The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Book 4 Chapter 2685

Volume 4 Chapter 2685 I Almost Fell Asleep

Fan Qianshi started trembling. He quickly made some checks and realized that the man had indeed killed Xijiu. He was insanely angered and quickly got into another fight with Di Fuyi.

The fight ended with Fan Qianshi's defeat. Severely injured, he struggled his way back to the Divine Palace. From there, he started meditating in an attempt to collect Xijiu's broken souls.

The piranhas completely consumed Xijiu's body. Even her soul was shattered into tiny bits. Unfortunately, Fan Qianshi was unable to collect all the pieces of her soul. He looked at the scattered bits that he managed to collect and said, "Xijiu, I will be sure to bring you back to life, even if it costs me all of my power!"

He stood up and disappeared along with her remaining soul fragments that he found. The display then showed a different era, where Long Fan first made his appearance. He was the mad scientist who committed his life to make clones. Scientific experiments were his obsessions though not all his clones were successful. It was only on the rare occasions that a clone was well-made, like Long Xi, who was later known as Long Siye.

One day, Long Fan was able to create a tiny fetus in his laboratory. He then transferred the fetus into the body of Mrs. Ye through the use of black magic. That was how Ye Hongfeng came to life. Long Fan ran some readings on Ye Hongfeng's body and was quite satisfied with his creation.

"Xijiu, I will make you a perfect body!" He murmured. Soon, he became determined to spend more time in his laboratory to fulfill his objective. It did not take long before another cloned baby started growing in the ice coffin.

When the body was ready, Long Fan carefully placed Xijiu's remaining souls into the body of the clone. Soon, the baby slowly came alive. Long Fan looked at the baby who had just woken up and said smilingly, "Xijiu, welcome back!"

"Xijiu, welcome back." A magnetic voice could be heard in the background as a man slowly appeared on the screen. His robes were as black as the night sky, embellished with starry patterns that glistened charmingly under the lights. He let his long, silky hair down, but that did not take the attention away from his beautifully crafted face. He looked flawless. He slowly walked out from the screen and landed gracefully in front of Gu Xijiu. He was Fan Qianshi, the creator of the universe.

Gu Xijiu sat looking at him, expressionless. "So, you are the tricky one behind all of this."

"Tricky? No, all I ever wanted was for you to come back alive." Fan Qianshi looked at her intensely.

He took two steps forward and stopped about a meter away from her. "What are your thoughts after watching the video?"

"Inexcusably lousy acting and a mediocre script. Any hardworking writer can easily produce a better piece. I almost fell asleep," Gu Xijiu teased. She could not care less about the story.

"Don't you believe it?" He did not look guilty. Instead, he looked at her with a sense of sympathy and asked, "Are you too afraid to believe it?"

Gu Xijiu gave him a tight smile. "I do not care what you think."

She couldn't believe in a story with so many flaws. Did he think of her as a fool?

Di Fuyi would never do such things. If he had chosen power over her, why would he give his everything just to protect her? He even chose to have his existence wiped away in order for her to fulfill her destiny.

All the stories about his ungratefulness and lack of feelings must be made up.

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