The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 342

Chapter 342 My Turf My Rules

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The night gradually faded. There was a layer of a light gray mist that flowed between the heavens and the earth, preventing people from looking beyond the distance.

Rhythmic voices sounded on the empty beach. Twenty-two young men, dressed in heavy lead clothes, ran on the beach. Based on the depth which the sand sunk under their feet, it was apparent that it weighed hundreds of catty, completely out of proportion with their body weight of only one hundred and forty catty.

"Lin Feng, do you think that the Captain will reach a depth of four hundred meters today?" Yu Xiao puffed out a white breath, as he looked towards the direction of the sea curiously.

Lin Feng, who was running at the forefront of the team, was gasping for air like a cow. His forehead was already covered with beads of sweat. He also turned his head to look at the mist-covered sea, and his heart filled with excitement. Its only been two months of cultivation in the deep sea and the captain managed to force the depth of his dives from three hundred meters to four hundred meters. It was really unbelievable.

"Old Yu, you need not to worry about the captain." Wu Hui smiled and wiped off the beads of sweat on his forehead, "Yesterday, you seemed to have used even the most advanced electronic targeting instrument, and you lost to the captain, who used a World War II era gun, badly. How much more shameful can you get?"

Yu Xiaos handsome face got flustered, "Old Wu, if you have time to ask me about humiliation, why not think about yourself! Yesterday, you were making a big scene at the city council. You fell for the captains sling trap and was suspended for thirty-five minutes on the city council tree before you could break free. I dont know how many people took pictures as a memento."

Lin Feng shook his head again and again, but his face was filled with satisfaction. The time in which the captain took over was not long but not short either. In two months, not only did he make the troublesome group obedient, he also came up with the weird training method that made people eat one bite of food and spit out two. He was pushing the special security detachments martial dao strength into the six-star class!

The result had shocked the entire police station.

However, this was not the most surprising thing for Tianbeis police station.

What was really surprising was the true combat power of this special security detachment. There were also many six-star martial artists in the Tianbei City Police Department. Among them were many old-fashioned star-class martial artists, and they were extremely rich in combat experiences. They were almost invincible in the six-star world.

However, no one would have anticipated that the troublesome policemen, who had improved their strength not too long ago, would manage to defeat the six-star martial artist with three punches and two kicks in a spar with the old-fashioned six-star martial artist.

When such news spread, it immediately attracted the attention of the other six-star martial artists. Even the defeated felt a little dissatisfied and requested to spar again.

Soon, in a short one week period, the six-star martial artists of the Tianbei Police Department had to admit a very cruel fact: these "novices" that had just been promoted not long ago were shockingly powerful! They had surpassed the old-fashioned six-star martial artists in the control of true energy.

What was even more unacceptable was their stamina and strength.Each and every one of them seemed to never get tired. Not only was their concentration of true energy terrifying, even the power of their flesh gave those who they fought with a headache. [1]

Thinking back of the sparring days, the arc on Lin Fengs lips became even more obvious. It was so cool to be able to use the Arhat Fist exercise fighting technique to fight with the old-fashioned six-star martial artists.

Wu Hui smiled and enjoyed the sea breeze that blew on his face. The fatigue of his body had been completely replaced by the happiness of his heart.

In the past, the special security detachment in Tianbei City Police Department was a small group of bullies that people were scared of and avoided. Everyone knew that the other police officers were not really afraid of the special security detachment itself, but of the power behind them, which was why they gave a little more face.

Today, although the special security detachment was still a small group that made gods anxious upon sight, the eyes of the public had some other feelings. It was filled with surprise and recognition; a surprise towards the growth of strength and the recognition of the effort to improve their strength through hard training.

Only the personnel of the Tianbei Police Station knew how hard the training of special security detachment was. All of them trained after opening their eyes.

If they went to the police station with nothing to do, they would be thrown straight into the martial dao hall to wear the heavy lead training suit to practice fist techniques. The practice of Arhat Fist started the moment work begins and kept going until lunchtime. Only then were they allowed to rest.

In the afternoon, if they were not practicing Hong Quan, they would be practicing the twenty-four style simplified Tai Chi boxing, or else they would be meditating to cultivate their true energy.

Even in the evening, they would all surf the Sky Battle Network, and they followed Dragon Hall for expeditions. Lately, Dragon Hall, which had sovereign power over five streets, had been fighting forcefully with the nearby Tianyi Sect, who had sovereign power over ten streets.

However, the owner of Dragon Hall, Qin Fen, never entered the Sky Battle Network, which made Lin Feng and others very puzzled.

"Oh? Captain, how many meters today?" Yu Xiao looked at the silhouette that appeared in the mist as he exited the sea and smiled, "Did you reach four hundred meters?"

Everyone looked in the direction of where Yu Xiao was speaking. Qin Fens figure was clear in the thin mist. Although they could not see his facial features, they could still feel from the firm and fierce aura of power from the mist. This person was the deputy captain Qin Fen!

"Four hundred and five."

Qin Fen walked forward slowly, and his skin released the true energy oscillation which blew the surrounding mist away. In two months, his true energy oscillation was no longer comparable to the past. The power essence of Wang Yings first technique was absorbed completely.

As he walked out of the mist, everyone once again saw Qin Fens artistic body, one without a trace of excessive flesh. His muscle line was smooth and not clumsy. Just by the appearance, it could be felt that he was more powerful compared to how he was two months ago.

"Its almost time." Qin Fen took the clothes that were delivered by Yu Xiao, "Lets have breakfast."

In the fog, twenty-two people gave a cheer and the majestic aura seemed to disperse the heavy fog.

Qin Fen turned to look at the sea behind him and his heart exclaimed. It had been two months, every day was a life simpler than his life in the army. Other than self-cultivation, he only needed to train these men.

In addition, there were occasional martial artist challenges in order to become Song Wendongs grandson-in-law. Usually, the troublesome group would call the hospital happily to prepare an ambulance to send the challenger who would be seriously injured by one punch to the hospital.

The waves gushed to the shore along with the sea breeze, hitting Qin Fens ankle. The chill of the seawater was felt throughout his body. Qin Fen shook his head and sighed. After two months of hard training, his true energy kept improving and his control power had even greater progress. He even deeply grasped the masters anatomy diagram, but he still could not enter ten-star, reaching the realm of True Inborn Blood Transfusion Rebirth.

Ten stars, this is a hurdle! Some people would stop at the strength of nine stars for life!

Qin Fen sighed as he faced the sky. A breath that could be seen by the naked eyes had dispersed in the winter fog, but not the stagnation in his heart. The son of Venus White Tiger Jarl Lassen, Young Hades should have entered the True Inborn Blood Transfusion Rebirth very early.

Ten stars? Eleven-stars? Young Hades was definitely not an ordinary ten-star or eleven-star! Creator Brooks, Great Emperor Caesar also had the ability to do leap-level challenges, it was impossible that the Young Netherworld King Hades did not have this ability.

"Captain." Yu Xiao started the car and asked, "Today, shall we go to Chen Ruos home to have a look?"

Qin Fen nodded gently.After coming to Tianbei City for two months, he had been to Chen Ruo Ruos home for no more than thirty times, but he never saw the two sisters of SnakeHead. They seemed to be very busy. Qin Fen would miss them every visit.

The people of the special security detachment had also become accustomed to going to Chen Ruo Ruos home to try their luck.

Another miss

Qin Fen looked at the iron door which was locked tightly and shook his head weakly. This result was not unexpected. Fortunately, the neighbors claimed that the two sisters had always lived here, or else he would have thought that they were not living here.

"Since they arent around" Yu Xiao said quietly, "Lets go eat first?"

"I will be able to meet them eventually." Qin Fen looked at the iron gate and talked to himself in a low voice, "The final exam should be near. Even if I cant meet them now, I should still be able to meet them after their exam, right?"

Twenty-two magnetic flying car took off. After breakfast, they came to the Tianbei Police Station and start a new day of work, or rather, training.

However, someone came in earlier than Qin Fen and the otherstoday.

On the top floor of the main building of the Tianbei Police Station, Police Chief Han Jing stood in front of the window. He stared at Qin Fen with his eyes full of admiration and doubts alongside the twenty-two slick heads behind him.

"Dont tell me, he is really not sent by the higher power to investigate the matter?" Han Jing held his chin with one hand, "I still wont take it lightly. The special security detachment that has never been obedient to anyone had surrendered to him. This kind of persons ability must not be belittled."

Han Jing raised his hand and rubbed his temple. Currently, the special security detachment had become a private force for Qin Fen. This had completely become his turf, and the special security detachment belonged to Qin Fens personal special team! While they really belonged to the federal government police community, their hearts didnt belong there.

For two months, these people had treated Qin Fen as their boss. Although he was the youngest of the group, this did not prevent his personal authority from rising.

The special security detachment usually did not have any work, but they would still have meetings once in a few days.

Two months ago, Lin Feng and others would find all sorts of excuses to take leave and would not attend any meetings at all. Once Qin Fen became the deputy captain, all of them attended the meetings punctually, otherwise, their training would double and they would not even have the strength to cry.

Qin Fens prestige was often reflected in these meetings.

The special security detachment captain was another Deputy Bureau Chief. He usually didnt appear in the special security detachment office. He would only appear when there was a meeting.

At each meeting, the Captain would always ask, "Does anyone have any opinions on this matter?"

The eyes of twenty-two troublesome policemen would all look at Qin Fen at the same time.

If Qin Fen said, "Agree," then twenty-two troublesome policemen would immediately nod and answer, "Agree!"

If Qin Fen hesitated a little, or if he got lost thinking about martial dao, then the Captain would say immediately, "I think this matter should be considered properly"

"Ai" Han Jing shook his head and returned to his seat, "He was able to conquer these troublesome policemen, Qin Fen is equivalent to a huge hidden force that appeared out of thin air. Perhaps he had not noticed it yet, but by the time he knows how to use this power, itll be quite amazing."

"Captain, you are?"

In the special security detachment room, Lin Feng suddenly screamedand attracted everyones attention. Qin Fenusually never touched the Sky Battle Network. Today, he actually picked up the Sky Battle Network helmet which Yu Xiao had spent money to repair.

"What else can I do?" Qin Fen looked at the empty doorway, "Nothing to do, I will just go in and practice."

Going in and practice?Twenty-two people stared at Qin Fen with gazes carrying hints of bafflement. In the past, everyone surrounded him and persuaded him to participate. This captain had always responded, "Dont want to."

What was it today? Was it because the sea was too cold and froze him? Does he have a fever? Was his brain burned out?

"Its time." Qin Fen sighed and laid on the sofa. He put the helmet on his head.

A few days ago, it wasnt that he didnt want to enter the Sky Battle Network, but rather, he had too many combat experiences and the experiences were not completely understood.

His strength these days had advanced by leaps and bounds [2]. It was inseparable from the previous battles. Every day, he managed to digest and absorbed calmly. If he did not absorb the experience fully, even if he dived into the Sky Battle Network, it would not help much with the promotion. Instead, it would be a waste of time.

In the words of his master, martial arts was like eating. If someone was already full from eating, even if he still insisted on eating, the result would only be to eat and not digest.

It was the same for martial arts. Qin Fen had too many things on his mind for the past few days. The essence of Buddhas Vanquishing Devil Palm, Wang Yings Magnolia Flower and Immortal Divine Art of Flight Levitation, the skills of Caesar, Yang Lie and others, as well as Sacred Martial Halls Wu Jing. To be able to integrate them completely and integrate with his own Martial Emperor Dragon Fists and other fist techniques, it would need a lot of time.

In the sea today, Qin Fen had finally integrated all of this, but if he wanted to completely thread it together, a battle was needed. He needed to thread it together in an actual battle.

For a battle in reality, the fists and feet had no eyes. The attacks would naturally have misgivings. It would not be able to execute completely. Qin Fen had to choose Sky Battle Network, which would not cause death, yet had other peripheral details that imitated reality.

Fight vigorously and thoroughly integrating the martial dao, and then maybe I can enter the ten star-class and reach the True Inborn Blood Transfusion Rebirth!


The helmet connected, and darkness fell before Qin Fen


Wu Huis personal phone rang, "Hey, Im Wu Hui. What? Chen Ruo Ruos appeared? She went home? Thats good! You take care of her secretly, we are waiting for the captain to finish his work and we will go over immediately!"

The troublesome policemen laughed at each other. The Captain had been looking for this Chen Ruo Ruo but was always unable to find her. Everyone else simply hired someone who stayed at the door of Chen Ruoruo. As long as she went home, they would receive the news first hand.

"Finally found her" Yu Xiao said with a long breath, "I dont know what kind of relationship the Captain and that Chen Ruoruo has but he was so persistent. He attempted to find her thirty-nine times in two months."

"Thats true." Lin Feng leaned against the wall, "We have forgotten to ask. When the captain comes out from there, we should ask."

Wu Hui walked back to his desk and found a Sky Battle Network helmet from the box. After finding out that Qin Fen was Thirty-Six Hours, he had secretly prepared another helmet that could connect to the Sky Battle Network and hid it in a box at his desk, just because he wanted to enjoy the heroic grace of the Captain in the battle network.

"Oh my! Wu Hui, you are too treacherous! You actually hid this thing!" Yu Xiao loudly condemned, and from under his desk, he also found the same helmet.

This year, the special security detachment had people who appreciate the captains grace. It wasnt just Wu Hui!

Yu Xiao and more than a dozen other people smirked. The troublesome policemen took the helmet from under the table and all had the same idea.

Money-sucking vampire, the owner of Dragon Hall, Thirty-Six Hours, did not use the Sky Battle Network? What a joke!

Although no one knew why Qin Fen never entered the battle network, they never believed that he would never enter. In order to be able to see the captains grace first hand, almost everyone had secretly gotten a helmet to be able to watch under the circumstances of the others not being able to see it.

However, there were too many people who had this idea. Twenty-one out of the twenty-two people had prepared helmets.

Lin Feng looked at his other companions with sorrow. He threw his body and flew directly onto Wu Huis body like an octopus, wrapping around him. "Huizi, are we good brothers!?"

"Other than today, we are always brothers!" Wu Hui raised his chin high and his expression was clearly brimming with brightness.

"How cruel!"

Lin Fengs eyes were as sorrowful as the ghosts of a banshee. Anyone who saw him would almost have a heart of compassion.

"Okay! In order to support the captain, I can only be cruel for today."

Wu Hui simply closed his eyes but his resolute expression seemed to raise others doubt. Even if someone threw a golden mountain right in front of him, he would not change his mind.

"I got the tickets for the Flying Hearts girl band!" Lin Fengs eyes were full of blood veins as he looked at Wu Hui with agony. "How? In a few days, the most popular group in the Federation, Flying Hearts girl band is coming to Tianbei for counter-terrorism concert! I know that everyone is looking for this ticket, but you did not get the best ticket. I have it in hand"

"What? Flying Hearts girl band"

Wu Huis eyes were filled with greed and enchantment. The ticket to the beautiful sisters was really hard to find. As long as a concert was held, people from all over the Federation would find a way to get the tickets.

"So how?" Lin Feng raised an eyebrow with a seductive expression, "I know you are a crazy fan of them! For the brothers, I could bear the pain"

Wu Huis eyes flashed his last struggle for a while. His hands which held the helmet shook a little and swayed. The two men crossed each other with a resolute decision, "Brothers still cant stand the temptation of the captain! This time, you dont need to endure this pain"

Lin Fen swore loudly.

Lin Fengs flipped his middle finger but Wu Hui did not see. His helmet had already made a beeping sound.

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