waihu casually added, "I don't only want your life. I want your heart, as well!"

Yan Chen was dumbstruck.He could feel the knife being twisted in his chest.Blood flowed out of his wound like a stream, which completely moistened her tiny hand in red. Her hand was still holding the handle of the knife, though it was slightly trembling. Nonetheless, her grip was firm.

Even under those circ.u.mstances, Yan Chen could easily push her away. However, she wasthe woman he loved. Hence, he did not do such a thing. Instead, he grasped her by the wrist and asked, "Little Fox, do you really hate me this much?"

Lan Waihu's eyes showed that she had no intention of backing down. "I hate you, so very much." Her tone was unrelenting.

He slowly let go of her hand and continued, "Little Fox, I owe you this much. I will never regret dying in your hands."

Lan Waihu started trembling even more. She looked at him, intently with a firm intention to kill. "Great! Now die!"

She wanted to twist the knife around and push it even deeper into his heart. She wanted him dead, but the plan did not go well. A flash of seven-colored ray suddenly shone down from above, encapsulating Yan Chen in a flash of blinding light. He was being pulled away from her.

Yan Chen could no longer stand on his feet. As soon as he was taken away, the knife slipped out of his wound as well. There was blood everywhere, but amidst the light, he could feel a hand on his chest, trying to apply pressure and stop his wound from bleeding.

Yan Chen staggered and swayed a little in dizziness. He could somehow see someone in the light. "Xijiu, I suffered this with on my own will," he still managed to say some words.

Only Gu Xijiu could launch flashes of seven-colored rays. Hence, he immediately assumed it was her.

"What an idiot!" An enchanting voice could be heard, berating him for his blind commitment.

Shocked, Yan Chen quickly opened his eyes to see who was really the one helping him. But, before he could assess the situation, he was sent across the air and landed on top of a rock.

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