The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 281

Chapter 281 Stepping On The Road To Pinnacle.

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"True energy concurrent oscillations." Master slightly raised his chin, looking at the endless sky. "I really didnt expect you to comprehend it on your own. At your age, I had still not comprehended the true energy oscillations method. You are better than me in this regard."

"You" Qin Fen stared at Master in a daze. Slowly, he pursed his lips into a faint self-deprecating smile. The opposite party was known as a black hole level expert. Others might not be able to think of this true energy oscillations, but as an expert claiming to have studied the martial dao to a very deep depth, it might really not be anything.

"Haha" Master waved his hand to Qin Fen. "Originally, I was going to wait until you have improved your true energy control a bit more, only then was I going to teach you. But who would have thought that you would take the lead and comprehend it on your own, and even find out the control method."

"Master." Qin Fen bowed in courtesy like a disciple and nodded. "Lets talk about it again. I feel like I have only just touched the initial threshold of this true energy oscillations. There is still a long way to go from truly understanding the true energy oscillations."

A gratified smile flashed past Masters face. He waved his hand as a huge screen appeared in the dark space, projecting an entire complex network of meridians in the human body. The true energy distributed in every corner of meridians was visible to naked eyes.

"Kid, this the record of true energy oscillations in your body from back then." Master waved his hand, once more, as the screen turned bigger, finally magnifying every tiny meridian of Qin Fen. "Take a look yourself."

Qin Fens eyes widened as he stared at the true energy oscillating on the screen. It gave the clearest view of true energy in meridians, which was next to impossible for the others.

Of course, once one could reach the legendary level of Earth Martial God Song Wendong, at which one would have a complete insight, he or she too could observe it in detail like this.

When the tiny meridians were of the same size as that in the human body, Qin Fen saw that the true energy distribution was very uniform. But after they were constantly magnified, Qin Fens face slowly sunk as he noticed that the uniform true energy became very unbalanced, like a rugged mountain range.

This is my true energy distribution!?The corner of Qin Fens eyes twitched slightly.This is my true energy distribution! So rugged!?

Qin Fen drew a breath of cold air.I am actually alive after carrying out true energy oscillations with this level of true energy distribution!?

Thump thump

Suddenly, the true energy in the meridians expanded before quickly turning calm, as if the heart had started beating for a bit.

Qin Fens ashen face turned darker.That was really my oscillation? That perfect oscillation actually became so disorderly, there is simply no synchronization!

"What do you think?" Master looked at Qin Fen, smiling.

"This" Qin Fen winked as he pursed his lips into a wry smile. "I should truly count my luck that my injuries hadnt been aggravated by the oscillations."

"You are indeed a bit lucky." Master nodded in agreement. "Your oscillations were just enough to pass the basic line. Once you have crossed that line, the oscillations wont injure your body. On the contrary, they will help you recover."

"Oh" Qin Fen lightly patted his chest, a bit reassured.

Paleo martial arts were very dangerous. If one wasnt good, he could even have qigong deviations. It wouldnt be surprising to have fecal incontinence or body paralysis.

True energy oscillations method was something that was created entirely through self-exploration. It was even more dangerous in paleo martial arts. God knows how many martial dao-level figures had been afflicted by strange hidden sequela due to slight inattention while trying to explore and create their own martial arts on the road of martial dao.

Rumor had it that there was once a famous martial dao master who had his male reproductive organs wither slowly and finally completely disappear just because of slight mishap in cultivation.

"True energy oscillations" Master slowly started speaking as several screens appeared in the sky. On each screen was a human meridian network with true energy oscillations. "Need a precise control over ones strength, only then it is possible. It can indeed improve your cultivation speed as well. But the prerequisite control increases with the enhancement in your strength."

Qin Fen slowly nodded.It seems that there was no mistake in my way of thinking. The Dragon Elephant Prajna Art can truly increase the strength of oscillations. There was no mistake in taking the risk to experiment it, its just that the control was truly lacking.

"However" Master gave a kind smile. "Thats just the most basic level of true energy oscillations, thats all."

Most basic level!Qin Fens nodded neck turned stiff as he looked blankly at Master.This is just the most basic level!? Then, whats advanced level!?

"The advanced level than this basic level is, this." Master pointed at a screen floating in the air. "This is a more advanced level than yours."

"The frequency of these oscillations" Qin Fen stared blankly at the human figure in the sky. The true energy oscillating in the meridians wasnt oscillating in a uniform manner, but rather when they oscillated, they would oscillate quickly for a moment and switch to slower oscillation in the next. As he continued to observe, these different oscillation frequencies constituted a unique cyclic oscillation.

"Yes, this is called a cyclic oscillations method." Master waved his hand as the screens floating in the sky disappeared. "In this way, a higher strength will have a faster speed."

Qin Fen slightly nodded his acknowledgment. The control required for a constant frequency operating mode was simpler than the control required for a cyclic oscillation method that was composed of this kind of varying frequency.

"If you reached this level." Master snapped his finger as the huge screen reappeared in the sky. "Thats also not the main focus and limit of true energy oscillations. This is an even more advanced method."

"This" Qin Fen approached a bit closer. In the meridians of the human figure, the true energy oscillation frequencies of several main meridians were different.

Clearly, all had different frequency yet they seemed to have a tacit resonance between them, mutually stimulating each other, leading to extraordinary growth.

"This is a different oscillation of the main meridians." Master waved his hand once more.

Immediately after, the projection of the human figure was replaced by a human without a face. "Lets see how it looks after we slow down the speed and take a closer look."

Under the surface, Qin Fen discovered that a change in the muscles, heart, and even bones occurred with every different true energy oscillations of main meridians.

That was a very subtle change. If Master hadnt slowed down the speed a lot and magnified the human figure a hundred times, these changes would have simply gone unnoticed.

"Thats right, this time, its not just speeding up the growth of true energy." Master pointed at the slowly transforming muscle cells. "At this level, the true energy oscillations can quickly promote the evolution of the body and change the body constitution. Martial artists cultivate not just true energy, but their bodies as well. Thats the true giant leap."

Qin Fen stared at the huge screen without batting his eyes. He had not expected that there was such a huge secret behind the threshold that he had mistakenly entered.

In the Federation, it was no secret that practicing martial arts could change the body constitution and promote the evolution of the body. As long as one practiced martial arts, his or her body would become different from ordinary people. The change in the constitution and the evolution of the body was already incredible.

Unconsciously, Qin Fens mouth became agape with incredulity. It had never even crossed his mind that the so-called change in constitution from practicing martial arts was just the most basic change of all. And far less effective as well as slower than the true energy oscillations in the meridians.

"Of course, as long as you can continue to practice martial arts, you can change your constitution. Its not wrong, but its very basic. But!" A sharp gleam shot out from Masters eyes as a gentle scholarly gleam full of excitement filled his eyes in the next moment. "As a martial artist, we should not pursue this kind of most basic thing, but should pursue the true limit of the human body and break it!"

Suddenly, Qin Fen felt suffocated as a tyrannical energy field broke out. Not just the true energy but the energy field suppression was far more magnificent than that of five major generals combined. It was pressing upon him like a true tsunami.

Masters figure slightly flickered as the excitement on his face disappeared and returned to the scholarly image that he generally had. His cheeks were slightly red. "Sorry, I was just too excited."

"No problem." Qin Fen shook his head. " Master, please tell me, whats a true expert?"

"Expert!?" Master pursed his lips into a little self-deprecating smile. "Actually, I am not suitable to teach the current you."

"I understand." Qin Fen nodded in acknowledgment. "Masters position is too high. Sometimes, if you accidentally say the wrong words, it will instead have an opposite effect, it would be no different than pulling up a seedling in the hopes of helping it to grow. In contrast, my drill instructors, who are far weaker than you, are more suitable for me because of this."

Master slowly nodded his agreement as admiration flashed past his eyes. "Kid, you are very intelligent. Many people believe that they can become a very strong expert by worshipping the strongest teacher. But in fact, the right one is the best."

Qin Fen recalled Squad Leader Haos words: "Dont think that we dont want to use our connection to find you stronger martial artists to teach you. If Guo Jing was taught by Hong Seventh Master, he would have become a third-rate disciple already. He should be grateful for the guidance of Seventh Monster of Jiangnan and Ma Weis."

Guo Jing! Hong Seventh Master! Seventh Monster of Jiangnan! Who are these people!?Qin Fen had not been able to understand so far.I have never heard of these people among martial dao experts. But I think these people should be experts of different levels!?

Raising his head, Qin Fen looked at the two black screens. Qin Fen slightly furrowed his brow.Is this level of vibration still not the strongest?

"If you reach that level, then, the next level you will have to face is the ultimate level." Master pointed at a screen. "Every meridian with a different oscillation."

Qin Fen silently stared at the huge screen. With the different oscillations of every meridian, another change appeared on the muscles and bones of varying parts of the body.

"Every location on a human body needs a different true energy oscillation." Master slowly started speaking. "Since you have only just touched the threshold of oscillations, your bones and muscles would still be improved, but it will be far less effective. With your control over oscillations, oscillating at different positions accordingly will be the best way to improve."

"Complete control!?" Qin Fen had a feeling that he could not laugh. "How much control would this need?"

Master just smiled, he didnt speak another word. Sometimes, telling everything required at all the stages to the opposite party would have detrimental effects.

For instance, a huge gap in ones strength and position would make others feel powerless, which would make them decadent.

"Then, what about the last screen?" Qin Fen was staring at the last screen with rapt attention. "If that oscillation was the ultimate goal, then whats the point of this screen?"

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