The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 430

Chapter 430 The Skydiving Monkey Of Godly Fists

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The five special forces soldiers that had met countless battles in the past replaced their past activeness with silence. They shook their heads gently and sighed. It was really unexpected that the operation team leader sent by the higher-ups this time was so outrageously strong in his composite strength.

Having the strength of a fifteen-star martial artist at such a young age was already a major feat, yet he also possessed an operating power that embodied him into a nightmare for the royal mobile armor warriors.

This guy is totally a monster!Lu Han and Lu Chu looked at Qin Fens eyes and knew that he was more than a fifteen-star martial artist. The Red Lotus Phantom on the battlefield earlier was like a velvet colored lightning, restraining him would require more than dozens of royal mobile armors at one go for the capture to succeed.

So? Qin Fen smiled faintly at the demolitions expert nearby, Jay Terry, Do you want to spar with me on demolitions techniques? Regarding explosives, I do have a little experience and have some understanding of the workings of explosive techniques.

Jay Terrys mind swayed and rattled like a pellet drum.

Everyone had read the information about Qin Fen. At first, they thought that it was just exaggerated for the interests of the new commanding officers respect. No one expected that the strength their commanding officer had performed was well beyond what the information is given.

Sparring explosion techniques with a certified explosives master?Jay Terry didnt wish to experience the nightmares suffered by Lu Han and Lu Chu.

The thing about reputation was that although it was worthless in terms of monetary value, the emotional damage to have ones reputation destroyed would still cause the person to lose sleep for countless nights.

Right now, everyone in the squad would rather believe that the information about Qin Fen was not detailed enough rather than dismissing it as an exaggeration.

This was a commanding officer that really came forward to carry out combat missions properly, not a slacker from the higher-ups who was only here for glory and achievements!

Im sure that everyone already has a better understanding of my abilities. Qin Fen placed the magnetic disk on the table, I also have a general understanding of everyones abilities, provided that the information given is true.

In a brief moment, Qin Fen had demonstrated his powerful abilities twice in a row, causing the five battle-hardened soldiers to forget that their new commanding officer was three months late for duty and was listening intently to their new commanding officer.

For this mission, Im sure everyone has at least some understanding about it. Qin Fen projected the information of the insect warriors and said confidently, However, I am confident that I know insect warriors more than any one of you here as I have fought with them before. Therefore, to complete our current objectives, we must execute it in a way where we have to mislead them to think that we will not succeed so that our enemies will hold their ground without deploying the insect warriors. Im sure that the higher-ups also have similar plans in mind. Otherwise, they wouldnt have only chosen six people for this mission.

Jessica Wehr nodded in agreement. Talented people were everywhere in the military. If one wished to annihilate a base, deploying great numbers of military personnel or even leveling the Sahara Desert with a ballistic missile would be the best option available.

Although the base may be sturdy enough to withstand one or two missiles, the militarys vast resources could allow for them to launch several more missiles.

However, the military did not opt for the bombing option this time and sent only a small spec-ops team instead. The intentions were clear they didnt want to alarm the target into evacuating with most of the useful information nor have them deliberately destroy it.

Even if the small team of six people was detected by the enemy from the base, the team may be mistaken for a skirmishing fireteam. As such, the enemy wouldnt be as alarmed and might take them lightly.

Since our objective is to prevent the opponent from acting too intensely, the best way is to make a direct assault! Qin Fen slammed his fist directly on the target base shown on the projected map, The opponent wont be as alarmed when they identify only six of us. They might not even be surprised and hence unable to react accordingly when they realize our fierce assault abilities.

Jessica Wehr nodded in agreement. Countless monitoring equipment should be installed around the perimeter of such a secretive base, making infiltration attacks the focus of their monitoring. A direct attack, however, would be a much better choice under such circumstances.

War was waged with unconventional strategies to surprise the enemy. This time, a very small number of elite soldiers were chosen to attack them head-on! Jessica Wehrs evaluation of Qin Fen became more positive once again. This young man has a smart and clear mind with a proper plan of action. No wonder his squad was categorized as SS grade intelligence on the information given.

Qin Fen went through the main details of the operation quickly and concisely. As he put away the electronic map, he walked to the Red Lotus Phantom mobile armor nearby and said, Everyone! Target! The Sahara Desert, Insect Warriors!

The Sahara Desert is considered the Earths largest desert, encompassing most of North Africa. It was the largest area of wildland on Earth besides Antarctica.

Here, there were large numbers of dry and waterless basins. The highlands were even rockier and devoid of most flora. With steep mountains and undulating sand dunes, It was a seemingly never-ending sea of sand.

The high heat made the air so dry that one could see water evaporating into the air from afar. The entirety of the desert was surrounded by suffocating golden sands.

This was the Sahara Desert, the largest desert on Earth. Formed millions of years ago and almost devoid of life, even the Federation Army only stationed here for a short while with occasional launching of automated scanners to identify the presence of terrorists that might be building a training camp here.

In the quiet yet disturbing skies of the Sahara Desert flew a large military aircraft with thunderous, roaring engine noises. Due to its low altitude of less than a hundred meters from the ground, dust of sand clouds were formed behind the tail of the plane.

Rising up and down, the sand clouds resembled a recently awoken dragon that slumbered for millennia.

The five special forces soldiers on the plane clenched their fists and stared at the huge screen in front of the plane.

Flying at low altitude! It was a commonly known rule to forbid flying in extremely low altitudes, even more so when flying over oceans and deserts.

The Sahara Desert wasnt as flat as the plains of Pingchuan. The desert was littered with countless sand dunes that were enormous and able to move. Furthermore, there were also countless rocky mountains littered all over the desert. One might even crash into the mountains by accident at normal flying speed.

If you fly at an ultra-low altitude with ultra-fast speed, you would still be horrified and drenched in sweat even if you were a battle-hardened special forces soldier.

The spirit of not being afraid of death was expected of a soldier. However, sitting in a plane flying in a suicidal manner only to be buried alongside the plane was unacceptable and shameful for Feng Lu as a soldier. Bitterness encroached his lips while he awaited his fate of dying in a crash.

Sixteen Mach!Feng Lu looked at the number displayed on the dashboard nearby and felt a sudden numbness in his scalp as his stomach began to twitch from the cold. For him to be able to fly freely over such number a of sand dunes at such speed was not an ordinary Royal pilot as recorded in the given information, but a super ace Royal pilot!

Jessica Wehr sat in silence as she gauged Qin Fen. This commanding officer that chose para dropping for site entry was extraordinary in his comprehensive abilities among the special forces soldiers. In order to avoid enemy radar detection, the flying low was indeed the best strategy.

It was also the riskiest strategy, of course. A simple mistake would cost the lives of everyone before the mission even began.

Beep beep beep

The electronic map of the plane sounded a burst of warnings. Qin Fens face became more serious as he pulled back the joystick of the large fighter out of a sudden and turned the plane upwards sharply!

In the next moment, the plane was rushing toward the sky. Several special forces soldiers looked through the glass panes and saw the golden desert not far from below rolling into a storm. It was as if hundreds of thousands of huge pythons were mating in the sand, stirring and rolling the whole piece of golden land.

Traces of different colors of light then emerged from the golden sands!

Heavy-duty ground-to-air mobile armor armed with anti-air missiles, and more than a dozen Phantom fighters!

This wasnt a high-tech experimental base, its exactly like an integrated military base of the Federation.

Ready up! Qin Fen assessed the situation solemnly, When Im done with these fighters that pose a critical threat to your mobile armors, you will jump down and begin the assault.

Aerial combat?Jessica Wehr expressed shock in her eyes. The Phantom fighters from the Genesis Society have already shown that their pilots were definitely of royal-class caliber. Coupled with their newest all-terrain model of fighters, they make up a formidable air force.

On the other hand, there is only one huge transport-fighter on our side. A calculation by the latest computer of the probability of Qin Fen winning this battle would reveal a measly chance of one percent.


More than a dozen whistles in the sky roared through the air. Ground-to-air missiles and the Phantom fighters began to roar at the weird giant fighter that encroached their territory mid-air.


Before she could finish her reminder, Jessica Wehr felt a sharp movement in the plane as it performed a barrel roll to avoid four anti-air missiles.

The huge body of the aircraft had not only declined the aircrafts sensitivity but also limited its movements due to the huge area of force that may impact the stability and integrity of the plane structure.

There was once an ace pilot who tried to do a barrel roll with a large transport-fighter. As a result, the body of the plane was torn apart mid-air before it even completed the second three hundred and sixty-degree rotation due to its inability to withstand the pressure caused by the high speed.

The plane had already dodged seventeen missiles. Jessica Wehr began to believe in the words of her master. The simulated calculations of a computer will never succeed in assessing humans! Human beings possess unlimited potential as they werent bounded by numbers to be limited at a level forever.

The huge plane body had been flipped several times, yet there were no signs of damage. Jessica knew why this was the case. Qin Fen had put the wind, air friction, and control of the flipping angle into consideration when he was performing the barrel roll.

When everything was calculated, the plane could indeed maintain its structural integrity. However, Jessicas computer had stated that such a person didnt exist in this world.

None?Jessica Wehr smiled at the small supercomputer in her hand.If this thing possessed emotions, would it fry itself from shock the moment it witnessed the power of Qin Fen?

Feng Lu stared in awe at what he just saw. His initial worry and tension became elation and excitement! Sitting in this metal bird, Qin Fen only used the few missiles equipped on the plane and the Super Vulcan guns to take down seven Phantom fighters piloted by Royal Aces.

Lu Han and Lu Chu widened their eyes in disbelief. This was an experience of a lifetime, in which a miss in detail from a simple blink would cause a lifelong regret.

The number of fighters in the air was gradually decreasing. Instead, there were dozens of ground-to-air missiles. These missiles with automatic tracking resembled a pack of wild hounds chasing after Qin Fen.

Creak creak

Qin Fens ears trembled slightly as they listened to the small sounds from the depths of the plane body. There was a limit for a transport-oriented fighter plane to hold out this long after all. The only pity was that there was still one aircraft that hadnt been knocked down.

Qin Fen applauded the last Royal fighter of the Genesis Society resentfully and commanded, Ready! Jump!

The five soldiers were launched fully for the first time. Under the inertia of the aircraft, they rushed into the mobile armor that had already opened its cockpit door quickly.

From the side, two screaming missiles blew out. Qin Fen turned the plane toward the Phantom fighter quickly as he left his seat and jumped into the Red Lotus Phantom without hesitation.

The flaming red mobile armor body glowed like a living light as the two flamethrowers on the back ignited instantly to make a rush outside the hatch at full speed.


In the sky, Qin Fens fighter plane turned into a huge fireball. The pilot of the Phantom fighter was so excited he was sweating all over. Finally, he had defeated this terrifying enemy!

Its too soon for you to celebrate

The pilot heard the whispers through his earphones. It was a condescending reprimand by Qin Fen, as a red light shot through the fireball. Not even using the missiles, the Red Lotus Phantom mobile armor raised its sturdy, metal arms and slammed on the Phantom3000s cabin that was suspended in mid-air by the stoked pilot.


Qin Fen looked up and smiled with satisfaction as he looked at the fireballs that were once the Phantom3000 fighter. The last plane was finally knocked out. The annoying missiles were also attracted by both huge fireballs in the sky and smashed onto it like moths rushing to a fire.

Qin Fens aerial combat was so majestic that the Genesis Societys mobile armor warriors on the ground almost missed the five mobile armor descending from the sky.

Ambush! Kill them!

A simple and direct command was soon followed by sounds of communication among more than fifty mobile armor warriors. As the orders were given, overwhelming firepower soon piled up against Qin Fens team.

The red metal case of the Red Lotus Phantom soon became the most visible target on the battlefield, with more than half of the total firepower concentrated on Qin Fen.

A platform-to-ground anti-mobile armor missile also adjusted the angle of flying quickly, forming a fire net that would make anyone who looked at it to be dizzy.

Qin Fen didnt even have time to suck in the air. This was a real battlefield. If you were hit, you would die. The base layout here was far more powerful than the simulation base made by Jessica Wehr.

For a moment, the spirit of Qin Fen was concentrated completely. His operation was also promoted to the extreme at the same time. Red lightning once again provoked a beautiful waltz on the battlefield.

Assault, fire! Retreat, launch a missile! Move sideways and use a fist to bombard the missile launcher! The red lightning of Qin Fen could be seen everywhere on the battlefield!

At this moment, both the commander who was hiding behind the scenes and the mobile armor warriors on the battlefield were all shocked by the performance of the Red Lotus Phantom.

Could it be that this mobile armors drive furnace wouldnt explode?Almost everyone has the same question in their minds.

There was still a minute fifty-five secondsQin Fen had sweat on his forehead, the front breakthrough was more difficult than expected. The enemys firepower was more than expected, and Red Lotus Phantoms drive furnace overclocking had reached its limit. He must always calculate the time of the drive furnace reimbursement and try to end the battle before that.

The mobile armor on the battlefield had been reduced by more than twenty, and the ground-to-ground missiles of the base were cleaned up completely.

Qin Fens mobile armor stopped moving all of a sudden and slammed into the nearly thirty mobile armor units that formed the battle.

Take him down! Take him down!

The commander of the Genesis Societys mobile armor team was barking orders and a tiny missile emerged from the sand suddenly.

Due to the sudden emergence of the concealed missile, Qin Fen couldnt make any evasion maneuvers. The right thigh of his mech was blown off and his speed came to a halt! Several speedy mini-missiles finally hit the body of the Red Lotus Phantom at this moment.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The skylit fire was mixed with golden sand, exacerbating the heat waves in the air.

The Genesis Society mobile armor warriors sighed in relief, with some wiping their sweat off their heads. This enemy is indeed too terrifying. As long as the mysterious Red Lotus Phantom has been taken down, the possibility of defeating the remaining five remains

The thought was still running in their heads when suddenly, the ruined coal-colored cockpit of the Red Lotus Phantom made a violent explosion!

This explosion wasnt an explosion of gunpowder, but a huge force from the inside that blasted the cockpit door open!

What just happened-

Without completing their sentence, the sounds of a screaming dragon screeched from the ruined Red Lotus Phantom. A green silhouette shone and leaped with extreme speed toward the mobile armor formation of the Genesis Society.

The trampled red Lotus Phantom that sunk into the golden sand earlier had sunk further deeper again.

Hot air brewed where Qin Fen passed as if a small plane flying at extremely low altitude. His back raised a flurry of sand that darkened the skies.

Things happened too suddenly as Qin Fen was too fast! No one expected the pilot of the destroyed armor suit to come out unscathed! None of them expected that the pilot of the armor suit would possess such a terrifying power of martial dao.

The screeching cries almost resembling a dragon pierced past the metal and through the ears of the pilots inside the mobile armor! Qin Fens body was full of vital qi! As the cries persisted, his footsteps exploded the golden sands like a volcano, as if there was a land mine on every step he took!

Two jumps and landings! Three hundred meters! Qin Fens figure was no longer a divine dragon that flew for nine days, but a fabulous golden-winged bird that soared majestically in the skies for nine days! Under the gaze of everyone, he dove into the mobile armor formation in a blink of an eye!

Godly Fists! Skydiving Monkey!

Qin Fen had studied a substantial amount of martial dao techniques for two months in the Secret Art Pavilion of the Sacred Martial Hall and had finally created an original martial dao body movement belonging solely to him The Skydiving Monkey of Godly Fists!

According to the legends, there was a monkey who was able to run for hundreds of thousands of miles in a blink of an eye. However, it couldnt overtake the golden-winged bird that could overtake the monkey easily with only half the monkeys speed with a flap of its wings!

Qin Fen combined many body movements to produce the shape of a golden-winged bird, finally producing his original martial dao movement technique the Skydiving Monkey! No mythical dodging abilities were present in the technique as speed was the only element within it!

The realm of martial dao, unparalleled by speed!

How can he move so fast?While everyone was shocked, Qin Fen slapped his hands onto the body of the mobile armor. Before anyone could react, he had already passed through two mobile armors and went on to slap other mobile armors.

What is he doing?The combatants from both sides were shocked for a brief moment. The power of that palm just wasnt enough to pierce through the mobile armor! If you were daring enough to stand your ground and attack the mobile armor, the other mobile armor warriors would launch a barrage of missiles at you.

Dammit, watch out! He is planting C4!

A terrifying roar rang across the ears of the mech drivers. They realized that Qin Fen hit the weakest and critical part of their mobile armor with his palm. If it was bombed


Bright fires and loud explosions spread and roared thunderously across the mobile armor formation. The greenish figure of Qin Fen had long dashed away from the formation, observing his handiwork cautiously.

While the mobile armors were impenetrable, they could still be disabled. Unable to open fire or dodge nor anything else, the armors would become as useless as scrap metal sculptures.

Their fate was sealed the moment they faced the five mobile-armored warriors that had tremendous firepower.

In a dark room deep in the desert base, laid a huge bathtub that gave rise to a pungent scent.

A man laid naked inside, staring at the projection in front of him and said, Very nice, Qin Fen. Now show me your full strength. Lads, deploy the insect warriors!

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