The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Book 4 Chapter 2693

Volume 4 Chapter 2693 The Devil's Fetus 5

The soldiers of Blue Fox planet watched their marshal's spaceship rise into the air. Initially, they thought that he was trying to find the female Lord. However, in the end, the battleship had instantly disappeared.

This made the soldiers very puzzled as they did not know what their marshal was doing. None of them could contact him either as he did not seem to answer his directed audio spell. While the soldiers were still trying to fathom what was going on, a strong wind blew at them, and a man in purple appeared out of thin air.

Although Guan Yaning did not know the identity of this man, he was sure that he was an enemy. Finally, he had found somewhere to release his pent-up frustrations. He immediately ordered his subordinates to shoot the man down.

As a result, they were all abused by the man in purple! In just five minutes, all the guns in their hands had been seized by the purple-robed man and turned into debris right in his palm.

Guan Yaning was explicitly called out by Di Fuyi. He was pressed on the ground and had no chance to get up. Di Fuyi gave him two choices - either he used the fewest words possible to report the whereabouts of Gu Xijiu, or he would die and turn into chunks of meat.

Obviously, Guan Yaning sold out his colleague and reported what he knew of Gu Xijiu, "She had used a special method to destroy many of our warsh.i.p.s here, but I honestly have no idea where she is hiding."

"What happened to the ship that just flew away?"

"We don't know. That is the ship that belongs to our marshal. Inexplicably, it suddenly flew away and disappeared! This is something that has never happened before. If you are wondering whether Gu Xijiu took control of the ship, it is very unlikely. No one can go up to the ship except for the marshal, and the operating system in that ship is different from our other warsh.i.p.s. If you haven't studied it, you can't operate it. Even if Gu Xijiu entered the c.o.c.kpit, she would not have been able to drive it away. Nonetheless, we have no idea why our marshal would suddenly run away."

Di Fuyi interrupted him, "Can you locate it?"

"Yes, we can mark the location between each warship."

"Very good." Di Fuyi took him up to a battleship and said, "Bring me to him!"

Guan Yaning was speechless. However, under the intense aura of the man who instructed him, he did not even dare to fart. Just when he was about to start the battleship, the door was suddenly banged behind them. He was shocked and quickly opened the door. "Which bastard..." Stunned, the man could not finish his sentence.

A beautiful little doll pushed him away and walked in with a very fierce beast. "Father, we want to go too!"

The officer was still confused by what was going on and was very curious. He asked, "Mr... Mr, may I ask who you are?" The skill of this fellow was too terrifying! It was beyond what he could comprehend.

When did the Starry Crescent Land have so many top masters? Gu Xijiu had single-handedly already been a headache to them. But now, there was another master here!Guan Yaning could not help but feel that his dream of conquering the Starry Crescent Land was getting farther and farther from him.

"I'm the former Lord, Huang Tu." Di Fuyi calmly replied. Then, he added, "The price for me to answer you is that you have to chase after that warship. If you don't pay your end of the deal, I will throw you down from the sky!"

Guan Yaning was clearly stunned by the response. He had not expected there to be another Lord in this land.If he had known that two great masters were guarding the Starry Crescent Land, he would never want to come in the first place.

"Yes, Lord Huang. Don't worry! I am a master at chasing people!" Guan Yaning immediately began to locate the ship. After a moment, his face turned green! "It It has already left Starry Crescent Land! In fact, it is now in space!"

Di Fuyi did not understand the context of what he meant. He only cared about one thing. "Can you catch up to them?"

"Of course! Even if it goes to the horizon, I can locate it!" Guan Yaning was beaming with confidence.

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