The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 151

Chapter 151 My Commanding Officer Granted Me Permission To Rob From You

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"The X-43B. America spent 1,600,000,000 dollars to develop and produce this super aircraft. It can reach speeds of Mach 10, and at the time it was known as the fastest aircraft." Qin Fen lowered his head to look at the aircraft, which had completed its landing. "It once possessed the title of mobile armor killer."

The seasoned soldier of the helicopter gave a thumbs up. "Kid, after you finish being a recruit, are you interested in joining the Air Force? I can help you find some contacts."

Qin Fen smiled and shook his head. If he wanted to join the Air Force, it would be much more simple to find Squadron Leader Trash and join the Trash Squadron. He didnt need anybody else to introduce him at all.

Du Peng looked at Qin Fen, feeling quite baffled. Qin Fen looked like a complete recruit rookie when he first joined the military back in the day. Just how much time had passed? Now he could answer whatever question was thrown his way.

A hint of suspicion appeared in the two eyes that Qin Fen used to gaze at the ground. Two Caucasian soldiers walked down from the X-43B aircraft. From the style of their uniforms, it looked like they were recruits as well. Those were the uniform styles of the recruits from the State of America.

State of Americas recruits? Qin Fen faintly furrowed his two eyebrows. What in the world were they doing here?

As he pondered, the X2 left the skies of the recruit camp at high speeds.

Both recruits who had gotten off the X-43B and wore the uniforms of the State of America raised their heads to look at the X2 that was leaving.

"Oh, Thomas. Do you see that ancient aircraft? Man, the East is still this ancient, eh. Did we come to the wrong place?"

"Whatever. James, the mission that the top gave us is to come to the recruit camp of East Asia and have a proper interaction with them. It is to see if there are any recruits of the East Asian Military Region that can threaten our State of Americas continuing dominance in the recruit tournament."

"Oh, Thomas. East Asia is already on the decline." Thomas, who had his head shaved bald, chewed on some bubblegum. He swayed his finger, not in the least bit concerned. "Ive always felt that coming to this place is of no value. The top should have dispatched us to the State of Europe, or maybe the State of Africa. I heard that this time around, Southwest Asia has some decent recruits. In brief, we shouldnt have come to East Asia, who have been on the decline in strength every year."

Thomas held a comb. He combed his golden long hair. "In any case, we are here now. Lets just pretend that we are on vacation, and things will be fine. It will be hard not to slaughter whatever trash there is here, and that is all we need to do."

"Who are you saying is trash?"

Kyokushin Genichis voice was not loud, but his bare feet slowly walked onto the airfield. His face was dark as he gazed at the two recruits of the State of America, who spoke conceited nonsense.

With the help of the squad leader, Kyokushin Genichis pain inside his body had just been eliminated. He had hurried his way to the airfield, having heard of some news from other people. He was still a step too late. It was impossible to discern victory or defeat between him and Du Peng. Yet, he just so happened to hear the words of these two recruits of the State of America.

"Oh, Neo Karate?" Thomas casually put on some headphones. He listened to some music that had an extremely strong and moving beat. He swaggered his way toward Kyokushin Genichi. His two arms swung out into a fist combat stance. "Are you interested in a bit of a contest?"

"Karate? Do you two need to come up together?"

Kyokushin Genichi cushioned in each sneer. He hadnt had a hint of fury appear on his face when his fellow countrymen Okamoto Takeshi had been defeated. However, he couldnt let anyone blaspheme only the reputation of Neo Karate.

"No no no. We of the state of America also have what is known as a warrior spirit." Thomas didnt continue to walk forward. Instead, he stood in place. He swayed his body very much to a beat. "One-on-one. You and I will play."


Kyokushin Genichi didnt want to be polite to his opponent. The level 2 fusion biochemical beast was completely activated. His skin shone with the luster of metal, and his two legs tread the ground in a dash out the gate. His body heaved up and down like a wild horse galloping like crazy. He arrived before Thomas in an instant. His wrist collapsed, his palm transforming into the form of a blade. The blade slashed out an arc that cut through the air, striking the target right in the temple.

Thomass lips carried the faint smile of ridicule. His two arms protected the left and right of his head. The counter guard raise blocked all routes of the blade.

Kyokushin Genichis lips lifted into a faint smile. There were differences among biochemical beasts! The biochemical beast fused within his body was an extremely rare metal type biochemical beast! He didnt need to deliberately go temper in tenacious arts. The hardness of his body already far exceeded the imagination of a normal person, let alone the fact that his Kyokushin Karate had an extreme emphasis on tenacious arts. For this sake, he even consulted the Iron Mantle and other Body Protection Energy Arts.

Such a strike could defeat even a true black bear, let alone a human whose figure was built like a black bear! Kyokushin Genichi had confidence in himself that this knife hand strike would be able to cleave a black bear in two halves.

In the instant the two sides clashed, the muscles upon Thomas his arms suddenly and completely went tense. If faintly gave one a sort of tactile sensation like Damascus steel.

Steel War Body? Before Kyokushin Genichi could react, the knife hand of his right arm was just like a knife chopping onto true elite steel. The intense pain was so much that it caused his bones to ring with a slight groan.

In his instant of pain, Kyokushin Genichis eyes suddenly flashed with a streak of darkness. It was a move that he was extremely familiar with in Neo Karate Rock Shattering Straight Punch!

As the thought flashed in his mind, the enormous fist smashed into Kyokushin Genichis face. The fiery hot pain caused him to lose control over the tears of his eyes, and tears flowed out. A large hand grabbed onto his shoulder, and he immediately felt his two legs leave the ground. He lost all sense of balance, falling heavily to the ground. Not only had that tyrannical power forcefully dispersed his protective true energy and biochemical beast fusion, it also caused his entire person to faint on the spot.

"What a weakling."

Thomas didnt even spare Kyokushin Genichi, who was on the ground, a glance. He shook his head and picked up his luggage, which he had tossed to the ground for the time being for the fight. He casually shouldered the pack, and he tilted his head as he spoke to James. "Lets go. Lets go see the highest-ranking officer here. Our holiday vacation begins from today on"

The X2 flew for a certain distance before it stopped in the skies above an island, which wasnt really that big. Looking down from high above, one could even see the complete view of this island quite clearly.

Two active volcanoes endlessly belched out dense black smoke. That showed that these volcanoes situated here were in extremely unstable states.

Aside from the two very conspicuous volcanoes, the entire island was covered with lush green vegetation. From high above, Qin Fen couldnt even see the location of the living quarters for the training. He was also unable to see the landing spot for the X2.

The X2 was smoothly descending by now. It ultimately hovered above the jungle, but the pilot didnt choose to descend completely.

The seasoned soldier who sat in the seat next to the pilot tossed Du Peng and Qin Fen each a map. "Kids, this is the place you need to get to for training. You can leave right now."

Leave?Qin Fen looked at the height from the helicopter to the ground. He could only smile bitterly. "Is there a point to this?"

"Kid, you two have been recommended, but this place is not necessarily a place that will accept everyone who has been recommended. All the people who come to this island will have to go through tests. The losers will be none other than the eliminated"

The copilot spoke halfway before he looked at Qin Fen, dumbstruck. "Kid, what the hell are you doing?"

Qin Fen held no tools in his hands, but he revealed his unique skill in dismantling weapons. He had used this skill many times on the battle network, but this time, he was in reality. This wastrue and genuine combat!

Du Peng didnt say anything. He was just as silent as Qin Fen. His two hands were a bit slower than Qin Fens as he engaged in dismantling items within the ammunition chest, helping Qin Fen from the side.

"I have yet to be clear about what sort of dangers and tests are down below." Qin Fen didnt even raise his head as he said, "However, I know that the test should not be limited to just this item. If I am eliminated and sent back home, my drill instructor will scold me to death. For the sake of not causing them to lose face, I need to pass through all the tests in the easiest way possible. Therefore I am sorry"

"Kid, I order you to stay your hand! Otherwise "

The copilot quickly whipped out a pistol from his waist. By the time he raised his head, the six pitch-black barrels of the M134 Vulcan Cannon that had been installed on the X2 was plastered to his skull.

"I am very sorry" Qin Fen had an apologetic face. "My drill instructor told me that I can instantly judge anyone to be an enemy the moment they raise a gun toward me and launch a counterattack towards him or her. Therefore, please hand the weapon in your hand to my companion, okay?"

Though this tone was that of discussion, the copilot could feel that Qin Fen really was holding a very serious attitude. This was no discussion, but rather a pure order.

"Can I ask you to do the same with the two defensive highly explosive fragmentation killing grenades on your waist and the two offensive highly explosive combustion grenades? Can you give them all to me?"

When faced with the seasoned soldier handing him his weapons, Qin Fen carried a bit of an apologetic gaze. He stared at the four grenades on the soldiers waist. The two offensive highly explosive combustible grenades could be considered excellent weapons in the tropical rain forest environment beneath them.

The seasoned soldiers smile was better to the utmost degree. He had served as a soldier for so many years, and this was the first time he had been robbed by a recruit.

Du Peng took away the four grenades, and he gave Qin Fen a gentle thumbs up. He was worthy of being a recruit that mingled with Squad Leader Hao. He actually dared to rob from someone of the older generation. Qin Fens thoughts were great. They were out of the norm.

Qin Fen tossed two bundles of rope down the helicopter. He grabbed the M134 Vulcan Cannon in his hand and slid down the rope. As he did this, he faced the seasoned soldiers and spoke a reminder out of goodwill. "If you plan on cutting the rope or untying the rope, then I will likely pull the trigger of the M134 Vulcan Cannon and accidentally shoot the X2 in my confusion. If such a thing were to truly happen, I ask you two seniors to please forgive me."

The pilot and copilot of the X2 had changes in expressions on their faces that were far too marvelous. The recruit had totally predicted and warned them about the last thing that they planned to do.

They watched as Qin Fen and Du Peng slid down the ropes. The way the two recruits slid down into the rainforest caused the two pilots to whisper praise at the same time. "I wonder what the identities of these recruits are. Their strengths are quite unique."

Qin Fen slightly wrinkled his brow as he entered the rainforest. He had only experienced the rainforest environment in a simulator before. However, the simulation could not compare to the real rainforest. The humidity of the air was so great it felt like one could squeeze water of the air just by grasping it.

Du Peng bent his waist like a cat as he stood by Qin Fens side. Two eyes observed all around them with vigilance. Both of them had a feeling that they were being looked at with gazes that harbored evil intentions.

"The two recruits hold weapons that surpassed those which were scheduled in the plan. They simply pass the test. Notify the people in the distance who are making ambush preparations. If they dont want to die, then they should choose to retreat. These two recruits have eyes that shine with a fierce glow. There are truly willing to engage in life or death combat."

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