The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Book 4 Chapter 2696

Volume 4 Chapter 2696 How Big Was The Man's Game Of Chess?

Fortunately, he did not have to use a lot of spiritual power to extract the information he needed.

Meanwhile, Di Hao lay quietly in his arms. His mouth was slightly tilted upward as he was satisfied with the outcome of his endeavor. Also, he wanted to get compensated for the shortcomings of his childhood. It was rare for him to enjoy fatherly love. Besides, he looked like a little boy now, so it did not look strange for him to hug his dad.

Many things had changed since his return, so his parents' fate should have been improved as well, right? However, although his intervention had led to twists in the plot, things that were supposed to happen later seemed to have happened in advance. Moreover, things that had never happened before were happening now.

For example, his mother was now entangled with the creator of the universe! Luckily, he knew that she was competent! But, as it did not happen in the past, it was difficult to tell what would happen in the future.


On the marshal's spaceship, Gu Xijiu maintained eye contact with the Lan Waihu that had emerged from the screen. She frowned as she knew that the woman in front of her was an imposter. Even if her body was genuine, this was definitely not her soul.

Gu Xijiu had thought that the Lan Waihu lookalike was with Yan Chen. It definitely caught her by surprise to see the woman here.

'Lan Waihu' smiled lightly. However, her smile was no longer the innocent one that Gu Xijiu was familiar with from Lan Waihu. Nonetheless, there was a kind of enchanting charm to it. "Gu Xijiu, how are you?"

Gu Xijiu narrowed her eyes and asked, "Wu Wuyan?"

'Lan Waihu' startled a little and laughed. However, it was not a condescending laugh. "You are indeed the Lord. I am surprised that you can recognize me so quickly."

This woman had once used Gu Xijiu's body to help Long Fan trap Di Fuyi. Gu Xijiu had only had one conversation with her in the past. In fact, she has never even seen her original appearance before but could recognize her by her uniqueness.

Gu Xijiu's grip of her fingers tightened in her sleeve. She looked at her disdainfully and spoke, "I never expected you to still want to work for him!"

Long Fan was one of Fan Qianshi's many identities. In the past, Wu Wuyan used to serve Long Fan, and now she served Fan Qianshi. She was indeed a loyal subordinate.

Wu Wuyan smiled. "Of course, I would. I only have one master."

"What about Mo Zhao?"

"He..." Wu Wuyan shook her head before continuing, "He was just a chess piece for my master."

Even Mo Zhao was Fan Qianshi's pawn.How big was the man's game of chess?! He used to stay beside Mo Zhao as a subordinate and listened to his every order. He just wanted to synthesize more clones.

At that time, he planned everything in the dark, and then pushed Mo Zhao out in the frontline.He was the mastermind behind everything! He had been planningto conquer the Starry Crescent Land for over 10,000 years, as evidenced by the existence of the Blue Fox family.

This was obviously one of his secret strategies while playing chess with Di Fuyi! He wanted to harm Di Fuyi when he experienced life in the Shura World. Although Di Fuyi was physically strong enough to defend against him, he had not restored his memory as the Master of Heavenly Law. Therefore, it would have been easy for Fan Qianshi to kill Di Fuyi at the time. Why did he go one big round just to capture Di Fuyi? What was his real intention?

Gu Xijiu bit her lips at her thoughts. She did not have enough information to make an inference, so she could only guess that Fan Qian did all this to deal with Di Fuyi. She could not think of any other intention.

Then, she looked at Wu Wuyan again. Her stomach was slightly bloated.

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