The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1958

Shen Nianmo suddenly lunged forward and moved very quickly towards the snakes.

Gu Xijiu was shocked by his sudden move. Quickly, she pulled his clothes and dragged him back forcefully. "Are you looking for death? All these snakes are extremely venomous. Once bitten by any of them, you will die almost instantly."

It was a child's behavior to act impulsively. The young were usually fearless.

Shen Nianmo looked at her fixedly. "Are you worried that I might die?"

Gu Xijiu thought that the question was rather odd. She was certainly worried. If he died, her mission would be considered as a failure.

Apart from the mission, she really liked the child, so she would not have the heart to watch him die in vain.

She could not tell him the truth, so she sighed in a helpless tone. "You are the only precious child to your parents. If anything happens to you, your parents will hunt me down."

Shen Nianmo was disappointed. He had not expected that her kind gestures were all for the sake of his parents. Therefore, he hugged his arms and stood his ground. "All right. You should do it yourself."

Gu Xijiu had always wanted to catch the snakes herself, but at the same time, she could not leave Shen Nianmo alone in the dark. She was worried that he might be bitten by one of the snakes that escaped her eyes.

She thought about it for a moment. Then, she took out a bottle and circled him with the medicine. "Stay within the circle. Don't get out of here."

Did she think that he was a well-known Tang Priest who needed protection at all times? Why would she circle him in a protective ring? Also, the circle was imperfect.

Gu Xijiu took a leap and landed at the circle of snakes. The first snake that she was about to catch was the most colorful one. The snake was the rarest and the most venomous kind out of all. If she was not mistaken, it was the king of snakes.

Like lightning, Gu Xijiu sped. She tried to catch it from the air by clinging onto its vital point. To her surprise, the snake reacted very quickly. Within a split second, the snake retreated and hid amongst the other snakes.

The Snake Pearl started to fall, and all the other snakes were alarmed. Defensively, many of them turned to look at Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu failed to catch the snake, but she needed to step onto a surface in order for her to bounce back to her original position. Unfortunately, there were countless of snakes under her; no matter where she chose to land, she would definitely be bitten.

Desperately, she was determined to step onto the snakes. However, all of a sudden, she could feel a force at her waist. Soon, her entire body was being lifted. Safely, she landed safely in the hands of a man.

Shen Nianmo whispered, "For the sake of your life, I would like to hear you call me as your senior apprentice."

"In your dreams!" Gu Xijiu stomped on his foot. He finally let go of her waist and placed her securely on the ground.

She turned and looked at Shen Nianmo. There he stood, well-behaved and unmoving in the circle. He did not even move a bit.

Although the child was fond of taking advantage of her, she could not help but agree that his help came when she needed it the most.

"You have indeed saved me, but I am not afraid of the bites, so it doesn't count as saving my life. Therefore, little child, it does not count as a life-saving gesture. It is not easy to make me address you as my senior apprentice."

"Little child!" Shen Nianmo had been saying the term repeatedly. Then, he continued half-jokingly, "You sound like you have aged a lot. How old are you, exactly?"

Gu Xijiu hesitated. She knew that he would not listen to her if she continued to show him her teenage side; she did not look superior enough. Moreover, her current appearance had greatly restricted her power, so she seriously considered returning to her old self.

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