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The First Order Chapter 56

Ren Xiaosu had thrown away the remaining rat meat with a swing of his hand. It seemed that he had no intention of sharing it with the others, nor did he feel that it was wasteful to throw it away.

Liu Bu thought to himself, 'Even if you don't want the others to have it, shouldn't you keep the rest for tomorrow?'

However, Ren Xiaosu had a different thought. He would rather search for food again tomorrow or even go hungry than leave this strong scent of blood lingering on him.

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At this moment, Yang Xiaojin was quietly looking at the roasted rat meat with a small salt shaker in her hand. Just by looking at her, it was unimaginable that she would be a firearms master who could point a gun at others without warning.

Eh? Ren Xiaosu suddenly remembered that the palace had rewarded him with a Basic Skill Duplication Scroll when he completed the quest in which he had to reject going with them to the Jing Mountains. That scroll had remained unused until now!


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