The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Book 4 Chapter 2677

Volume 4 Chapter 2677 Di Fuyis Past



"Haha! That was awesome!"

Many cheered for the perfect comeback. They knew the power of the general's ship. Nothing could stop it. Furthermore, under the extreme heat, they expected that the intruder would be burnt along with the ship.

However, Guan Yaning was still worried, for he had witnessed Gu Xijiu's kung fu before. If she was the one who maneuvered the battleship, he knew that she would survive because of her ability to teleport.

Understanding Gu Xijiu's abilities and seeing that none of his men was able to approach the battlesh.i.p.s alive, he activated a special mechanism that would prevent entry into all the other available sh.i.p.s. In doing so, all the sh.i.p.s would be shut down so no one would be able to fly them or fire their weapons.

While the others were watching the burning warplane, Guan Yaning surveyed his other sh.i.p.s to check on their status. It seemed that none of them were triggered. This made him suspect that the person operating the battleship could be someone else. It was either that or Gu Xijiu had hidden somewhere. Where could she possibly be?

The Lord was known to appear and disappear mysteriously. This troubled Guan Yaning greatly, as there was no way he could predict her next move. The entire troop only had one enemy, and yet, she was capable of turning the entire group of highly trained soldiers into a mess.

As none of the other warplanes were activated, Guan Yaning turned to look at the general's battleship once more. It was still in the air, with no sign of landing.

The general had been pushing his men to keep their guards up over the past few days due to his misleading information. However, Gu Xijiu never showed up. Therefore, most of his men had started to lose their respect for their superior leader.

When the general told everyone that the enemy was coming, all of them treated the news with contempt. They did not take it seriously and continued to have a good time.To their utter surprise, the enemy showed up for real this time, and she had taken many lives.

Guan Yaning thought that the general must be holding the ship in the air because he was worried that the Lord might still be alive. Perhaps, he wanted to take her down once and for all.Guan Yaning wished to understand the situation, so he pressed a shiny device on his wrist to talk to the general, but the general never picked up his call.

What was going on? Everything could happen in an instant during a war, so the general and his military officers should always be connected. The general once told him that they should always keep open communication unless they were busy commanding for their ship's attack.

Since the general's battleship was stationary in the air, there was no reason why he would not pick up the call. Therefore, Guan Yaning began to panic and focused his attention on the battleship. A sudden realization struck him. Could the battleship have fallen into the control of the beautiful Lord?

Gu Xijiu had indeed left the battleship right before it was blown into bits. She witnessed the strength of the main battleship, so the thought of seizing control of the ship struck her interest. She wanted to blow up the entire base!

Therefore, she went into the battleship right using her teleportation ability. If that was the biggest and strongest battleship that the invaders had so the facilities in the ship must be the best. That also meant that it would be equipped with the safest security measures.

The last ship that Guan Yaning commanded was equipped with the ability to uncover her invisibility spell. There was also a barrier that could shield them from her attacks. She believed that the same facilities available on the general's ship, access that it would be multiple times stronger.

Gu Xijiu was also prepared for the possibility that she might not be able to enter the ship due to some protective barrier that might be in place. To her surprise, everything went smoothly. In an instant, she was already on board.

The floor and walls of the ship were all furnished with silver polishing. There did not seem to be any lights around the place, but the inside of the ship was very well lit.

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