The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Book 4 Chapter 2694

Volume 4 Chapter 2694 Looked So Disinterested

In actuality, Guan Yaning was also a little curious about what was going on. In fact, he was a bit angry, as well. The marshal had always regarded him as a confidant; he told him everything that was going on in the past. Many of their plans were formed together.

Things took a turn about two months ago when the marshal suddenly fainted out of the blue. When he regained consciousness, he seemed to be a changed man. The most obvious difference was that the marshal was a lot colder to him. He did not talk much with him and always made excuses to leave. Also, he did not really care about his subordinates anymore. Despite losing so many comrades and warsh.i.p.s, the man seemed oddly calm.The original marshal was extremely protective of his subordinates.

What was even more ridiculous was the fact that he adopted a cat. The cat looked very ordinary, but the marshal treated it like a baby. He patted it so horribly thatits tail was always upright!

There was once when the cat sleeping in the middle of a pathway and Guan Yaning accidentally stepped on the cat's tail. The cat jumped and scratched him with its paw! He subconsciously tossed the cat aside, butthe marshal saw his action. As a result, the marshal also flung him to a wall and almost crushed his spine.

The cat's life was more valuable than his life! This realization made Guan Yaning sad. He simply could not fathom how his comrade's behavior had changed so drastically. It was as if an evil spirit had possessed him!

Ever since Lan Waihu had been seized, the marshal had been tormenting her. He tortured the little girl and turned her into a devil, even though he knew that she was a princess on the Blue Fox planet. Was it right to torture a princess this way?!

Even though they were thieves, these interstellar pirates from the Blue Fox planet had their own principals. Duan Muyan's recent actions were violating their moral creed.

In just over two months, Guan Yaning's team felt separated from the marshal. The fact that he had taken off into space without even notifying him or his men simply amplified the severity of the issue.Therefore, even if Di Fuyi did not force him to travel to space, he would have gone ahead to investigated the matter himself. Guan Yaning wanted to know what the marshal was up to!

Without being instructed by Di Fuyi, Guan Yaning had been steering the ship as fast as he could - it was traveling as its maximum speed. Nonetheless, he could not help but look at Di Fuyi, who sat next to him. This great god was supporting his head with one hand and looked a little lazy. He had closed his eyes and seemed to be resting.

Guan Yaning felt a little worried. Since this great god was a man of the Starry Crescent Land and had just returned, he must have never seen such high-tech weapons and defenses. Shouldn't he be a little curious? Shouldn't he want to learn how to operate the ship? Why did he look so disinterested?

The general had intentionally made his movements more visible to Di Fuyi while operating the warship. He wanted to show a sense of superiority in front of this god based on how complex it was to pilot the spacecraft!

Evidently, Di Fuyi did not care at all. This made Guan Yaning feel somewhat powerless; it was as if he was trying to flirt with a blind man!

"Mr. General, you are good at handling this ship." A tender child's voice praised him to save him some face.

Guan Yaning looked down at the little guy who sat on Di Fuyi. The little guy's eyes were sparkling, like black gr.a.p.es! He looked very sincere and innocent, which made people want to do everything for him.

Guan Yaning's lips curved upward proudly. "Of course! I am the best at piloting these sh.i.p.s! All my brothers are certainly convinced."

"Are you better than the marshal?"

"I don't want to sound boastful. In terms of operating the spaceship, I am more seasoned than the marshal. However, the marshal has other strengths. In fact, he can operate the spaceship without using his hands."

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