The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031: Unable To Switch His Feelings For Her

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Ye Hongfeng was stunned and quickly grabbed the innerwear. She felt awkward, "This" Her face turned red and gradually became pale. She knelt down and started to cry, "Master, I beg you Don't ask anymore I I will not ask you to bear this responsibility. I know you like Miss Gu so I will not tell you any more about it"

Long Siye remained silent. He had hoped that it was not true, but now

He felt like he was sinking in icy water and there was only an abyss in front of him. He could not see any light. He silently got out of bed, cleaned himself a bit and walked out of the room.

When he passed by Ye Hongfeng, he did not stop or even glance at her.

He knew what was in Ye Hongfeng's mind. However, the only reason why he kept her as his disciple and tried to train her to become a master was due to his guilt feeling that he owed her in his previous life. He had no other feelings for her even if he was the creator of her body or the fact that she looked exactly like Gu Xijiu in his

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