The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 131

Chapter 131 Creating A Miracle

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There was still a hint of numbness with Qin Fen’s arm. The nitrogen of the South Pole Sect’s sect master’s fist had been enough, for his arm actually had nitrogen covering it in protection. Some of the nitrogen had seeped into Qin Fen’s muscles the instant he had made contact with the fist.

The Dragon Elephant Prajna Art coursed with power, and a mass of frigid energy visible to the naked eye sprayed out of his arm. In the short instant he forced out the frigid energy, the East Mountain Sect’s Thirty-Sixth Road of Tantui made a thunderous sweeping kick that swung toward Qin Fen’s waist.

The Iron Mantis School’s Blade Stabs Through Hole used a finger as a blade to stab toward the neck’s acupuncture point.

The Smoothly Round Sect’s sect master simply carried an iron spear. Its might was akin to the raging waves as it stabbed toward the thigh!

The sect master of the Heaven Breaker Sect acted just like Qin Fen. He strode with large steps, entwined with azure lightning that leaped all over his body. The electrical energy storage device within his body was unleashed at maximum voltage. He combined it with the Chaotic Arrow Strike of the paleo martial art the Eight Extreme Fists. The air screamed without end, just like ten-thousand archers letting loose their arrows on the ancient battlefield.

The body of the Swallow Sect’s sect master was just like a swallow. The Nine Tone Steps beneath his feet multiplied, making it hard to guess when he would truly make his approach.

The attacks were a combination of paleo martial arts and neo martial arts, and they covered every inch of Qin Fen’s body.

Five men had joined forces, making them several times more formidable than the joint effort of the thunder pair of fire and water of the Thunder Mountain Villa. Qin Fen faced a might that was heaven-shaking and earth-sinking. His true energy was a bit sluggish having just forced out frigid energy from his body. He had no other option but to evade. He simply executed the Guardian Deity Dance then the Dragon Guard, dodging past the annihilating encirclement of the joined forces of five men in a freakish thrill.

The remaining sect master still didn’t make a move! He continued to watch the battle from afar! The other five great sect masters were well-known figures among the four-star level. They didn’t really believe that this attack of theirs could really kill Qin Fen. Their bodies immediately jumped into another attack.

Qin Fen flickered out from the crowd, completely opening his channels with true energy once more. His aura, blood, and energy were all completely restored to their peak state. The recoil of a cannon fist blasted his body back, and the screaming sound of friction between his body and air was extremely like the screaming of an artillery shell as it passed through the air.

The sect master of the Way of the Hegemon Sect, who had been observing the battle all this time, finally made his move! It was no good if he didn’t move. Thirty-Six Hours was already right before him. The fist of the Soaring Cannon pierced the air, smashing over to him.

Resolve the biggest threat first! The might of this fist of Qin Fen’s had reached the peak of every punch he had ever made. Even a water buffalo would find its skull shattered by this blow.

The sect master of the Way of the Hegemon Sect had made preparations long ago, but this fist filled his entire world, not giving him any path to retreat at all. The fist actually stimulated a potential from him that was never unearthed before. This middle-aged man pulled back his neck using the Monkey Form! He bent his waist, swiveled on his ankle, and took a step back! He forcefully dodged past this fist that would have certainly killed him.

Qin Fen’s punch had missed! He stomped the ground with his left foot, shifting his center of gravity forward, and his left leg pulled straight into an outer swing!

It was the Flood Fist’s Outer Lotus Swing!

The master of the Way of the Hegemon Sect sought to dodge, but because of his Monkey Leaps the Cliff from a moment ago, his body was now situated in a state where it was the most difficult for him to exert force. His arms hurriedly engaged in a cross-guard to defend himself.

Lose for me! Qin Fen rose up once more, and the sect master of the Way of the Hegemon Sect felt that what collided into him was no human leg, but rather a stomp from a leg of an angry elephant. It was also like being angrily rammed by a sprinting rhinoceros.

The cross-guard was instantly blasted apart. Qin Fen’s Outer Lotus Swing sent the sect master of the Way of the Hegemon Sect fifteen meters away in the distance. One didn’t even need to look to know that he was fading away in death.

In one fell swoop, the two most threatening of the sect-holders had been eliminated. Qin Fen’s aura and momentum soared once more. He didn’t go thinking about adjusting his true energy at all. He turned around and threw himself at the five remaining sect-holders who chased after him.

Qin Fen’s two legs were like the whirlwind of a dragon the instant he charged into the crowd, making all his opponents appear like weaklings beneath the raging storm.

This was the Arhat Fist’s ultimate move for group battles, the Whirlwind Kick!

Qin Fen unleashed kicks like lightning. Wave after wave of gale generated from his kicks cleaved through the air, letting out wave after wave of sounds that should only occur during a hurricane! The might of the screaming winds pressed down upon his foes!

In an instant, it was as if a powerful hurricane had arrived on this street. The leaves of countless trees cried as they shook without end.

The onlookers were stupefied just by watching. It was as if the air around Qin Fen’s legs were warped; the warping was so intense that the movement of air currents could be seen with the naked eye!

His legs were as thick and sturdy as an elephant’s, and they clashed with the five sect holder’s punches and kicks. The hurricane had blown past in a split second, and what followed were the earth and heaven shaking sounds of punches and kicks clashing.

The earth began to tremble within a ten-meter radius circle in the middle of the battlefield. Five sect-holders even staked their lives for honor. Their punches and kicks reached a peak at the four-star level that they had never attained before.

It was very unfortunate. They felt not a hint of joy. This Thirty-Six Hours stood at the peak of the peak! Every one of his kicks was certain to send a sect-holder flying out from the center of the battlefield.


The fierce battle was short-lived. The five sect-holder were ejected from the circle of combat with painful expressions on their faces. The met force with force as they struck and took Qin Fen and his firm and fierce kicks. Waves of blood and energy churned in each of their chests. Their arms, legs, and feet ached to such a degree that they nearly lost all sensation.

They couldn’t understand it at all. How could Qin Fen completely ignore the neo martial art’s attack completely in the middle of battle? He faced high-voltage, after all! The Heaven Breaker Sect’s Wild Thunder and Fierce Lightning actually didn’t even have the chance to paralyze this opponent for even a tenth of a second?

The instant Qin Fen’s feet dipped to the ground, the backlash of the cannon fist propelled him! His target was none other than the sect master of the Heaven Breaker Sect!

The fight had been too intense just now. The Heaven Breaker Sect’s sect master’s blood and energy were still churning. He couldn’t muster up the power to evade. The Level Heart Cannon simply opened a hole in his chest.

The strike had landed successfully, but Qin Fen didn’t stop. He grabbed the master of the Heaven Breaker Sect’s, which had yet to fade away, and threw it with all his strength at the master of the Swallow Sect, whose movement techniques were the most nimble of all his opponents!

The swallow sect of the Swallow Sect was stuck in an immobile position. The corpse smashed into him, and he simply died on the spot.

Qin Fen’s feet moved once more thanks to the recoil of the cannon fist. He chose the Thirty-Sixth Road of Tantui as his target this time!

The forceful clashes just now left this Tantui without any sensations in his legs. It was impossible for him to evade at all. He was sent flying without any suspense at all by a strike of Qin Fen’s Soaring Cannon.

Qin Fen slowly turned around. He looked at his final remaining opponent. It was the sect master of the Smoothly Round Sect, and he held a large metal spear in his hands.

The fierce fight caused Qin Fen’s chest and shoulders to heave up and down even more intensely than before.

Everyone was a four-star martial artist. One person fighting seven still greatly exhausted his strength, even with his freakish physical abilities and the incomparable momentum he wielded.

Qin Fen took a simple deep breath. His voice was very calm as he said, “Come then. Once I beat you, I can get my Dragon Hall’s sign back.”

“You have already won.” The sect master of the Smoothly Round Sect tossed away the metal spear in his hand. The unwillingness of defeat could be seen on his forehead, and his complexion suddenly turned deathly pale. He opened his mouth, spat out a mist of blood, and simply sat on the ground. “I’ve been injured by the vibrations. The sign….”

“Wait a minute!” The piercing voice came from the Beauty of Rivers and Mountains Sect. Li Mo’s short figure suddenly leaped to the street. “I’ve held your sign once before. You haven’t beaten me. On what basis do you request your sign back?”

A hissing wave came from the other sects who stood and watched Qin Fen’s fights. They had seen shameless people, but never someone as shameless as this man. This man had been so scared that he even pissed his pants. Right now Li Mo had run out to challenge Qin Fen after seeing that Qin Fen’s strength was no good.

The sneer on Qin Fen’s face carried a bit of disdain. No matter where one walked to in this world, one would always encounter bitches like this man.

Qin Fen, who was now at a hundred and ninety centimeters in height, dispersed the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art and returned to his normal height of a hundred and eighty centimeters.

With Qin Fen’s height no longer as imposing, Li Mo gestured provocatively with a finger in an unbridled manner. “Thirty-Six Hours, don’t say that I’m bullying you. Let’s fight one-on-one. I’ll stand here, I won’t move a single step. If you can beat me….”

The Dragon Elephant Prajna Art was now recollected by Qin Fen. He pressurized it to one point five times power. His right leg pushed off with a cannon fist, and the normal speed of his body was quickly restored. The screaming wind forcefully interrupted Li Mo’s words.

The eyes of Li Mo’s arrogant expression was filled with fear. Qin Fen’s brow furrowed tight at the sight. He would not kill such trash with the cannon fist. The Neo Taekwondo’s Jitae Iron Hammer simply smashed Li Mo’s skull into his chest.

Qin Fen stood firmly back on the ground and laughed. “Okay, the annoying flies are no more.”

At this time, someone had already brought Dragon Hall’s sign before Qin Fen.

The surrounding onlookers had expressions that grew more and more radiant.

Fourteen sects had been defeated!

Under everyone’s gazes, Qin Fen had torn down the signs of fourteen sects in total before receiving the sign that was his ownthe sign that said, “Dragon Hall.”

Qin Fen held the sign of his own sect, and his chest and shoulders heaved without end. He raised his head and looked around the street at the destruction that was caused by the intense fight. He felt a bit fearful.

Naturally, those who were able to best the test and found their own sects were people who possessed strength. Though quite a few sect-holders were of middle age, likely unable to increase their strengths any further for the rest of their lives, they possessed combat experience that was incomparably plentiful thanks to their ages.

After the series of fights, Qin Fen felt that he had never obtained such great benefits before today.

The other sects on the two sides of the street continued to watch Qin Fen in silence. There were major struggles and fights every day on this street, but never had a person as fierce as Thirty-Six Hours appear. This man had actually torn down the signs of fourteen sects in a single day.

Qin Fen handed over Dragon Hall’s sign over to Zhang Xiangyang. He also spoke to the various sect-holders, who had used the system to resurrect back onto the street. He said, “Your signs can be bought back from my Dragon Hall at half-price. You can also come and challenge my sect in a sect-challenge anytime.”

The street remained as silent as before. The sects who hadn’t participated in the fight could guess Qin Fen’s great decline in physical strength thanks to the weariness that showed on his face. However, not one person dared to come up and challenge Qin Fen at this time.

Li Mo’s death was none other than a warning. Though Thirty-Six Hours had exhausted a substantial amount of strength, he was still a male lion. No matter how tired he was, he was still very likely to have the strength for one last fight.

Even if he only had the strength for one last fight, not one person was willing to issue a challenge to him. No one wanted to be the person to die, becoming the stepping stone that would give others the chance to become famous.

No one was willing to be killed by Qin Fen as well, becoming the stepping stone that would add to his win-record.

The majority of people didn’t want to challenge Qin Fen at this time.

As a martial artist, Thirty-Six Hours’ kick-ass battle record today was worthy of anyone’s respect.

This day belonged to solely Thirty-Six Hours himself!

Qin Fen dragged his weary body before Zhang Xiangyang. He spoke weakly and without strength. “I hand the remaining matters to you. I really am far too tired. I need to rest.”

“Okay! No problem! Relax and go rest.”

Zhang Xiangyang gave a thumbs-up as a guarantee.

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