The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Book 4 Chapter 2690

Volume 4 Chapter 2690 The Devil's Fetus 2

Lan Waihu's face was pale. She nodded slightly in response to Di Fuyi's statement and replied, "Yes! You are right!"

"It will slowly change your appearance, and eventually, you will look like your ancestors. Looking at your appearance, I would suspect that you originatedfrom the noblest bloodline of the Blue Fox family 10,000 years ago."

Lan Waihu blurted, "I don't want to look like my ancestors! I want to look like my old self!"

"Your appearance will naturally return to normal once you remove the devil fetus from your body. You don't have to worry."

Lan Waihu closed her eyes slightly after hearing this reply. She had mixed feelings in her heart about what was happening to her. On the one hand, she had certainly been looking forward to having a baby. However, she accidentally saw the fake Lan Waihu once and noticed that she was pregnant too. She thought that they had swapped bodies, but her baby was still alive and well in her body as well. She did not expect that She suddenly thought of something, and hurriedly asked, "Celestial Master Zuo, is the fake Lan Waihu also pregnant? Can you ask Yan Chen"

Yan Chen was currently executing the orders given to him by Di Fuyi. He meditated silently and was oblivious to the entire conversation.

Di Fuyi looked at him and knew at once that he was at a critical stage of his meditation. Therefore, instead of disturbing him, he asked Lan Waihu, "What has happened? Tell me the full story!"

Lan Waihu did not dare to keep any information from Di Fuyi. She told him everything about the invasion of the people from Blue Fox planet as well as when she was caught. She was able to verbalize the entire story to him, succinctly and concisely.

Later, she elaborated on the most recent incident involving Yan Chen. "Celestial Master Zuo, while I was drinking with Duan Muyan and the soldiers, I was able to see Yan Chen and the fake Lan Waihu. She really looks the same as how I used to, and her belly seemed to match that of a mother who had been pregnant for a month. Otherwise, Yan Chen would not have been so easily fooled." She sounded a little bitter after her last remark.

Di Fuyi looked down and pinched his fingers together in his sleeve. He pondered for a while before asking, "Is your fetus a switching venomous mother-fetus?"

Lan Waihu looked at him with a confused face. Apparently, she did not understand his question.

Since returning to the Starry Crescent Land, Di Fuyi's priority was to get rid of the people from the Blue Fox planet. He wanted to return the order to the land as soon as possible.However, if this were really a switching venomous mother-fetus, it would be a disaster to the world! His priority would have to be Lan Waihu.

If the fetus in Lan Waihu's belly were a mother-fetus, its evil characteristics would make her gradually lose her own nature. The fetus was known to make its host violent and murderous! In fact, every evil act they carried out would only feed power to the fetus.

When it developed, it would be uncontrollable. The person who was pregnant with the mother-fetus would be easily provoked and caught in a state of hysteria all the time. It was likely that she would do things that she would regret for a lifetime. Unfortunately, the pregnant individual will remember everything that they did despite not having control over it. Distraught by the evil things they would have done, the child fetus would continue to strengthen from the misery of its host.

Once the child fetus matured, it would automatically evolve into a real devil fetus. This kind of devil fetus was incredibly pure. Because of this, it would be extremely fierce and incline to kill. Whether someone was a god or a human, once this devil fetus infected her, the person would ultimately lose their memory and control over their body. What was even worse was that the victim might eventually lose their life, and their soul would be sealed into the devil fetus for its nourishment.

Di Fuyi had never seen this type of switching venomous mother-fetus before. He was only told about this by his mother a few years ago. Ning Xuemo was the Great Devil and was very knowledgable with regards to these things. She had subordinates who were masters of venom and familiar with this kind of poison.

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