The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 307

Chapter 307 Im The King Among The Heroes Yin And Yang Limitless Double Dragon

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In the quiet arena, Qin Fen stood as how he did initially. He did not stop the six young martial artists from spreading out and surrounding him at all.

The night wind that blew against Qin Fens tattered military uniform created rustling sounds, and his silhouette under the moonlight stretched far.

Excited? Exhilarated?Qin Fen couldnt tell clearly what his mood was, but he felt the blood in his body boiling as if every cell was filled with battle intent.

Although his participation in this recruit tournament had enabled him to achieve a big breakthrough in his martial arts, it was all thanks to the help of the mysterious assassin. As for what he had learned from the martial arts competition of the recruit tournament the knowledge gained was quite scarce.

To be able to join such a tournament was not an opportunity everyone could get. If you are unable to learn anything from it, then it would be a big waste! Qin Fen smirked as he slowly turned his body and fixed his sight on the surrounding six young masters. The weakest among them was a seven-star; several others had reached their peak and were on the verge of a breakthrough. If they were to be serious, the odds of winning were not a hundred percent.

"Wait a minute"

The dark passage was filled with a remorseful roar. Mourad Tschick, who held his long scarlet marked metal spear in his hand walked out of the darkness, "Qin Fen, may I join too?"

One against seven? And it is the martial artist who almost broke through eight-star?Qin Fen raised his eyebrows slightly. If this one were to join, the battle tonight would be even more interesting.

"Okay, you may join too." Qin Fen hooked his finger. The victory or defeat of the battle was no longer important. He had already won quite a few championships in the tournament and had helped the aerial combat team as well as the mobile armor team in removing their obstacles. Having already achieved such contributions, the top priority would be to go all out and experience the martial skills from the recruits that came from around the world.

Mourad Tschick lept into the crowd and the metal spear in his hand trembled. The ice-cold sharpness had a murderous intent that shrouded Qin Fen the moment he landed.

Qin Fen couldnt help but take a look at the slightly trembling scarlet marked metal spear. This cold and sturdy spear that was capable of piercing through a car easily could be considered the most important thing to pay attention to in this battle.

At close range, the power of this spear far exceeded the threat of a pistol.


An ice cold metal sound rang. Another weapon with deterrence awakened from the sleeping scabbard on Brooks waist.

The shiny blade reflected the bright moonlight. The fine hairs on Qin Fens body blew straight up unconsciously, while his spirit became completely tense in an instant.

Facing such a large number of young masters that emitted auras that could push him down from the peak at the same time, Qin Fen felt for the first time that this was different from the sparring match with the veteran soldiers the other day, and was very much different from the battle network among the four-star martial artists.

The veteran soldiers had said that they were in their actual battle state during the battle, but they were still very cautious when they executed their movements. In the battle network group battle, they knew that even if they were hit, they would at most disappear from the network and return in a few days with no actual harm to the body. Therefore, they would naturally be calmer.

It was different today! This was a battle with real knives, actual guns, and fists that hit the flesh. The opponents were no longer the cautious veteran soldiers, but a group of young people who were trying desperately to stand on the top of the recruit martial artists! With every move they made, there would be an exertion of extraordinary strength, as there would be no chance at all for them to use only eighty percent of their strength.

This is the feeling! This is the feeling!Qin Fen closed his eyes excitedly and took in a deep breath. After returning from the Golden Triangle, he had not felt the sense of danger that had been drilled out of his bones for a long time. His body was hence somewhat rusted, otherwise, he wouldnt have been successfully ambushed by the assassin that lurked in the dark.

"Qin Fen, are you ready?" Caesar opened his mouth slowly. As the siege party, no one wanted to take even more advantages from him. When fairness was required, they would try their best to be fair.

"Ready!" Qin Fens laughter was filled with a heroic spirit, "All of you come together! Let me witness what kind of tyrannical power could be released when the worlds heroic recruits join forces!"

None of the seven recruits replied. Everyone had already entered the preoccupied state of mind. At this time if they were distracted, the spirit would reveal a flaw and become the breakthrough point for the surrounded Qin Fen.

As Qin Fen saw that everyone was no longer talking but instead increasing their combat performance, he released a laugh. The Dragon Elephant Prajna Art in his body was sent out to every meridian in his body, every corner and every inch of his skin without restraint.

A quiet roar sprouted from Qin Fens throat, and the seven recruits around him became shocked. Even the surrounding audience was surprised. Bai Sheng had given up his crossed-legged sitting posture and leaned forward to look at Qin Fen.

At this moment, Qin Fens fully activated Dragon Elephant Prajna Art was running around in his body. The muscles of his body were bouncing and green-colored veins jumped gradually with the rushed flow of the blood, like a crisscrossed spider web that covered his whole body. Even his bones made continuous stretching sounds at this moment.

In a twinkling of an eye, Qin Fen turned from a one-point-eight-meter tall young man to an almost two-meter tall solid metal monster that was cast in ferrous metal. The strong Golden Lion Pat that stood in front of him, on the contrary, did not appear as heroic in his former heroic stance.

With Qin Fens sudden transformation, the military uniform that covered his body once again made tearing sounds. The beating muscles matched the sound of the blood flow in his blood vessels, making faint muffling thunder sounds in his body. The ground that was tortured by his foot once again rumbled with continuous moans.

What is this? Is this the huge magical gorilla that time traveled from the ancient mythological era?The crowd was shocked by Qin Fens terrifying transformation.

At this moment, Zhao Huzi laughed all of a sudden. The scene on the battlefield had suddenly become very interesting to him. The seven young martial artists were like the warriors of justice in fantasy novels. They had swordsmen, gunmen, and martial artists. They just lacked a magician and a cleric.

Qin Fen, who stood in the middle of the crowd was like a big demon who had lost all his underlings and was about to be vanquished by the warriors that penetrated his magic castle.

Bai Sheng looked at Qin Fen with a stunned expression. Which kind of martial art practice is this? Qin Fen is definitely a paleo martial artist! How could this kind of paleo martial arts that was never heard of turn someone into such a thing?

Pa pa!

Qin Fen grasped his ten fingers with force suddenly. The explosive air that contracted in the grasp was almost as loud as the sound of a small cannon.

The sounds of the explosive air grasp were heard and the hearts of the audience shrank. Qin Fens mouth unleashed a long roar as the aura of his power increased tremendously.

"Lets move!"

Caesars deafening shout interrupted Qin Fens long roar. He could no longer continue to endure. If he allowed Qin Fen to continue increasing this aura of power, everyone may not even fight in the end, as their valor battle spirit would be too shaken by the visual and audio shock.


The battle unfolded suddenly. Although the seven young masters did not train in any team battle together before, all of them had walked a short distance on the martial dao and had different forms of acknowledgment. The moment they made their move, they naturally matched each other well.

Mourad Tschick shook the scarlet marked spear in his hand and drew a red-hot spark in the air, with a sharpness enough to pierce the long rifles of a World War II armored vehicle along with a sharp whistling sound. He took advantage of the spears length and was the first to appear in front of Qin Fen. The ice-cold spearhead pierced through the air and was directed towards Qin Fens eyebrows.

To kill!Mourad Tschick had never treated this battle as a test and his goal was very clear from the beginning of the tournament.Kill Qin Fen and avenge his two comrades!

The immense killing intent made Qin Fen squeeze his eyebrows. With an extension of his arm, he quickly caught the spear.

Mourad Tschicks eyes burst with a hint of thrilling enthusiasm. If Caesar could strike the spearhead, Qin Fen could naturally also strike it! He already knew about this and was ready to retract it upon the thrust! The real threat was actually the saber from the eight-star martial artist Brooks!

This spear?Mourad Tschicks eyes were full of excitement and cold smiles.This spear! It used his own vengeful emotions to lure Qin Fen into misjudgment and into grabbing the spear.

If it was a normal encounter, Mourad Tschick would naturally not have the guts to strike with such an attack while he prepared stealthily in retracting the spear. It would be a trick that would be easily be seen through by Qin Fen.

However, it was different today! Qin Fen was faced simultaneously with seven other top masters from around the world. Being controlled by everyones aura, even if he was a nine-star or a ten-star, he would also be restricted or covered by the locked restriction aura, and would have problems judging.

What?Mourad Tschick was shocked suddenly.My spear was clearly pulled backward. Why is there an opposing force instead?

Im caught!Mourad Tschick was once again shocked.How could the long spear which he had already prepared to retract be caught?Without waiting for him to react, there was a burning pain in the palm of both his hands. The familiar spear had left his palm, without allowing any time for him to activate the hidden mechanism.

Qin Fen reached out and held onto the big spearhead without returning the spear. The Damascus blade clashed a series of beautiful sparks on the spear. Brooks finally understood why Caesar would be defeated!What power is this? The blade in my hand is so hard to hold on to!

Caesar was already in sight!

The Nine Sun Divine Art that he regrouped was better than before. The soles of his feet had short contact with the ground and as if he was a car that was out of control, the Annihilation Of The Whole Clan from the Emperor Fist punched into Qin Fens chest. The huge sound of the impact made from the punch was not inferior to Qin Fens. As long as this punch lands, regardless of Qin Fens training of whichever divine body art, if he was not dead, he would only be left with half of his life.

After being defeated by Qin Fen with a fist, the strongest European recruit finally unleashed all his real power. With Nine Sun Divine Arts explosive and successive push, the first step was the Annihilation of the Whole Clan fist that was accumulated from the Nine Paths of True Energies. It was like an ancient tyrant who was under wrath!

Qin Fens eyebrows wrinkled and admired Caesars impeccable timing in his heart! He matched Alices Saints Hook from Monkey Fist, and it was executed at the exact same time with no slight difference at all!

However, the really terrifying thing was Solomon. The young master who was also well known in the European recruit world for having movements as silent as a shadow. While he matched Alices movement, he plunged towards Qin Fen.

Golden Lion Pats eyes erupted with excitement and felt fortunate enough to have just suffered a slight injury that affected his speed. He could now truly maintain a strong offense with Alice.

From four directions, the four young masters made their moves at the same time. If their attack was against a group of iron-casted humans, they would probably be smashed. Not to mention there was one more person no! It was a dragon that had joined the battle now, Little Dragon King Yang Lie! The Five Dragon Fist that Qin Fen had never seen had his body speed matched with the other four while he kept his arms hidden! It was a form of a dragon, a hidden dragon!

For any kind of attack, as long there was a movement in the hands, the intention could be easily revealed. With both his hands hidden, it was like a hidden dragon in the water!

Who will really strike Qin Fen?Caesar was more inclined to Little Dragon King Yang Lie and hoped that the American leader would land a hit! His Hidden Fist Dragon of the Five Dragon Fist was a killer technique that had no form or shape.

Qin Fen made Brooks retreat with a strike from the spear. His palms released the metal spear and he retracted his arms using the shock from the retaliation. From the same retaliation shock, his feet finally left the position that he had never moved from. He twisted his body and swung out his two arms that resembled two dragons that emerged from the water.

There was more than one move in the Martial Emperor Dragon Fists, but no one could force Qin Fen to use the second move. This second move was designed especially for group battles. If he had enough time to be prepared during the frontal attack from the ninth on the blood ranking, the second move of the Martial Emperor Dragon Fists would have probablybeen used.

Unfortunately, there was no time for Qin Fen to use this move when he was ambushed that day. The usage today made Bai Sheng who re-collected Qin Fens information, open his mouth again suddenly.

Martial Emperor Dragon Fists. Yin and Yang Limitless Double Dragon!

Qin Fens two arms moved. At this moment, the path taken was not all firm and fierce. The right arm was firm and fierce as before, but the left arm was gentle like a stream.

This move was a special move that Qin Fen adapted from various Dragon Fists fused with Tai Chi Yin Yang Fish.

A fish, as long as it crossed the dragon gate, would turn into a dragon! With Qin Fens double dragon, the two forces of rigidness and softness gathered in his body at the same time. Although it was impossible to mix rigid and soft, when the two were used together at the same time on different arms, it had amazing effects.

The dancing arms of Qin Fen were like two dragons hovering around his body at high speed, and the air was cracked in strips, just like two real dragons protecting the emperors body.

Qin Fens dragon-like arms combined with the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art, if exaggerated, could be compared to a Jungle Ranger Mobile Armor that could be mobilized without any fuel!

With a fierce body twist, the double dragon and the five young masters who made their move collided with each other. At this moment, the sands and rocks were everywhere, and the whole arena seemed to be shaking. If one had their eyes closed, they would have thought that it was a battle between mobile armors. It was hard to imagine that it was just a group of young people fighting here.

In a flash, the cement that covered the surface had long been gone. The cemented stone floor was filled with potholes as if a heavy construction machine had just passed through this place.

This time, the five young martial artists went all out in this fight, ignoring the possibility of the injuries caused by the battle collision being suppressed. The destructive power was naturally amazing.

If any other martial artists from the past recruit tournaments were to be pitted into the middle of this battle, it would be possible that there would be no need for a hospital visit, it would be better to make a direct call to the crematorium to pick up the body.

Its a pity that the person that stood in the middle was not anyone else but Qin Fen, who stood at the peak of martial artists in the history of the recruit tournament! One move of the Martial Emperor Dragon Fists. Yin and Yang Limitless Double Dragon was enough to shock the whole arena. With every fist that came into contact, it gave off the feeling that itd surely blast a young martial artist away!

In the blink of an eye, the five figures quickly withdrew, and Qin Fen had no one surrounding him once again.

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